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  1. Thank you Joachim_L and fde101. I already tried to print multiple pages to one page using "Copies" and the "Layout" section with the MacOS printer dialog. "Document Layout" with Model "N-up" did the trick!
  2. Hello, what is the best way to export a 99x210 (single page flyer) three times on one A4 page using publisher? Currently I use a A4 page with three columns and a symbol that is replicated to all columns. The drawback is that everything on the page has to be within the symbol. I guess there is a better solution but I cannot find any export setting to export a 99x210 page to print it 3 times on A4.
  3. Hi, I startet testing Affinity Designer for Icon design. What I'm really missing it the ability to show a raster and having the shapes snap to that raster. Is this somewhere hidden or not available?
  4. Hi Sean, thank you for the hind with nVidia Optimus. I use two external monitors. I guess the problem is that one of them is assigned to the chipset graphics and the other to the Nvidia graphics. When using the internal display too I can drag and drop affinity designer between two of them (using the internal graphics) without any problem, but the one with Nvidia will not work correctly. I have not found a way to assign both external monitors to one graphics card. Maybe it is just not possible with my laptop.
  5. Hello, I have a reproducible issue with affinity designer in version (beta) and Start designer on the left screen. 1) drag the application on top of the right screen so that it will get maximized on the right screen After doing this, the right screen will be completely black (affinity designer will not render anything) 2) move the application somewhere else on the right screen (not longer maximized) It will still rendered completely black 3) move it in between of both monitors It will be rendered normally on the left screen but black on the white screen Workaround: Move the application from left to right screen and do not maximize it in this step. After moving it, it is possible to maximize without any issue. About my system: - Dell Precision 7510 - Windows 10 Enterprise - Intel Core i7 6920HQ - 64GB RAM - NVIDIA Quadro M1000M - Intel HD Graphics 530
  6. Hello, I have some projects with many icons that need some variants for scaled resolution (@1.25x, @1.5x, @1.75) for pixel perfection I need to create the variants manually and end up in a large list of slices. It would be very nice in this scenario to be able to sort the slices (currently the slices are sorted in creation order only) and it would be good to be able to group the slices in folders to have a better overview.
  7. Hi! There is a small (but confusing) issue for the slice preview. It will not be refreshed when setting the background to transparent in the document settings. It took me a while until I realized this is just an issue of the preview. The image will be exported correctly. Steps to reproduce: - create a new empty document - the background color is white - create a slice (the preview will be white - this is correct) - change the background setting of the document to transparent - the slice will be still rendered with white background until the slice is moved
  8. Will the german version released withing the next weeks? Otherwise I will buy the english version now...
  9. Got it thank you for the amazing tools :) (on windows and on mac)
  10. Hello, I'd really like to see an utility to export slices from an affinity designer file during an automated build process of an application. I have hundreds of affinity designer files for all of the graphics of my application. Would it be possible to provide a (headless) tool to export all slices of the files into let's say png files. I would like to do this during my maven build process so that I just need to trigger a new build after changing some graphics.
  11. Hello the new photo app extensions are nice :) but limited in many ways. Would it be possible to provide complete round trip to edit a photo in affinity photo by using an extension? I do not like to export and import the photo and have two versions of the same image but like to have the complete power of affinity photo.
  12. Hi MattP, thanks for the fast response. I noticed the same issue when drawing the shadow of the "chat icon", just in case that you need another test case.
  13. Hello, I'm trying to follow a cool tutorial made for Illustrator with Affinity Designer, but I'm getting stocked with a problem. When trying to create a union out of the attached example.afdesign shape, the result is not really good. Is it a bug or do I made something wrong? Everything is working fine when using the pathfinder utility from Illustrator... Affinity Designer version: - Beta - Released App Store version example.afdesign
  14. Hello, How can I change slices? Is it only possible to delete them and create a new one? Or do I miss something? I like to change the size and move them around for example. I'm using the current beta version of AD.
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