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  1. Adding to this request, I am a Video editor who uses Grass Valley Edius. Grass Valley are a big player in broadcast hardware and software. particularly in the US. Whilst it may not be as well known as Adobe it is as stable as Nelson's Column. It's users needless to say are not Adobe fans. We have requested support for aphoto native files but have been told by GV that there is no Affinity SDK. The GV forum mods (GV employees) are big fans and users of Affinity and like many users would love to see it supported. Of course PSD and PNG etc can be opened by assigning Affinity to open the files on the timeline or bin but not being able to open .aphoto is a PIA and it's addition would be a game changer. I am happy to put you in touch with my contacts at GV.
  2. One of my video colleagues in Aus has been playing and come up with a 90/1 motion blur and I have to say it just works and my mission is over and I can get back to real work.
  3. I feel such an idiot. I have seen that box a 1000 times but only ever used light changes on FX. Thank You.
  4. I fell at the first hurdle as I couldn't figure out how to get the blending mode Soft Light onto the duplicated layer as is. All
  5. Thank you. I came across it yesterday. The one pixel shift was something I sometimes did in the days of SD. I'm still experimenting and learning.
  6. Which would be fine except that it is for an Estate Agent and has to be somewhere near not fake.
  7. Thanks Carl When you added the FFT was it constrained just to the roof area (I assume on an adjustment layer) or does it find the bits it will do the biz on...like a particular video filter I sometimes need to use?
  8. Arghhh! the second image is effectively a crop from the original. Well it was worth a try. Thanks for your advice.
  9. I have tried to find a suitable FFT Denoise tutorial but other than the manual (yes I did RTFM) I cannot get anywhere. I was asked if if I could advise an Estate Agent who was putting together animated stills of a property and it was under attack from Moire patterns. Front aspect of property with tiled roof. It has now turned into a "mission"!!!! I was sent samples and was surprised that they had done nothing wrong. Both video size and data rate were good. The stills were razor sharp so my first port of call was to put the still in my old Photoshop and use the deinterlace filter. It certainly showed the problem whether Upper or Lower field was selected (in PS filter). (I don't think such a filter exists in A Photo). I then turned to tools within my Video editing software to animate and was able and to tame the problem, using a cocktail of two filters. However, as I was now on a "mission" I turned to Affinity to see what I could do with the original pic. The problem is the tiled roof so any filter I needed to "Paint" on the tiles only. At that stage I was out of AP skillset!!!! The Deinterlaced file (PS filter) shows the inherent problem. Thanks for any links, advice etc. As I said I can resolve in my video software but want to explore all other remedies.
  10. Thanks both for helping me back to a degree of sanity. Worse, I was working on my laptop and the presets I thought were gone, were on my studio PC🙄
  11. I seem to have lost a few Presets I thought I had in My Presets. (PC Photo and Publisher) Just made a new one but cannot for the life of this old git remember, how to save into "My Presets" Thanks David
  12. Hi Walt Apologies for the delayed reply. Colour space would have been the default profile from a template I made when I started using Publisher. Attached Printer is a Brother Laser L8260. Sadly there are black holes in my knowledge of print colour space. Video ... 35 years experience but sadly a local print shop that could have helped me sort this, closed last year ironically 3 weeks ahead of the Covid lockdown. EDIT: As a test this morning I printed the sleeve in 3 layers. 1 Background in colour, 2 overlay "watermarks" in B&W and 3 the rest of the layers in colour. PIA for sure BUT it now looks as we envisaged it
  13. Here I am trying to be subtle, designing a DVD sleeve for a project nearing completion and the idea was that a couple of old photos would be used as what I would call watermarks. Using Publisher and Photo on the PC the screen image is sublimely subtle, or in Essex speak "looks well bloody good". The print out produces images much darker and have a red tinge. I have tried reimporting them as Grey 16 but they still are way less than acceptable. Any words of wisdom or should I scrap subtlety and change the design and have a beer? I would add that the background across the whole page is a silk texture that I have switched off. ie it's currently white.
  14. I came across this scanning "shortcoming" recently. I thought I had missed something and used the scanning utility (PC) that came with my Canon MF scanner. Are there any advantages by using VueScan or SilverFast over the Canon utility?
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