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"Photo" is not a product name

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I've seen Affinity Photo referred to as "Photo".


Lenovo, a computer hardware company, had a product called the "ThinkPad Tablet". Imagine if you saw employees of Lenovo referring to "Tablet", with sentences such as, "Tablet is an amazing device! Not only can you watch movies on Tablet, but you can call your friends too!"


In case you do not immediately feel and understand what's wrong with that, "tablet" is a common generic term that describes an entire class of hardware within that space. "Photo" is already a commonly used shorthand within this space for "photograph". "I edited my photo with Photo", is convoluted.


The product names aren't really matched. There's Affinity Designer, which implies it designs, or is used by designers. But then there's Affinity Photo, which does not photo, and is not used by photos.


But regardless, "Affinity" is the unique identifier for the products. "Designer" and "Photo" wouldn't mean anything to anyone. They are far too generic of words. But "Affinity Designer" and "Affinity Photo", are unique.


If one must use a shorthand, simply "Affinity" is better than "Photo", and it's usually obvious from context which one you're referring to. "Affinity Photo" isn't so long to really need a shorthand, but "AP" is even shorter if you do.


Please don't refer to it as "Photo" though, as it overlaps terms, doesn't convey enough meaning, and sounds ridiculous: "Before you could edit photos on a tablet with Photo on the Tablet using a Wacom stylus; but now, you can also edit photos on the iOS version of Photo using a Pencil on the iPad!"

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Well a lot of first time posters here don't name anything at all, don't use tags or signatures (including me) which might indicate at all and thus it's not obvious which one of the products is meant concretely. When you also take into account that both products can deal with either vector and raster it complicates the whole thing. - Here just using the term Affinity doesn't help at all, it tells nothing if it isn't obvious from a postings context what might have been meant!


So if someone at least writes Photo or Designer, it helps more here instead of guessing which one can be meant. Personally I tend more torwards to use the AD/AP shortcuts here, though when Affinity Publisher will arrive on the scene I probably have to go over to use three character abbreviations instead (ADe,APh, APu) or the like!

☛ Affinity Designer 1.10.5 ◆ Affinity Photo 1.10.5 ◆ OSX El Capitan

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I'm not sure Lenovo is the best example.  As in "In order to remove SuperFish from my brand new Lenovo computer, I first needed to go to 'Start' in 'Windows'..."  :) 


But I agree that 'Affinity Photo' and 'Affinity Designer' sound much better than just 'Photo' and 'Designer'.

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Although I'm not going to get hung up on a name (or the icon) since the software itself is so great, I still agree with Jamon.  It can be rather confusing: "What software do you use?"  You must use the whole handle:  "Affinity Photo," even if you suspect the person to whom you are speaking is familiar with Affinity.  Photoshop is a great descriptive name, Corel's Paintshop maybe not quite so much.  But while I think the name doesn't live up to the software, I'm a lot more concerned about what I can do with it, especially on a Mac, with a limited budget.  I love Affinity!!!  (a rose by another name....)

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Corel Paintshop Pro. You can blame the original author of that software for its name. In 1990, the name was both descriptive and fitting considering the name of the company that made it. Look up JASC Software.

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Yes, the software names should be less easy to mistake as generic terms. Affinity should follow Apple's example.


After all, who could be confused if you referred to Contacts, Photos, Calendar, Dictionary, Messages, or Mail?  :lol:

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Affinity Photo & Affinity Designer 1.10.5 for iPad; 6th Generation iPad 32 GB; Apple Pencil; iPadOS 15.0.2

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"Affinity Designer" and "Affinity Photo" are both short enough terms, and that's why I always use the full name.

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It can be rather confusing: "What software do you use?"  You must use the whole handle:  "Affinity Photo," even if you suspect the person to whom you are speaking is familiar with Affinity.


Agreed, if we're talking about general use, but if you refer to "Photo" or "Designer" when posting to these Affinity Forums the meaning should be pretty clear. Similarly it's usually clear from the context that AD is an abbreviation of Affinity Designer rather than Anno Domini, in much the same way as contextual clues will tell you whether MI means "Michigan" or "myocardial infarction".

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Affinity Photo for iPad 1.10 • Designer for iPad 1.10 • iPadOS 15.6 (iPad Air 2)

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I'm fine with the terms Photo and Designer. Outside the forums we could use the term photoshopkiller but that's a lot of typing.

Skill Level: Beginner, digital photography, digital editing, lighting.

Equipment: Consumer grade. Sony Nex5n, Nikon D5100, (16MP sony sensors)

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Free Software: NIK collection, Sony CaptureOne9, Cyberlink PhotoDirector6, Hugin, ImageJ, MS Ice, Davinci Resolve

Computer: Win10 home, CPU Skylake I7-6700, GPU Saphire HD7850 1G, Plextor SSD

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