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  1. It certainly works for me every time.
  2. I am learning a lot! I don't need macros and styles much...... but this is good.
  3. The best thing about this thread is that it has been healthy discussion and very interesting. Some of us used Serif's previous software for many years and we got used to the comfort of having some processes 'pre-packaged' - pre-packaged but infinitely variable as to width, length, shear, opacity, offset, blur and orientation (and maybe more), it was so easy that we never had to really think about how a shadow was created, but we knew all about how to get the effect that we wanted and the right effect for the job - as has been mentioned, unless you are doing a series of identical projects, all shadows are different. The interesting thing for me, with Affinity, has been coming out of that comfort zone and thinking about what was in those 'pre-packaged' tools. At first I missed the convenience of the older options and, because I do different things these days, this thread made me look at shearing shadows for the first time - and by time I'd done those very simple examples, I was perfectly at home with it all. I have absolutely loved all the conversations though, from here to the sun and the moon and back again. Thank you to Cailean who asked the question - and welcome to Affinity! - and to everyone else who has joined in.
  4. Very nice, but it is the process that matters. If you follow the light and the red polygon in front of it, then what you see on the layer below is a shadow, not a reflection. It is like looking at your own shadow in front of you when you walk along a road. In this example, though, the shadow is offset from its origin. I could have shown a simple drop shadow of a painting on a wall and the light source creating a shadow beneath and to one side of the painting, but that would not have provided the opportunity to shear the shadow to show the effect of an off-centre light source and the distance between the object and the surface on which the shadow would appear.
  5. I also believe that drop shadow is different from an outer shadow and comes in many variations. To recreate some things in Affinity I think about how they were created in DP, what we had there was a nicely packaged, user-friendly version of drop shadow creation. Here is my view on how to replicate it in Affinity - using copy, colour, shear and a little gaussian blur if appropriate.
  6. Sunset

    Sunset Blends

    A rare chance, lately, to just be creative for half an hour. The result if a mix of two of my photographs - the Albert Memorial outside Manchester Town Hall and a bright, dazzling sunset from one of my upstairs windows. Fast forward a couple of weeks to a very cold day, a little light blending in Affinity Photo, and I now have 'Manchester in the Cold'
  7. Just to say 'thank you' for the Beta, I have had a quick look at it, anything that I can get started on without a manual is always a winner for me! Very happy with the interface, etc., time to redesign my calling cards.... and then watching the tutorials.
  8. Thanks for that. I hope it will be included one day. I can buy vector fills and make my own for graphic design, but I will have to use an older program to get the flexibility that I need. Hilary
  9. Designer - both windows and Mac: Is it possible to create, and use, vector fills? Apologies if this is already asked, I did search.
  10. Sunset

    Microsoft Windows Developer Awards 2018

    I'm not up-to-date on this thread, having congratulated the team earlier in here, but I sincerely hope that everyone concerned has an excellent summer break! I am happy to have the best products from the best, award winning, programmers ad designers.
  11. Sunset

    Microsoft Windows Developer Awards 2018

    what Mith said
  12. Sunset

    Microsoft Windows Developer Awards 2018

    Excellent! (too early in the morning to find a glass of red!)
  13. Sunset

    Microsoft Windows Developer Awards 2018

    I was one of the early voters, too!
  14. Thinking about it, the nodes that we used to morph the shadows previously are probably not unlike using the mesh warp, just packaged differently for the user. I do agree with you all - and I did ask for ways of doing it and you all kindly helped out! I never hesitate to ask for a feature that I think would be an improvement, though - who knows, my luck might be in! New ways of working is why I like Affinity Designer and Photo, and I am very much looking forward to Publisher. The previous programs were looking dated and most people were using Adobe or Corel, neither of which I could really afford, but I was happy with Serif and delighted when Affinity arrived. I'm pretty good at working out new ways of doing things - and pleased that I had worked out how to do the shadows, your joint confirmation of the method means that I can perfect that method now with confidence. It was always possible that I was missing something obvious amongst the tools and, apparently, I wan't missing anything at all Happy days! I wonder what my next question will be... ? Thanks again
  15. Craft Artist, the incredibly easy to use scrapbooking software that Serif sold previously. So there are lots of us out there happy to move to Affinity but, of course, there are a lot of differences. And, being human, we get uneasy when we can't work out how to do something "instantly" in Affinity because we're always on a mission, things to do, photographs to scrap, art pages to make... Alfred, I've just checked and there are actually 13 of us, hidden away, a self-help group. With you there would be 14 -if you ever join that particular part of social media. We can't be found in any indexes just because there are plenty of places that are like that.

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