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  1. Same here. I'm having a really frustrating time setting up an exam paper. WORKAROUND: I copied and pasted the entire table and the problem was gone. First I pasted the entire table into a new document and then the problem-free table back to my document, but found that it worked when I just did it inside my document as well. So I just selected all the cells and copied the entire thing and pasted it again, the I deleted the faulty table. Hope this works for you as while they find and fix the bug.
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    Dynamic Text in Publisher

    Thanks MikeW this works
  3. Hello. I created a diploma design for my school and was wondering how I could add all the learners names. Every page needs to have a different name as it is an diploma for another learner. The trouble comes when I need to insert hundreds of names and what the different diplomas goes for. That could take hours. Is there a way to automate this? Is there a way to have all the names of the learners and what they get diplomas for in a list, like in excel, and then automatically import them (line 1 goes to page 1, line 2 goes to page 2 ........ line 159 goes to page 159 etc.)?