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German version has just been released - 20% off too ;)





I heard there's a 20% discount on Affinity Designer Workbook.


However, when I checked it on Amazon, the price is the same as the regular price.




I know the discount is only available on Affinity website, but I would like to get it from Amazon.

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Unfortunately I live in Switzerland - seems to be a bad thing, for once. If there's no possibility for swiss people to buy your book as a hard copy, at least let me download a german .epub version of it, right from your own store. Or consider to make a deal with www.exlibris.ch - so we swiss guys can get it. :)


Maybe you can look into this. I had to buy from Amazon, -I think Norway is in the same position as Switzerland.

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I received my copy a couple of weeks ago and it is wonderful! More so to learn that it was put together using PagePlus! I was wondering if there is such a book coming for Affinity Photo, is there?


Congratulations!  :) 


The docs and creative teams are working on the Affinity Photo Workbook as we speak  B) (((release date tbc)))

Ian C

Serif (Europe) Ltd.

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Maybe you can look into this. I had to buy from Amazon, -I think Norway is in the same position as Switzerland.


Unfortunately they do not send it to Switzerland. Thanks anyway for your suggestion & the link. But as I said before, maybe the developpers/publishers consider to distribute a digital copy of it in german and sell it on their own site (although I would prefer to buy a real copy instead of a digital one - but if this would be my only possibility to get it, I would buy it digitally...).


Have a nice day!

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Wow, that was a really very fast delivery.

I ordered the book (german version) on Tuesday and now it is on my desk.

The book makes a really good impression at first sight.



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That's the English version, not the German one, and it's very overpriced! eek.gif

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@avenson : Welcome to the forum :)


That doesn't look good. We're sorry that you've received a damaged book. I've passed your details to our Customer Service team - they will contact you shortly.


@shooze : I've also passed your details to our Customer Service team so they can look into this further for you.


For anyone else who has questions about their order, please read our Affinity Store Help page here: https://affinity.store/help/

I bought two books and they look the same as "avenson". It is a minor issue, nevertheless I agree with avenson to check the quality or the box for the next books. It could be a shipping issue. It is nice to get a brand new looking product.

I won't return them, because the content is the most important.

Thank you very much Serif team.


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Any Swiss around here that wanna get a grap on the book? I probably can set up an arrangement to send it to an Austrian friend of mine. So if you want a copy as well, I can order one for you as well. 


You just have to bear the costs for the additional shipping (or you can pick it up here, of course) in Switzerland. Besides the costs for the book and shipping to Austria of course. ;) I think that would be something about 45CHF in total.
I'll order pretty soon (certainly this week) so if you wanna hop on, let me know.
@Serif/Affinity: How long does the -20% offer last?
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@Serif/Affinity: How long does the -20% offer last?



On the book(s) until the 7th February, On the software today is the last day.

Patrick Connor
Serif Europe Ltd

"There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man. True nobility lies in being superior to your previous self."  W. L. Sheldon


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I've purchased this book (english version) on the 28th and I've yet to receive any email telling me that it shipped. The store page says the order is Pending. Do you guys have any information if I has shipped or not?



EDIT: Nevermind, I've just received an email letting me know the book has been shipped.

EDIT 2: And I've already received the book! That was REALLY fast shipping!

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