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  1. THANK YOU for data merge. I was just checking it out and it works and its easy and it's amazing. One last feature to make it perfect for me is probably a bit hard to implement because of the way it works in publisher. I was using Photoshop variable replacements to create .psd files. There I was able to have one field in my csv for the filename. When I export my files in publisher i get numbered files and it's hard to find the right file. (I am using this in a broadcast environment to create on-air design like lower thirds sometimes for hundreds of people. Good to have the persons name in the filename to quickly find what i am looking for)
  2. it's starting to make me sad coming back to this topic just to see it's still not implemented :(
  3. nope. I use photoshop to batch render lower thirds from a csv file. https://helpx.adobe.com/photoshop/using/creating-data-driven-graphics.html I just wish affinity photo, or designer, or publisher would allow me to do that.
  4. my monthly visit is due. still no data merge PLEASE dont make me re-install photoshop
  5. just made my monthly visit to this forum/thread to check if there's any news on data merge. The day that feature is added I will head straight to the store and buy whatever program you implented in.
  6. + for data merge. preferably in affinity photo. but i would buy publisher for this function alone (skipped publisher even with the 30% offer because I am not buying for a chance of getting data merge)
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