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  1. Just read a review of AP by Digtal Camera Mag. Quote " It's very fast, powerful and extraordinarily good value for money. A few rough edges, [ this was referring to Develop Persona's raw conversions needing more effort], Affinity Photo is a proper Photoshop alternative" unquote. Overall AP got 5 stars, DC's Gold award and great value for money award. Just thought you'd like to know. :) ;) Not sure if I've posted this in the right place!
  2. Hi, Before I switched to Affinity Photo I used Photoshop CC. In the brushes tool of CC there were render brushes with things like grass, trees etc. ‚ÄčAre these available, or will they be made available as a plugin for AP?
  3. I have just been watching the video, demonstrating AD1.5 new features. I have also recently got the AD Work Book. Now we have these updates, does it mean that the book I have just purchased is now out of date?
  4. I got my AD book 2 days ago. It's worth starting from the beginning of the book if like me you are a novice at design. Core skills in Chapter 2 is very interesting which is where I am now. Highly recommended. :)
  5. Well. I got my Parblo A609 G.T. It is well constructed for a cheapish tablet, (£69.00). It doesn't move about on the desk due to rubberised feet, the pen is battery free so no batteries to replace or recharge. 2048 levels of pressure whatever that means. And you don't have to use the pen upright you can draw with it up to + or - 60 deg of tilt. It stated in the user guide that there are spare pen nibs but I can't find mine, I have emailed Parblo with no joy yet. One review said that there are four programmable buttons but only three could be programmed. I found that all four can be programmed. I have one button to open AD and one to open AP. I haven't decided what to do with the other two yet! Any suggestions would be appreciated. Overall it's not a bad tab for the price with a 9"x6" working area, I am quite pleased with it.
  6. I have just ordered a Parblo Island A609 graphics tablet, after having dumped my Ugee M708. [it died]. The Parblo A609 has had some very good reviews. But I will let you know how good it is in a few days time. :P
  7. Hi, my name is Ed Lee (Rosie). I have been using Serif products for about 13 years and I have purchased just about every program they have developed. But I have only recently heard about Affinity Photo and Designer! How they escaped me I don't know. But I have just bought them. I am 68 and still love my photography and graphic design. Just one question, is Photostack compatible with Affinity Photo? If not, is there a similar program in the pipeline? Ed
  8. have been using PhotoPlus and Photostack for a long time now. I recently,(last week), got Affinity Photo and Designer. I keep all my photos in Photostack, is this compatible with the Affinity Suite?
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