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  1. Surgio'


    thank you everyone for the responses. I did not have the notify me of replies on. the issue was resolved, as soon as I switched pc's.
  2. Surgio'

    New beta

    that sounds awesome!!! the added ability to use adobe palettes would be great
  3. Surgio'


    opening a TIFF file causes Affinity Photo to close
  4. Surgio'


    Hey. crashes when opening a TIFF file. I exported a tiff from Capture One... when i try to open in Affinity it shuts down
  5. does anyone still have the free version of NIK files they can share?
  6. Good day to all, I have noticed lines which appear in images while making various edits that are not present in the image itself when viewed normally; these lines resemble grid lines, in that they are perfect squares - The image attached here was taken with a cell phone. Is it possible these lines are somehow imprinted in the image, but are not visible until I begin to make corrections? or is this something else?
  7. Surgio'

    Affinity Designer Workbook

    Have you considered making this available electronically? not to take from the quality of the feel of the book... but out of convenience of access.