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  1. Hello, I am trying to make a cover design compose of the back cover (size: 8.25" x 10.5"), a spine or backbone (size: 0.25" x 10.5"), and a front cover (size:8.25" x 10.5"). This pages should be stick together so it make look a one spread. I am trying to find ways how to do it. Can you help me how? I can only make two-page spread.
  2. g_prompt

    Data merge

    I am also a user of Data Merge to minimize time in typing all those details which were already encoded on a data sheets and also their photo like what we did for company ID's.
  3. HI Pauls, please see attached video. Thank you. AffinityPublisherQuit.mov
  4. The Affinity Publisher application close by itself when I am using "Edit Table Format" and hit "Apply Style To Selection"
  5. g_prompt

    Introduce Yourself

    Hi, I am Arnold Gawad from the Philippines currently working as one of the Art Production Head in a well-known publishing company in our country. I just downloaded the beta version of your Affinity Publisher and I've been using it for two days. I am still in the process of testing to make a proposal if we can use this in replacement with Adobe Indesign. I hope there is a convertion from Adobe Indesign to Affinity Publisher so that there would be no concerns in shifting to Affinity Publisher. I will definitely joining other discussions so that I can voice out my experiences in using APub and hope to test also the other applications that I think in this moment in time, I need to buy. Good luck to all of you!