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  1. Hi! I've found that if I change to Photo persona and need to i.e. select some area and make it brighter, selection does not work properly - look at screen shot. Masks work identically. I work on Windows 10, latest upgrades and all Affinity apps in latest versions (
  2. I found, that exporting to PDF with bleed works whet I choose "Whole document" and not work, when I chose specific artboard to export.
  3. Yes, the same problem with keyboard handling is when I'm using Pen Tool and modifying nodes with Ctrl-Alt pressed - when releasing ctrl first, then alt, upper menu (File, Edit...) is activated and disturbing making path. It's happening very often, especially when you have hundreds of packshots to clip.
  4. Hi! I've just found, that moving around picture via pressing space (and left mouse button), with Flood Select Tool turned on, I constantly select areas pointed via hand coursor. Same when using Selection Brush Tool.
  5. Hi! There is a way to set other than 20% value of flood select tool/magic wand? It's stick to 20% on the every new open file. I suppose, better option is to do not revert to default value, when opening every new file. It's important when you have to open and make 400 packshots...
  6. As I wrote - 100% of my clients gives me his books in .doc With footnotes and others very important things in book. So for me and making books, it's very important.
  7. Very important - 100% files for DTP comes in .doc (with footnotes, tags and styles). It's a must for Affinity Publisher.
  8. Hi! Somebody can tell me about possibility to implement multiple footnote/endnote threads in upcoming Affinity Publisher?
  9. Hi! By default new color added to any swatch palette has a name - sometimes it's a RGB values, sometimes it's an CMYK values. I can't find when it appears in CMYK values, and when in RGB... My document setup is set to CMYK.
  10. And single (global) develop preset for all develop settings tab is very important too, as was discussed here: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/54274-affinity-photo-develop-persona-presets-how-it-works/
  11. Hi! I have some presets defined, but I found, that changing from one preset to another, changes picture, but not all values in Affinity Photo (some changes, but i.e. color balance not). It can be misleading. Is that how presets works? Any changes in next versions?
  12. Pudens

    Affinity Photo Workbook

    Yes, I see. Thanks for reply.
  13. Pudens

    Affinity Photo Workbook

    I see, thanks for reply. For me, more than half of book price for delivery fee is somewhat too much for me. Delivery fee on Amazon DE to Poland for books is about 5 EUR, not 20 EUR...
  14. Pudens

    Affinity Photo Workbook

    I think book is great, but I have one question. Some months ago I bought Affinity Designer Workbook and pay about 20 PLN for shipping to Poland. It's regular, not lowest, not highest price for delivery. Book is great. Now, I want to buy yours great Affinity Photo Workbook, I put it into basket and found that shipping will cost about 80 PLN, when book is priced at about 140 PLN. More than half price for delivery? 4 times more then previous order shipping cost (to Poland)? Why?