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  1. Hi Sean, Thanks for your reply. I try to list the infos below: I use 2 monitors. - Asus ROG PG278QR (main monitor), 165Hz - Asus PB278, 60Hz both on 2560 x 1440 GPU-Driver: 461.40 (Game Ready)
  2. Hello everyone Is there are a known issue with the Affinity Apps (namely Designer and Photo) that they behave laggy/sluggish since a recent update? I use them on a regular basis since years, but "lately" (I think a couple of months, not sure) they are very laggy when dragging or scrolling a canvas and it even influences other apps (like Spotify(Native App)/Youtube (Browser) where the music hickups when I scroll/pan around). I never had that issue before, not on this system and not the older one with less performance. Edit: I just realized that it's even enough to trigger if I focu
  3. Same for me. It's very frustrating and makes my work very cumbersome.
  4. No worries, I do have a (simpler) workaround for my case, but just wanted to report it, as it isn't very intuitive for the user. in my opinion anway. Thanks for your help and the bump. PS: this forum needs a 'thumb up' emoticon.
  5. I have the following setup: pixel persona: one layer with a background color (here: blue). above a layer with a white background and a hole in the middle (to show the blue background). now I take the mask tool select an area left side, press V and resize it over the whole. now on the left side it creates a blue 'line' (having a new partially transparent area). this is also in Affinity Photo, btw. Screen Recording 2019-10-22 at 11.21.40.mov
  6. You're my hero. Thanks. :-) The mean thing was that I had my pressure profile on an even level, so it wasn't obvious. (I have no clue how you get onto that. Kudos! :D)
  7. Can someone explain me why the dashed line doesn't work here?
  8. Hi @GabrielM Thanks for your answer. Unfortunately I didn't have saved the history with the document. And I can't replicate the crash on a consistent basis, but it occured to me more than once. (also sent the report (via in-application prompt) to you guys. If that's any help. But what I - and you - can replicate is the bug(?) that symbols are not affected by snapshots, as in my opinion it should be a global 'reset' when I go back to an old snapshot, including all elments (like symbols). You can easily try yourself by making a rectangle, make a symbol, make snapshot, chang
  9. Hej affinitos I have the following problem: I was working on some business cards for a client. There I use symbols to make fancy mockups (so when I change something on the card, it also shows on the mockup). Now to save the different variants I'm making for the costumer I wanted to use the snapshot function. When I finished my draft variants I wanted to go through them all just to get shocked that all snapshots had the same state (the last one). Now I thought: Well, let's use the history function and go back to all/some old variants. But now when I use the history fu
  10. Unfortunate, but thanks a lot, GabrielM. Looking forward for that improvement. Especially to get on par with the desktop version, it makes sense.
  11. Hello everyone I was looking for a way to change the background color of the UI. I found the option in the settings (under Interface) but this seems to get overwritten once I use artboards. Or am I missing something? It's really unpractical for me, as I'm working with a background on the artboards that is very similar to that light grey. Besides that it's very....bright like that. And on the desktop version the backgrounds with or without artboards are treated the same (which is great!). Any clues how to solve that? Thank you all.
  12. Hi Sean, ah lovely. You got that already covered.
  13. I'm messing a little around with the new beta and found this weird behavior: When I pull out an asset on the canvas the canvas automatically zooms to 'fit to screen'. See vid in the attachements. Edit: (adding the version/os): Affinity Designer beta ( for Windows. assets_bug.wmv
  14. Hi Vitaly, Thanks for sharing your work with us. It's a pleasure to view and it has a lot of improvments I want for Affinity Designer. (like the better highlighting of selected tools, etc..) From an aesthetical point of view it's fantastic and very pleasing to the eye. Although if you consider accessiblity and readability it's a tough one. The contrast is way too low and if people have a little eyesight issues, it's not viable, in my opinion. (I know, us UI/UX-designers have a hard time finding the balance between aesthetics and accessibility as it often compete with each other .)
  15. Thank you MEB and A_B_C. much appreciated! The 'middle alignment' argument makes totally sense. Now I tried to apply this to the button in my example and the horizontal lines are indeed crisp as they should be. but unfortunately the vertical ones are now blurry. Any clues why (the dimensions and positions are on full pixels)? Edit: Here is another example. This time it's again the horizontal line (bottom border) that is blurry. (and to a certain degree the right vertical one as well)
  16. Hello MEB Thanks for the answer. So you're saying that I have to actually move objects to half pixels instead using the app provided 'force pixel alignment/move by whole pixels' option? (which I have on (as you can see on the screenshot). That doesn't make much sense to me, to be honest. Then - if not for proper alignment - what is 'force pixel alignment/move by whole pixels' for?
  17. Hi firstdefence Thanks a lot for your help. Unfortunately the Pixel-Persona is not really an option, as I heavily rely on the flexibility and scalability of vectors. Besides that: drawing something like a rounded rectangle with the pixel tools is not as easy to get (without much effort).
  18. I have something that bothers me big time and makes AD almost unusable for me. I draw a lot of UI designs and often times I need borders that are 1 pixel wide. The problem is, AD doesn't always display them properly. Sometimes they are 1 pixel wide, often times they are not. Not in the vector view, nor when in pixel-preview/exported. Is there something I'm missing? Like a setting I missed? Or is the antialiasing just way off? See screenshots below: Pixel-Preview. You can clearly see that the selected pink line is "blurred" to 2 pixels width, while the smaller one on top i
  19. I'm also interested in the patch/release notes for 1.6.4. For my everyday work it's mandatory that I know what tools/features have changed/added, etc.. In my opinion (and it seems like I'm not the only one) this is something that should be very visible as soon as the update hits. especially what new features were added. I'd love to see a simple splash screen with 'what's new' on starting up the new version the first time with the most important changes and a link to the whole change log, without me having to search through a whole forum, just to not find any information.
  20. Well, but that is about 1.6.0. OP wanted the change logs for 1.6.1. And so do I. I really think Affinity should have at least a sticky on this forum with the latest patch notes. It's pretty much a standard nowadays and helps the user a lot.
  21. I made that suggestion a while ago myself (and before me there where others too, I was told). For now, they have not the intention to separate these. One (sort of) solution could be that we use prefixes in the thread title, like [AD] My new fancy business cards [AP] My first photo manipulation [AD/AP] My first CD booklet artwork With that at least I don't have to open the threads if I'm not interested in one of the programs works.
  22. Great addition MEB. *thumbsup* Learned something new today. Thanks for making the clip.
  23. @;MEB: Maybe I'm wrong on this (on both ends) but I think he meant to move two nodes on two different shapes that are on the same spot (i.e.: the far left node of the dark brown and the light peachy one) and if I'm not completely off: that doesn't work with your posted solution or does it?
  24. I second this concern about the buggy constraints. It's a feature I'm heavily rely on and as it is right now, it's barely useable. And it seems we're not the only ones considering several posts in this forum: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/25204-bug-15017-grouping-constrained-objects-disappear-sometimes/ https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/26583-group-inside-constraints-group-disappears/?hl=%2Bgrouping+%2Bconstraints https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/28477-aligning-constrain-group-elements/?p=177700 (these
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