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  1. Nice find, we'll get that corrected Alfred, thank you
  2. Ian

    Affinity Designer Workbook

    The docs and creative teams are working on the Affinity Photo Workbook as we speak B) (((release date tbc)))
  3. Ian

    Affinity Designer Workbook

    I don't think this project is 'how to design a logo' - it's a breakdown of what Neil in our design team created. The logo in this project is in a classic style respecting the heritage of Nottingham's lace industry.. as such monotype lettering is demonstrated, hence the equal spacing. Think wood block printing (then Gutenberg, then typewriters etc.)
  4. Ian

    Affinity Designer Workbook

    Hi Moscool You need to access the main link as shown at the start of each project (the resource box link just shows the relevant filename within the download) they look like this http://affin.co/xyz (but instead of /xyz type in exactly the name as it appears at the start of each chapter) etc.
  5. Yes I know. The convention suggested above would be that the software renames them (on duplication)... so that they are printable The point is, that currently it's a bug IMO and requires steps from a user in order for it to work.
  6. Problem: When printing an individual artboard, if any artboard has the same name (for example, it's been duplicated) then you cannot select it in the dropdown list Easy Fix: When duplicating an artboard, the name convention is forced Artboard1 (duplicate), Artboard1 (duplicate) (2), etc. Expected: Artboards should be named whatever the user wants, and you should be able to individually select and print them. The print preview currently updates, so you always know which artboard you've selected anyway. Cheers guys!
  7. Suggestion: drag an appropriate layer over the 'Add layer' or 'Add Pixel Layer' icon to create a duplicate layer (as per photoshop)
  8. Something close to the below images, a new head type. Potential for additional parameters to the normal arrow head.. like 'amount of roundness'? etc.
  9. Document default is white, but it would be nice to be able to pick different colours in a popup from this dialogue Failing that, just radio button selection for White / Black / Grey / Transparent?
  10. sweet! thanks guys
  11. +1 for right-click slice naming for me, slices are very useful for scratch documents with multiple assets on the page, not just front end web mockups etc.
  12. When shapes are overlapping, we can intersect / add / subtract etc. through the layer > geometry menu.... but how about a "Split" option that seperates the overlaps? It would split and break-apart leaving the pieces movable and editable.
  13. rounded arrow heads would be really cool :P