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  1. DavidDoesAffinity

    Editing text in psd

    Thanks for a very informative post Walt. Can you think of another way to deliver editable layers and editable text?
  2. DavidDoesAffinity

    Editing text in psd

    Is this likely to be addressed? I cannot find the earlier response from the beta days. The issue only raises it's head on odd ocassions but when it does it's a pain for sure.
  3. Has there been any change that I have missed for an Affinity made psd to have it's text layer(s) edited once saved as a psd? (I realise that saving as a .afphoto gives full editability).
  4. DavidDoesAffinity

    So UPSET! Publisher

    Dare I say...FFS this is a beta. Maybe a thread So SURPRISED when projects work as planned?
  5. Bug or feature or even user error - Publisher retains print quantity and does not default to 1- what a PIA. Print a "run" of 25 docs and then intending to print a single doc, just 1....24 sheets of scrap paper. I dont think I have other software that does this.
  6. DavidDoesAffinity

    Borders on Text Frames

    Many Thanks for your prompt response and pointing me in the right direction. I'm still trying to work out how my earlier ungrouped picture and text frame are linked but at least I now know the correct way to proceed.
  7. I’m an occasional DTP user, creating flyers, price lists and DVD sleeves for my main business of Video Production. I come from an old version of Quark. As with Photo, learning the differences to Photoshop, I’m doing the same with Publisher. I’m confused as to the correct way to put a border on a text frame. In Quark it’s a right click to Modify and then a choice of Borders. As I start to redesign my Quark projects in Publisher, last week, using a picture frame with a text frame, they linked and would reposition together but today on a new project this is not happening without me grouping the layers. Can someone point me to the correct way of having a text frame linked with a border. As a secondary question In Quark there are a variety of Borders – ie thin-thick- thin. As Publisher is currently limited for choice, can someone point me to a “Border resource”?
  8. DavidDoesAffinity

    Straight lines 10x too thick?

    NOT minus 2 pt it was a badly placed dash. I will sort out some screenshots later with the main content removed UPDATE - started from scratch and all OK- then removed and replaced original lines and all now OK. No idea what I had done wrong but will try to recreate when time permits.
  9. This may well be user error but a search hasn't pointed me towards an answer. I have used an old Quark for the odd bits of DTP I do, for many years. Using last weeks update, I drew 2x 5cm parallel lines -2pt, to "highlight" some text. Displays correctly but prints like its 30pt and a dash looks like a string of sausages. i EDIT: THIS WAS USER ERROR- lines deleted and replaced and now print OK. I will try to recreate sometime.
  10. DavidDoesAffinity

    Export to .BMP

    +1 for adding BMP and TGA - I was amazed it wasn't added. Went to make a B&W video mask on my laptop which needs to be a BMP or TGA and then discovered it was not there. Really p'd off having resave in Paint.
  11. What other windows/tools are open?
  12. DavidDoesAffinity

    Aspect Ratio for Product Photos

    In my world of Video, Affinity LACKS Pixel Aspect Ratio, unlike PS, so everything has to be in square pixels. Whilst most Full HD is square pixels, everything else including HDV and some Panasonic 1440x1080 broadcast formats use a 1.33 pixel aspect ratio. EXAMPLE: making a menu for DVD in PAL widescreen (16x9) 720x576 PAR 1.422 - in Affinity this would be done as 1024x576 which is 1:1 = square. 4x3 PAL has a PAR 1.067 so 768x576 is used. Many designers never need or know of PAR! As for the original post do you mean Aspect ratio, or simply resize? Resizing KEEPING with an original aspect or keep AR locked will keep a circle round. ie changing 1000 x 1000 to 100 x 100 but if you unlock and change to 1000 x 100 you will have an image that has been through grannie's mangle! Cropping gives you a selective portion.
  13. Then again you could use the Red Eye removal tool! It is lives within the healing brush tool drop down. Search the Help File.
  14. Apologies for confusion. I thought you were exporting. Funnily enough, I had totally forgotten the tick box and must have ticked it on day one and erased it from my memory cell :unsure:
  15. Sadly it's a current limitation otherwise known as a PIA :(