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  1. Hey guys We are creating a brochure & using 3D images of our products (connectors) created in Solidworks. The main (attached image 1) image is a 3mb sized png & looks ok as it is, & once it's placed in it's position in Publisher (reduced right down) it still looks great. The brochure when actually printed at 300dpi looks great but exported to pdf & uploaded online is not so good The images are all linked rather than embedded & we exported the online brochure to pdf at 144dpi (85% image quality) to keep within our allowed maximum file size. Most of the images aren't too bad but this one in particular has very jaggy edges on the legs in the final pdf. (image 2) We are at our online limit size wise so can't really increase the dpi or overall image quality when creating the pdf ...does anyone have any ideas how to stop this jaggedness or at least improve it a little?
  2. Thanks for your help gang ...i have not come across that so will try & be more careful in future
  3. Hey @carl123 thanks for the reply ...file attached & i have just noticed in the layer panel it looks like i've grouped it somehow to the black text (also on the page) I says "inline in text" next to it I've no idea what i did but if you know perhaps you could explain Cabulator-0213-Cable plus accessories x21.afdesign
  4. @GarryPAs it seems to be intermittent i'm not sure but i will check next time it happens ...thanks for that sir
  5. While using Affinity Photo the freehand selection tool sometimes doesn't work While holding it I can draw the shape I want but when i release the L/H mouse button rather than completing the shape it just goes blank ...everything disappears It doesn't do it all the time ...I just used it twice on an image & then the third time it wouldn't work. The other marquee tools all seem to work ok Any ideas?
  6. Hello @Joachim_L ...not knowingly no ...i wouldn't know how to do that!
  7. @GarryP thanks for the reply ...short video attached ...it's not doing it all the time though, just occasionally And it's done it with 3 or 4 normal artistic different texts ...which i just type in & highlight & then copy again, all pretty usual standard stuff! 2020-10-23_09_32_20.mp4
  8. Hello again gang I clicked on the artistic text tool & pasted some text into it i had copied Without the text highlighted my cursor is the usual white arrow & i can pick up the text and move it (as normal) ...but when i let go it moves back to where it was before. Also if i highlight the text & move my cursor inside it turns into a sharp black coloured angled arrowhead & i can't do anything with the text Never happened before to me but it's happened 3 times today ...so i just delete it and start again Any ideas as to why?
  9. Ok thanks guys ...i'll assume it's the uppercase/lowercase thing then & be more watchful when typing in future ...thanks for your help
  10. @Old Bruce ...yes correct, that is what happens @Alfred the problem was i didn't know what i'd done to cause it, but i've managed to recreate it by pulling the artistic text out of shape using the vertical & horizontal nodes & then changing the text size as per attached ... So i assume that's what i perhaps did before without realizing
  11. Hey @Old Bruce thanks for the quick reply & i apologise for not popping the image up (it's been a long day) I tried what you suggested, but they are still different sizes ...see these images
  12. Hello team I am working In Designer & noticed that the 2 of the pieces of artistic text on the page i am working on (see attached image) BOTH show Verdana Regular 8pts ...Which they obviously are not They both seem to react normally & change pt size when i try to The single X is paragraph text of Verdana Regular 8pts Any ideas how this has happened?
  13. Hey @GarryP thanks for the reply & yes i do use a rectangle for single pixel lines but do also always use the fill as the colour. 99% of the time it works fine but every now & then this happens ...all i do each time is cut the main parts of each image out into a new document & start again ...then it's usually ok. But this time it kindahappened halfway through so i thought i'd ask in case i'd pressed something by mistake
  14. Hello team I'm doing some very small vector work & for some reason all of a sudden I can't draw a single pixel straight vertical or horizontal line clearly. Whenever i try i comes our blurry like this ...see attached image highlighted in red. Any ideas?
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