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  1. Hi Callum, Here's the EPS file you sent. It's no longer a white screen! Also, I've tried the suggestion of R C-R and PÅ¡enda. Both suggestions worked for me too! I've also included a screenshot of an EPS file from Creative Market that I have successfully opened and edited. Thank you so much for all your help. This is such a relief! Many thanks, Elisha
  2. I'm having trouble opening all EPS files from Affinity Designer. I bought some vectors from Creative Market. But whenever I open any EPS file in Affinity Designer, all I get is a white page with nothing on it. I can see the individual elements in the Layers Tab, but even if I select those or do whatever all I can see is just a white screen. I've bought from several artists in Creative Market and I can't open any of their EPS properly. What's wrong with my Affinity Designer? Opening EPS is one of the published features of Designer. And I've done some googling in YouTube and in these forums and everything says that opening EPS is as simple as opening any file in Affinity. But how come my Affinity Designer is just giving me a white screen? My Affinity Designer is version and I've only just bought it this year.
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