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    harrym got a reaction from lisa999 in nudging bug?   
    beta -
    I can use the arrow keys to nudge selections but not the crop tool rectangle.
    I would expect to be able to nudge the crop tool too.
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    harrym got a reaction from Jean Bussiere in How to add a background   
    Your deleted area is transparent so create a new raster layer, put it below your background layer and paste new image or gradient/colour to the new layer but the trick is to make it look natural though and that might look a bit false so check out this video

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    harrym reacted to Tommy Söderström in Marqee tool eats GPU resources   
    Yes, when drawing the actual marquee it's completely understandable that the CPU or GPU needs to do some work, but when the selection is made it should be quite easy for the software to just blit out the ant pattern. I think the easiest fix would be to just lower the redraw frequency or even stop it completely when the window loses focus, there shouldn't be any need to update things when it's not activ or even visible (minimizing the window does nothing about the GPU usage right now).
    I'm not going to bother you any more, it's just that it should be a relatively easy fix and it should save a lot of irritation and support when peoples computers goes to a crawl for no reason.
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    harrym got a reaction from Uncle Mez in Microsoft Windows Developer Awards 2018   
    PS How about buying out DxO labs with your winnings and shortcutting the dev for a DAM and save Nik   
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    harrym got a reaction from Alfred in What is the difference between Lanczos seperable and non-seperable.   
    from all tests I've done I think it's more like
    Lanczos 3 (sharp) Lanczos 3 (too sharp)  
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    harrym got a reaction from Alfred in What is the difference between Lanczos seperable and non-seperable.   
    from all tests I've done I think it's more like
    Lanczos 3 (sharp) Lanczos 3 (too sharp)  
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    harrym reacted to Mark Ingram in Affinity Photo Customer Beta -   
    No, the beta expiry has been removed for customer betas (public betas will expire after a month, but we aren't running any public betas right now). The thought being, if you're a customer, you can do what you like. My plan is that if you're interested in having the "bleeding edge" builds, but willing to risk a bit of unstability, you can just live in the beta builds. Anyone else can just use the normal retail builds.
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    harrym got a reaction from PaulAffinity in Vertical panoramas   
    I think hemi would sort that pretty quickly and for course the mesh tool if you want to do it manually. I've had a couple of panos like that as well and have come to the conclusion that that's what is required for best point alignment which is the most important thing, correcting the geometry being an acceptable trade off.
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    harrym reacted to MattP in Affinity, we need clarification: are you or aren’t you working on a DAM?   
    I know I'm arriving at this party very late (because I didn't see it until now...) but nobody is trying to 'not answer' anything and there are no 'difficult questions' - there are only questions that some moderators may not know the answer to as they're not privy to all information. I'll say this: I'm sitting next to the guys that are writing the DAM... It's a thing.
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    harrym got a reaction from Patrick Connor in Affinity Photo Customer Beta -   
    In truth not a lot of that affects my workflow but it's fantastic to see the continuing work and commitment, great stuff guys!
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    harrym got a reaction from umishrak in My trial of replicating Effects of Photoshop in AP   
    I prefer the AP image, good job!
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    harrym reacted to Hokusai in Absinthe Art Nouveau Part 2   
    This is my second Art Nouveau piece (and probably my last as I'm ready to move on to something else). I based my version on a Henri Privat-Livemore poster from around 1896 or so.
    As I mentioned in my previous piece, I normally don't use the "effects" in Designer because I normally work only in pure vectors but the effects worked so well with shading on the skin in my last piece that I decided to recreate this piece as well adding my own little touches along the way. I chose this poster because I liked the composition and it had a lot of shading on the skin tones and I wanted to see what I could do with it using Designer's effects. I was very happy with the results. I hope that you enjoy.
    Thanks for letting me share my picture.

