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  1. Hmmmm... :unsure: Well, if people can draw fonts in Affinity Designer then there is scope for the Serif Affinity team to create a Font Creator for the PC and MAC. I wonder what the programmers of Affinity Designer have to say on this... Hmmm... :unsure:
  2. I received my copy a couple of weeks ago and it is wonderful! More so to learn that it was put together using PagePlus! I was wondering if there is such a book coming for Affinity Photo, is there? Congratulations! :)
  3. Hi there, Affinity Friends & Serif! I was wondering if there is a way to create fonts with Affinity Designer? If this feature isn't there could there be a Font Designer plugin at some point? That'd be great! Thank you! :D
  4. NO DESIGNER WORKBOOK! Dear Serif, Seasonal Greetings! I thought that by now I would have received my Designer Workbook already. I think it must have been two weeks since I have ordered it and about another week when I got an email to say that my Designer Workbook has been despatched. Shouldn't I have it by now? :huh: Best wishes, Transrobotism
  5. I think that Serif has worked enormously hard on Designer & Photo - those applications are great! People in the design world are praising those apps from Serif! You read and hear terms such as, "Photoshop Killer," "Easier and more powerful than Illustrator," and so on. So, there is a tremendous amount of pressure for Serif to get Affinity Publisher right from the first release. That is not going to be easy! Quark & InDesign are powerful apps and Serif have its work cut out. I predict that a beta will be ready for March 2017 and a possible release would be August 2017. I guess I am a little optimistic! :lol: :D :P
  6. I am sure that Serif will come through on the DTP front. This is a great time for Serif to produce yet another revolutionary application. This is going to be Serif's era and it is about time too!
  7. I think that Affinity Publisher has to surpass InDesign like Affinity Photo has surpassed Photoshop and like Designer has blown Illustrator out of the water! EPUB; HTML5 and, at least, Android apps should be included. I would imagine that it is pretty easy to use HTML5 for iOS as I do believe that there is a stringent process to get apps on the Apple App Store.
  8. AFFINITY PUBLISHER & DIGITAL PUBLICATIONS "Affinity Publisher will be crafted to help professional designers get the very best results on every layout, page, magazine, book, and digital publication, with stunning typography and vibrant colour." I don't know if this is jumping the gun but... As a user of PagePlus, Quark Xpress, and InDesign I can tell you that PagePlus is up there when it comes to paper-based publishing. However, PagePlus has always fallen short in the area of digital publishing. The audio and video players embedded in PDF files looked really bad in comparison to InDesign produced PDF files with audio and video files embedded within. InDesign one is able to output to Flash (at least when I was using version 5 of the Adobe Suite). Sure, Flash is dead. One of the attributes that I would like within Affinity Publisher would be to create beautiful, elegant looking PDF files with audio and video embedded. The HTML5 Another attribute would be to export to HTML5... Here I envisage web-like pages that can include PowerPointesque slideshows; magazine style web pages and so on. I would imagine that HTML5 could create and include some nice transitions between pages/slides. EPUB Oh! Yes! When it came to EPublications, PagePlus was abysmal. I would want the EPUB capabilities to produce excellent and consistent results each and every time. MOBILE APPS & EXES I would also like Affinity Publisher to produces APKs for Android and the equivalent for iOS apps. I would imagine that this can be achieved by using a combination of HTML5 and Java. NO WEBPLUS EQUIVALENT??? I think it was Alfred who stated that there will be no WebPlus equivalent in the Affinity range and that web page production will not be supported in the forthcoming Affinity Publisher. Is that correct? That would be a terrible shame as WebPlus is such a decent web design application. Affinity Publisher, in theory, could pick up the web design slack. I always appreciated that PagePlus could output pages to HTML. As you can tell from the above text that I am hoping that Affinity Publisher would feature HTML5 output. I do think that web pages and web design are evolving into what I would call "Channels" whereby the web page is looking pretty much like a TV channel - especially now that video has become a major part of the web. I reckon that a "Channel" approach to web pages produced with Affinity Publisher may be the way to go. Well, that's my 2 cents worth! Oh, did I say that I am very curious about Affinity Publisher? :lol:
  9. AFFINITY PUBLISHER & DIGITAL PUBLICATIONS "Affinity Publisher will be crafted to help professional designers get the very best results on every layout, page, magazine, book, and digital publication, with stunning typography and vibrant colour." The above text is a quote from Serif and the "digital publication" aspect of it has got me in stasis. Lol! :lol: I would love to learn more about the digital publication aspect of the forthcoming Affinity Publisher! What does "digital publication" mean in the context of Affinity Publisher? I so can't wait to be able to try the beta! :)
  10. Well, InDesign is not just brilliant at publishing paper based products but digital ones too! It could output to Flash thus creating a digital magazine with ease. I am sure that this can be achieved with HTML5 these days as Flash is dead. And when it comes to incorporating audio and video content within a PDF, InDesign is unbeatable! PagePlus came so very close but it lacked finesse; the video player looked awful in a PagePlus PDF. I have high hopes for Affinity Publisher to take up the baton of Digital Publishing! PagePlus matched Quark Xpress & InDesign for paper-based publications but fell short where Digital Publishing is concerned. Come on, Serif! You can do it! :) ;)
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