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  1. @v_kyr ...fantastic, thank you so much for doing that! ...although i don't appear to have the ring tool?!
  2. @firstdefence ...ok thanks for that, i will investigate
  3. @firstdefencethat's fantastic, thank you so much for that, the file with history info is brilliant to learn from ...cheers! Is there a replace shape button?
  4. Great, thanks guys! @carl123The pie tool doesn't seem to give me an open ended image tho? @firstdefence How do i delete the line using break the curve ...i can't work it out?
  5. How do i remove the horizontal line on the semi circle at the top of this vector image or indeed draw it as an open ended semi circle?
  6. Gigatronix Pete

    Shortcut for Centre Align to page

    Excellent ...even better! thanks for the tip @carl123
  7. Gigatronix Pete

    Shortcut for Centre Align to page

    Cool ...ok thanks @haakoo
  8. Hello gang, just wondering Is there a shortcut to align centre of page at all? I know there are snapping & Alignment guides, etc but in Coreldraw pressing "p" aligned an object to the centre of your page!
  9. Gigatronix Pete

    Stretching an image one way

    Ahhhhhh cool, thanks @Murfee & @Dazzler ...just what i wanted
  10. Hello gang I have a raster image that i need stretching but only one way The image was taken at an angle (image a) and i just want to make it deeper! So all i would usually do in other software is move round so that the image is straight (image b) & drag the bottom down. But when i do this the outer box moves round with the image (image c) so all i can do is make it bigger or smaller using the angles i have! What i want is to just to take the image (image d) & drag JUST the bottom of the image down making the ferrule deeper Is this possible at all? Cheers Pete
  11. Hello @walt.farrell ...things are all good here too thanks And yes that's fine, no worries, i got the result i wanted so all good! Have a fun day
  12. Hello Walt ...hope you're well? & thanks for the reply Firstly yes the fill knocks out shadow" box is ticked! Image A has the outer shadow effect applied but i only wanted it on the floor as in image B I just duplicated the image but with the shadow only on 1 of them & then erased the bit i didn't need ...which is ok! I just wondered if there was a way to separate/unlock the shadow effect from the image so that i could erase only the shadow. In CorelDraw there was a "Break shadow apart" button
  13. Hello gang If i add a shadow effect to an image, is there anyway of erasing part of just the shadow at all? I want a floor shadow only but the outer shadow effect gives shadow all over the image ...there are lots of ways to get around it but just wondering if it can be done?
  14. Gigatronix Pete

    Stamp image

    Hello @Pšenda & @firstdefence Thanks for the replies gang, i will investigate ...you lot on here are really helpful!

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