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  1. I am seriously interested in this product, but only if has an easy to use DataMerge option. I am intimately familiar with the options available within InDesign and Photoshop (and other tools) and have coded Javascript mini apps to automate their use. I have watched this discussion now for a long time. I am now going to turn off the notifications and forget about this. I will re-vist, maybe in 6 months, maybe a year. I hope this feature is added. I will not be purchasing this product without this feature.
  2. +1 for me. Needs tab delimitted and excel formats. Tab delimitted is better than CSV as there is no confusion with ‘, “, chars, etc Xml / Jason would be great. Absolute must. I have written my own Javascripts to automate this in Photoshop and InDesign and have built in logic to place images and text on the page to produce a pro result I would move from these products in a hearbeat because, despite the fact these features are in Adobe products, Adobe does not understand real world workflow and their implementation is clunky, non intuitive and close to a nightmare to debug, even for experienced developers . There is a real opportunity to steal a big leap on Adobe. You will also get the designer who will adopt your other products if they start to use Publisher I also deal with lots of photographers who need this functionality. I would be happy to recommend Affinity Publisher to all these people if the functionality exists. I will wait patiently for news on this feature . Without Datamerge there is no point in me continuing to spend time on the Beta as I will not be able to use the product. Fingers crossed.
  3. I have been looking forward to the arrival of this product for a long long time and sincerely hope these features are achievable now or on your roadmap.
  4. I can see that a lot of work has been completed on this product. However....2 vital features are missing for me. These are showstoppers. Placing Images. I need to place images regularly on a page. In 99% of cases I will want to fit the image into a square picture frame and have the image fit minimum image size (ie I need to see the entire image). I use a square format because it facilitates landscape and portrait. Also, I never know the exact width /height ratio in advance and these can be an infinite range of ratios. I then need to place a stroke around the image. Your app allows me put a stroke around the picture frame but not a stroke around the image. Is there a way to achieve a stroke around the image in this scenario. (Ps. It is not practical for me to put the stroke around the image in a different image editor). Data Merge. I see there is a Data Merge request topic already. I will read it in due course. However, if there is no Data merge feature then my use of Affinity Publisher comes to a shuddering halt. Both Photoshop and InDesign have this feature (and it is horribly clunky and hard to use). In some scenarios I use the Microsoft Word Mail Merge. I have JavaScript scripts to automate this requirement for my needs in Photoshop and InDesign and Microsoft Word to maximise the efficiency of my workflow when adding 50, 150, 300 plus images into a document with the relevant Title and Captions placed professionally relative to the placement of the image. I cannot go backwards. If this feature is not present I cannot use your App. Regards.