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  1. I have a copy of the afpub file I was using without incident before I made the new copy for this next issue and had these issues. I uploaded that one (with all content) to the DropBox folder. If you need the newer copy for comparison, please let me know.
  2. There is definitely some sort of bug when updating the Table of Contents. Before, it suddenly changed the formatting so that each paragraph started in a new column. (see this thread). Later that same day, an update of the TOC caused all the text to suddenly have additional space between each line, which I managed to control by adding a Leading override (which had previously been set to [no change] without being affected). Now, I went to refresh the TOC and it's suddenly decided to apply Superscript to all of the text. At no point did I edit the format of the TOC, and the TOC styles are in no way connected to any other format that would suddenly change the style. So to fix this new problem, I now have to change the Superscript setting from [No change] to None, even though that's what it had been set to previously and it had not been altered in any way by me. The amount of times I've had to 'fix' my TOC because the update caused odd formatting to be applied is starting to get obnoxious. Any ideas why this keeps happening to my TOC? I'm updating the TOC through the Preflight dialogue using the "Fix" button. I'm on Affinity Publisher 1.10.5 using Mac OS 11.7.
  3. I didn't see any unusual overlaps, but I did have to manually refresh to get it to accept that I had changed the language. I'll mess around in the back end a bit more later, and see if I can discover the underlying problem. Otherwise, I'll report a bug. 🙂 Thanks!
  4. I have it as a Character style. But I see no way to set a Character Style language.... WAIT! When did they add that? I swear I'd never seen a Language option under Character, only under Paragraph, so I have a bunch of Paragraph styles that should be text styles... OMG. Snake would have bit me. So now I've done that, but it continues to mark them as incorrect unless I select reach one and reapply the style. Is there an 'update' button I'm missing?
  5. One of the most tedious parts of finalizing a Publisher file for print is the last spell check. Inevitably, it flags all emails and URLs as unknown words. I have to go through all of these, ignoring or 'adding to dictionary' just to find the few outliers. Is there some way to tell Affinity to not bother with anything with an @? Or .com .net .org etc. in it?
  6. There are only certain lines that need to be formatted a certain way. It's still a problem because I can have anywhere between 5 and 15 records per page. So I guess Pearl is the way to go!
  7. Old comparison because that's when my knowledge of what Adobe InDesign could do. So no idea what they are doing now. I have records of varying length. I want each entry to have one line break between them, and then flow from page to page. Some pages may end up with 10 records, some with 5, some with 13. Unless I'm missing something, the current beta merge means that each new record gets its own text frame - which means I have to manually move all the text frames, or move all the text into one text frame. But if I'm missing something, please let me know! I'd love to know how to do a data merge that doesn't make massive amounts of text frames as a result.
  8. I absolutely love that Affinity Publisher now has data merge. It's definitely better than what Adobe was offering a million years ago. But after trying it I realized I was still going to be stuck with multiple text frames when what I really needed was for all of the merged data to flow from one columned text frame to another, page by page. When you're dealing with hundreds of entries, there's nothing quite as mind-numbing as putting everything back together so that you can adjust for pagination, unused space, etc. Well, my husband (who writes code for scientific database uses) offered to make a little bit of Pearl code for me that I could then use to do my own data merge, which results in a simple .txt document being created with all of the info exactly as it needs to be all in one place that I can then copy and paste into Publisher and quickly do a bit of hand formatting (using a combination of find/replace for specific characters and and applying paragraph styles). It has made my life a million times simpler - though it still means if my client comes back to me with a change, I either have to manually go in to make the update (which can sometimes require updated pagination), or redo the entire directory. I realize Publisher's data merge functions are still in beta, but I would be ecstatic to know there's something in the works to have the resulting data merge exist in one continuous text frame. Barring that, would there be a way my husband's code could mark up the data merge in such a way that when I copy and paste it into Affinity, Affinity will automatically apply certain formats? Or is that a bit too outside the box? I'm attaching the little program here. For anyone who understands these sorts of things. It's custom made for me, so don't expect to be able to download as is and use it for your project, unless you know how to change the code. convert_directory.pl
  9. As this was the first time I'd messed with either Index or Table of Contents, I don't know if anything I did was unusual or not. This is a file that was originally built out a few years ago. I simply 'save as' and create the next year's file from the previous. Not sure if that could cause anything odd? I did the Table of Contents first. In fact, I deleted the old frame that was there and completely redid it - styling and everything. Another day, I created the Index. This is a new element for this file. Previous versions did not have an Index. It took me a few tries to understand how to build it out. In fact, I'm sure I deleted the entire original frame and started over at one point. Everything has always been in the same file, and I didn't copy any of the textual elements from any other file. If I recall anything else, I'll come back and make an update.
  10. Yes. I've tried all the buttons and ways to update. It still gives an error, but as far as I can tell there is nothing out of date.
  11. Sorry! got busy with work and forgot to come back to this in time. The DropBox link seems to be dead now. Do you mind posting again? The issue still persists. In fact, it does 3 separate alerts. Two include page numbers where these items are located. The 3rd does not include a page number, and seems to be the one that does go away.
  12. Either I've found some weird bug, or I'm doing something wrong. My Preflight says that "The document index needs updating." and provides a "Fix" button. However, every time I mash the button, nothing happens other than additional entries showing up in the Index Panel (but not on the page). The error remains, and the Index Panel resets itself back to one entry per after a few moments. (see screenshots attached) If I delete the frame with the entry, the error still remains. I have only 1 index and 1 table of contents inserted in the entire document. Am I missing something here?
  13. Yes, that was a problem in InDesign as well. I know Microsoft Word will ignore them, if you're doing a data merge there. It would be nice to have a way to ignore empty cells in Publisher as well.
  14. Now we're just missing a feature to ignore empty cells. And is there any way to merge all the text cells afterwards? I ask because for my use some cells end up having more lines than others, and it would be nice to be able to adjust the flow of text without having to move every single cell individually. Yes, I realize this is still in beta. I'm just wondering if this is in the works or if it's something I missed during my self-taught crash course.
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