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  1. Looks like the file opened! More than half of it is empty but at least I got the first 2 images, thanks!
  2. This is the corrupt file, its even showing an image of it. On the right is a png copy of it, all other files open ok.
  3. Hey guys, Today I was working on my Affinity file, saved in in an external hard drive and an hour later I go into it to find its corrupt. Is there any way I can get it back? It just says "The file appears to be corrupted."
  4. Hey all, Basically I went into Affinity for the first time in months and when I clicked to open the software nothing happened. Uninstalled and re-installed version 1.7.2 at first with no results. Then I uninstalled and went into the website where i got 1.7.3, installed and when i clicked on the icon to run it the icon pops up on the bottom left for a few seconds then disappears. I always ran it with task manager and same thing, affinity designer only pops up for a second or two before disappearing. I also ran repair from the installation file but it didn't fix or say anything was wrong. A
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