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  1. Hello again @walt.farrell ...once again you have come up trumps! Never used or was even aware of that button before but yes, that was it ...many thanks (as always) for your continued help
  2. Hello gang I use very simple Artboards a lot but started one yesterday & now can't seem to highlight anything without actually clicking on the artboard name first. Never had this problem before & if I try to copy/drag something from one artboard to another (as I do frequently), it will show it's been copied in the layers panel but is stays in the original artboard. It seems as if the Artboards are kinda locked somehow. So i currently have to click on one artboard CTRL-C then click on the next artboard & CTRL-V ...rather than just dCTRL/drag Can anyone help?
  3. fantastic ...I thought it would be something silly like that ...thanks very much for the quick reply
  4. Hello gang I am using Designer 1.9 on a windows 10 PC I was looking at how to make my vector pen lines taper (kinda like a brush stroke) & found an Affinity video showing me how to do it using the pressure button (image a) But sadly i don't seem to have that pressure button on my screen (image B) at the mo I can only assume it's been hidden somehow but I can't see how to find it Anyone able to help please?
  5. Hey @walt.farrellno worries & thanks for the info & taking the time to answer ....I will maybe leave it as it is then @Joachim_L...ha ha, excellent option thanks
  6. Hello @walt.farrell Thanks for the reply ...it's not the biggest problem in the world but just something that has started happening recently & I assumed it was the last update of a few weeks ago as i've not experienced it before. It's just a personal preference & something I would like to be able to turn on or off Pete
  7. Hello team Whenever I import, place or just drag an image into Designer it now comes in with the file extension added ...ie HSS-0174.png It never used to do this so maybe it's something to do with the recent update? Anyway is there somewhere I can turn it off please? Thanks
  8. @MEB ...ahhhhh great, yes that was set quite high & now back at zero all is good ...thank you very much for the help & quick reply
  9. Hello gang If i open an image in "Photo" and try to use the Marquee tools, they all work fine except for the circle tool. Sometimes (like today) when I draw a circle with it & release the left mouse button the circle just disappears! Any ideas?
  10. Hello @Paul Mc thanks for the reply & yes it does seem like that's one of my problems so I will investigate that thread & see if it helps
  11. Hi gang We have encountered a couple of problems when printing a pdf Image A is created in Publisher & exported as a pdf using the settings as per Image B ...it will be going online on our website & for our customers to download & print out. Online & as a pdf it looks fine ...spot on. Problem 1: When I printed it out here to check it, it came out as good as it could be, I was pleased but when one of my bosses printed it out on his printer the png image of the cable came out dark black ...see image C. Problem 2 So my other boss printed it out on another printer & the png image was fine but some of the text comes out much thicker than other text ... see image D Both things make me look a bit silly as I told my bosses the pdf was fine! ...I am very inexperienced in using pdf's so if you guys could bear that in mind in any explanations (if you are kind enough to reply) that would be cool! Thanks in advance
  12. @Joachim_L ...ah ok, yes ...i apologise for my earlier bad wording & thank you very much for the information I will remember to do that each time Thanks again & have a fantastic Xmas
  13. Hello @Joachim_L fab, that sorts the problem & thanks for the quick reply Please excuse my ignorance but what do you mean by "You should use "Save as" within APu." ...I just went to file, save as ...is there another way to do that?
  14. I created a file using Publisher (KF141UHP) & created a pdf from that file ...all good I copied the file, saved it as a different part (RG316) & then amended the bits that i needed to ...then created another pdf. When i open the second pdf (RG316) online it's fine except that it shows the part number of the original part (KF141UHP) in the top left hand corner & in the tab header at the top (see attached image) How do i change it to the correct part number & how do i adjust my workflow so that the same thing doesn't happen again?
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