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  1. Good evening, is there somebody out who can directto how to get back my Entwickeln : abbrechen (develop : cancel) button right beyond all the persona icons when having opened a raw file? I took this screen shot from my beta installation where it is still available but it is missing when using my normal installation. It disappeared during working today but I did not find any setting how to get it back. Here is the screen shot from my normal installation My problem is I cannot quit developing a RAW file at all - when trying to switch to another persona I am reminded to finish development .... that's where the cat bites its own tail Any idea ? TIA BArbara
  2. Danke für die Antwort - die Frage war ja an sich schon mit nein beantwortet und ich habe sofort gesucht, um die Funktion ein gutes halbes Jahr später zu finden - ist mir leider nicht gelungen. Wie oben beschrieben, geht es nicht um den Abstand zwischen zwei Objekten, der angezeigt werden kann. Es geht um die Bemaßung, also z.B. um den Abstand beliebiger Punkte, siehe ganz oben oder auch an diesem Beispiel: Nun hoffe ich gerade, dass ich einfach "blind" bin.
  3. @ tomaso: Dankeschön für die schnelle Hilfe, hat mir vorhin sehr geholfen! (thx for quick help) Barbara
  4. Hi all, I want to set up my custom export preset - acccording to the help I can do this through the export option panel symbol. I am working in Export Persona and have a file opened. Selecting the symbol with the three horizontal lines left of x in the export options panel I get three choices: create - delete rename preset but unfortunately I cannot selet any of those. Also when exporting through File/Export and More.... + manage plus manage presets I cannot select any option. What am I missing? PS: I searched the forum before asking and yes, I tried my best to get along wiith the help-manual....
  5. Thanks for the links. Please take my apologies - obviously I searched with wrong key words - I did a search also in German but without any results.
  6. I am looking for a place to change the color of ruler guide lines - I am aware how to change the color of column guide lines though. I searched the manual but possibly did not find the correct section!?! Any hint is appreciated TIA Barbara
  7. Thanks for your investigation. Up to know the daily biz did not grant me enough time without being disturbed to follow your instructions. Nevertheless and just as intermediate note from my side - as suggested by Chris B - I jumped in and installed Photo Beta version the day before yesterday. Well, only two crashes the first day (ones I copied part of a design opened in Beta and pasted it into another one in Beta version). Yesterday I worked all day long developing and editing several RAWs as well as today and up to now no hickups (cross fingers)
  8. Hi Chris, well, crashes do not appear in the same situations - I tried to track when and what I did, but even I myself cannot reproduce what happened ones willingly - I know, that's no base to solve issues - I would be more than happy to provide you with such dets to help, but it is like the cat which catches is own tail. One thing which might be different sometimes compared to other users: Sometimes, but not every time!, I view my RAWs in ACDsee. I do not develop them there but open up Affinity Photo from there to develop and edit the images only in Affinity Photo - I uses ACDSee only as catalogue application on Mac as well on Windows Barbara
  9. Here are the crash reports which I just picked from appdata/roaming/affinity/photo/1.0/CrashReports/reports. Sorry, no newer ones - I expected to have lots of reports but also some weeks ago I took a look into this file and also nothing newer than May 24th 14e9b2b1-cc94-4afd-b329-f89b027faa75.dmp cc05118a-25ed-4c6a-9b39-24f85ca4aff1.dmp fdc2fe4c-84fa-4e70-b0fe-2242a6739c85.dmp
  10. Hi Chris, well, I posted what I found in terms of chrash reports already April 19th, 2021 - 03:06 after I was claiming frequent crashes in Photo
  11. Guess what?? I need to edit several shots, jumped in and followed your instruction carl123, I set the Renderer setting to Warp on my Windows 10 PC!!!! I was lucky to be able to develop one RAW file including cropping without any other edits, saved this 1st file and fetched the second RAW file and ended up with the hour glass for several minutes on selecting the Histogram tab - no chance to work, I had to terminate AP through Task Manager. Are you still convinced the problem is caused by old graphic's card driver??? (Well, mine are still updated but as per your instruction inactive). Please stop all those support question turning back and forth (in German we call in "Supportgelaber" - we need a solution for the issue to work as we where able before the last update!!! As I stated, I am not a programmer, but since 15 years I am a Beta-Tester for another graphics application in the field of machine embroidery and believe me, it's around the 9th version I am testing and working with and not only new tools didn't work correctly, by far no, functions which worked flawlessly suddendly hickupped (in German we call it a little bit ironic Verschlimmbessserung - kind of disimprovement! But the developers respectively programmers set up patches to return to normal behaviour and that is, what is important.
  12. Please add the function of dimensioning of objects/groups adjusting when scaling those. Please refer to my explanation: thx
  13. Danke, ich habe es befürchtet - Affinity, please add this to you enhancement request list
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