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  1. thank you If I revisit the city scene I'll work on those bricks, I like to set a time limit (bedtime, usually) on practice pieces but I often go back to them later and make some improvements.
  2. I an a happy cat! I found the cat tool for my Mac tonight and somehow or other I created Sunset's cat! I also had some fun with Affinity Photo removing a street lamp, no waiting signs, graffiti and people from a street scene (no work of art, there are rough edges, it's a practice piece), then used the clarity and a blend mode. Looking forward to giving those family history photos a bit of edge now Sunset is back
  3. Excellent work with the images and the painting
  4. Excellent, and a lovely gently aged, soft feel to it, enhanced by the disappearing feet :)
  5. Using Designer to imagine sitting on a headland on a balmy summer's evening, with the warm air carrying the scents and seeds of summer high into the sky :) I made the seeds the easy way with the transform tool by selecting the centre bas point for rotation and a 15 degree angle (actually, that's how I fixed the later version, I had the rotation point slightly off centre for this version which gave a more casual feel) Changed the attachment to a very low res/smaller size
  6. My kind of page, experimenting and coming up with some excellent effects :)
  7. You have no idea how many times I had to squint at your version until I could see the difference! Very good, Alfred :D
  8. Haven't posted here for a long while, but enjoyed doing some nesting this morning with a picture I took a while back of Paris Mountain in Anglesey. I used Designer for the page including fading out the background photo. Quick and easy.
  9. They were the three that I mentioned in my first post, yes.
  10. That is a good description of the problem, yes. I did move the AD Window but the menu still overlapped the dock - that was the part I couldn't resolve. And whilst I'm much happier with the Mac now than when I first bought it, I couldn't fix it so that the menu was in the main area of the screen only.
  11. Thanks for the info, but I will happily wait for the Designer update, I was only going to play with the cat - now I'm playing with the accounts instead :) Info noted, though :)
  12. That's great, thanks :) In the meantime I have saved my Windows Cat in a document :D :D :D
  13. 1.5.4 I haven't customized the tools on the Mac - and that will have to wait until a bit later, anyway, it was the old story of - I thought I'd just play with AD on the Mac whilst I had a cuppa... :)
  14. It works just fine on my Windows version, just not on the Mac
  15. Given that it is cat day, today.... On my MacBook Pro, I've been trying to access the cat shape at the bottom of the shapes flyout. I can access the shapes as far as the call out, but I can't get the tear, heart or cat to work. It makes no difference whether I"m in my default screen view or if I go to full screen. I've tried jiggling all sorts of things but to no avail. I'll check my windows version asap.