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  1. Yes please! This would simplify the workflow a lot, so I am fully with you on this and I hope we'll see such a plugin in the near future.
  2. Hi all, I totally agree. Support for 3rd party plugins, as they are available for sketch would definitely add a lot of value to your fine product. Almost every platform, supporting design systems as (atomize, zeplin, marvel, invision,... you name it) and therefore facilitating a designers workflow and supporting collaboration with the kind of plugins mentioned here. I understand, that e.g. sketch files kinda automatically transform into code (css) and affinity designer does not (yet???) has this feature but I hope it will - sometime in the future. And maybe then it will be possible
  3. Hi everyone, I am desperately searching for a tutorial or tips of you guys, how you are working with text styles in affinity designer. I dont' mean the artistic way of creating 3d texts or effects and the likes, but rather how u organize your h1, h2, text body styles, how do you create them and how to you apply these...any helpful tips or links are welcome. Thank you all. Best regards, rnb
  4. Yes, exactly these i meant. Ok, then there's no other way around, than the one you described. Thanks, Lee for your help! Have a nice day!
  5. Hi Lee Thank you very much for your quick answer. That's not exactly what I meant. When Using the Colour Picker, the RGB-Value is directly shown under the tool itself, right under the colour swatch and it's these values i was talking about...
  6. Hi all, When using the Color Picker Tool, Affinity Designer shows me the RGB-Values. Is it possible to change this, showing me the HEX-Value instead? Thanks for your help! Greetings, rnb
  7. Unfortunately they do not send it to Switzerland. Thanks anyway for your suggestion & the link. But as I said before, maybe the developpers/publishers consider to distribute a digital copy of it in german and sell it on their own site (although I would prefer to buy a real copy instead of a digital one - but if this would be my only possibility to get it, I would buy it digitally...). Have a nice day!
  8. Unfortunately I live in Switzerland - seems to be a bad thing, for once. If there's no possibility for swiss people to buy your book as a hard copy, at least let me download a german .epub version of it, right from your own store. Or consider to make a deal with www.exlibris.ch - so we swiss guys can get it. :)
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