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  1. As my proper work is on hold, I put together a photo montage (under the supervision of "the boss"). The Preview going out to my laser looked good (as laser previews) but when I printed on Photoglossy on my Canon MG 7500 Ink Jet the colour was way beyond awful. Paper and quality setting was correct but what else can I do. I'm printing direct from app. Should I rasterise, use a profile, print from a file etc. Printing to my laser on a laser glossy also looks acceptable. I would add the original plan was that these would be printed by one of my photographic shop clients on their kit but events have taken over. Thanks and stay safe David
  2. Oh the memories. At one time I had 3 R300s, reminiscent of the self service checkouts in Asda. They were never all working together.
  3. The right tool for the job is Surething disc labeller. About $30. Import images and designs from whatever package you want but the overall layout centre hole and disc diameter is just mouse clicks. BTW I speak as someone who has printed over 50,000 discs using Primera robotic printers having mutated from one at a time Epsons back in 2003.
  4. Thanks Old Bruce. Yes I have been shown this way. Coming from Photoshop (I still use CS6) but wanting the interaction with Publisher that Photo gives me, means that, unsurprisingly, some of my workflows have to be re learnt.( same as Publisher v an old version of Quark) I would hope that Merge Visible would be available in the layers display with a Right click, just as the equivalent command is available in PS. In that layers display, deselecting unwanted layers, in a similar way that I would use LayersComps in Photoshop also works of course but takes longer.
  5. This turned out to be user error/different approach and was discussed here https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/101559-merge-in-photo-what-am-i-doing-wrong/ I have now been shown how to do it in the layers dropdown by grouping and Rasterising but it would be good to have "merge selected" in that dropdown too. Thanks David
  6. Hi Walt In taking screen shots I can see MY issue. In the layers dropown Merge Visible is just that, whereas in the Layers MENU merge selected is there. It would be nice to have the Merge selected in the dropdown so that it works in the same way and as Merge layers does in PS. User Error 1 Affinity 0
  7. There is a certain inconsistency in that Merge Visible right clicking in layers dropdown, works differently to Merge Visible in Layer menu, which works as it should and as it has always done in PS. Is this a BUG dare I ask? Surely (stop keep calling me Surely ) I should not have to untick layers as in layers dropdown, but merely select and fltten the SELECTED layers.
  8. Just looking at this again, there is a certain inconsitency in that Merge Visible right clicking in layers dropdown, works differently to Merge Visible in Layer menu, which works as it should.
  9. I tried searching, without success. Working in Photo, I have say 10 layers and want to merge 3, in order to "heal" the joins. In Photoshop I would select the layers (3) and then merge into 1. That means I have 7+1. In A Photo merge visible does just that so I have to switch off all the other layers to get the flat pixel layer. A PIA for sure. There must be an easier way that I have missed. How can I flatten just the layers I select? Dare I say "like wot I've done in Photoshop for15 years +" Thanks David
  10. As a video producer with a few years under my not inconsiderable sized belt, I am in total disbelief at the length of this thread. In caption/title creation software including Adobe software ( I author DVD/BluRay with Encore and still have an older version of Photoshop) outer shadow and drop shadow are one and the same - bit like pasta dough - roll it flat you have Lasagne sheets, cut it into thin strips you have Tagliatelle. SAME DOUGH!!!! Even where there is a one click option, inevitably variables still need to be adjusted. I would conceed the option to "save as a favourite or as a default" would be useful, but as long as I can copy and paste the effect, then that's fine. I would suggest that in the creative process in different situations NO TWO SHADOWS ARE THE SAME so the ability to change any variable including colour, to achieve the look is what counts.... for serious users!. I would add that in my aging version of Quark, shadow was either ON or OFF and was [expleted deleted] OK pretty useless
  11. This is what I have to do now - rotate the text frame. Ok it seems I haven't missed anything that is the only way to achieve it.
  12. No because you have to then reposition, assuming I cant set a vertical baseline, which is another way of asking my question
  13. I use that as a workaround but in other apps I use in my work, vertical baseline is a mouse click. My workaround is not a big deal but I wanted to see if I was missing a basic option.
  14. (Publisher or Photo) Searching has not thrown up an answer. Currently, If I want to make a text frame for the vertical text on a "spine" ie book cover or in my case DVD sleeve, I would create the text box and then rotate it 90 degrees CW. This is how I have done it with AP from day 1 as in the early days I dont think it was possible. Is there now a "proper way" that has passed me by?
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