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    harrym reacted to eppx in Affinity Photo Customer Beta -   
    Well, here I am. I'm using the standard interface to transfer images plus a special interface to obtain EXIF data as that's needed for PTLens. Do you want to take this offline? Being a developer you probably have access to my email address.
        // examine EXIF info
        uint8 *exif = NULL;
        rc = getProperty(0x3842494D, propEXIFData, 0, &simpProp, &compProp);
        if (rc == 0) {
            size = getSize(compProp);
            if (size) {
                exif = (uint8 *)lock(compProp, false);
                if (exif) {
                    processExif(exif, size);
            if (!exif && gbl->dlg.pspHost) getPSPexif();

        // also try XMP for lens info
        getProperty = gFr->propertyProcs->getPropertyProc;
        rc = getProperty(0x3842494D, propXMP, 0, &simpProp, &compProp);
        if (rc == 0) {
            size = getSize(compProp);
            if (size) {
                char *xmp = (char *)lock(compProp, false);
                if (xmp) {
                    processXmp(xmp, size);
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    harrym got a reaction from Mark Ingram in Call for Camera Images   
    Canon 500D
    OOC - Jpeg
    OOC - RAW   Cannon 7D
    OOC - RAW   Sony A6000
    OOC - Jpeg
    OOC - RAW   I sense a DAM coming on........... and I like it  Regards
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    harrym reacted to Asser82 in Call for Camera Images   
    If you really make an Affinity Darktable, please consider:
    Hierarchical Collections, Smart Collections, Possibility to display photos in a whole directory subtree, XMP Import/Export, Batch Metadata Editing, Hierarchical Keywords, Search by Metadata Tags, Pass raws to external development tools (not as tiff), Stacks, Virtual Copies, Autostacking Raws and (jpeg/tiff)-versions using Regex on name or metadata, Token based batch renaming and destination folder definition on import and inside catalog.
    There are so many companies like On1, that bring out only partially usable DAM solutions.
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    harrym got a reaction from Fossil36 in Creating Panoramas   
    Hi Fossil36,
    The location (source load location) of the files you want to stitch is not important (if I'm understanding what your asking correctly) The issue you are having sounds like there are not enough common reference points in each of your files for the software to successfully create the stitch. If you wish to make the files available I can confirm.
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    harrym reacted to v_kyr in RE: Intel CPU Design Flaw   
    Honestly I wouldn't recommend to play the too early adopter here for installing any OS patches etc., cause in the last time the OS vendors also messed up a lot of things with too early thrown out patches, especially when they were under stress due to massive press comments and reportings. So better give them some time to sort out things the right functional way, otherwise you might be left with a half-functioning system. 
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    harrym reacted to v_kyr in RE: Intel CPU Design Flaw   
    According to Google "Today's CPU vulnerability: what you need to know" these vulnerabilities affect many CPUs, also including those from AMD, ARM, and Intel, as well as the devices and operating systems running on them.
    Microsoft last night prepared a Windows-Update, though people should by all means first read this here related to that update ...
    Important information regarding the Windows security updates released on January 3, 2018 and anti-virus software
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    harrym reacted to SrPx in RE: Intel CPU Design Flaw   
    This can be a game changer for the AMD / Intel fight, indeed. Yet though, games seem will be mostly unaffected in the performance loss by the fix. (I dont' know why people is so sure... I'd be to think it'd affect them as well... Not that I'd matter, tho. Heavy 2D and 3D editing, there's where all my worries are, specially in old machines. )
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    harrym reacted to MikeW in RE: Intel CPU Design Flaw   
    Do note that checker is not valid for yesterday's new bug. The new bug is only going to get patched at the OS level for existing CPUs.
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    harrym reacted to v_kyr in RE: Intel CPU Design Flaw   
    Nope, that has nothing to do with the Intel Management Engine (ME) problems here, it's instead another Intel CPU hardware "Kernel Address Space Layout Randomization" (KASLR) problem where kernel vulnerabilities could occur. Actually with KPTI („KAISER“) the OS vendors try to build fixes (patches) which require massive kernel remodeling in virtual memory management. This effects all platform OS kernels here aka Win, Mac and Linux systems.
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    harrym got a reaction from Mithferion in Affinity Photo Customer Beta -   
    A practice cricket net and a ride on lawn mower with a bucket in your garden, now that's just showing off! 
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    harrym got a reaction from Becca P in Zenquarium - Game artwork for a cute pocket aquarium   
    Honestly, I'm very jealous of people with such graphics skills.
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    harrym reacted to Peter Werner in LaTeX typesetting plugin in Designer   
    I've once typeset a booklet with mathematical formulas for students in Adobe InDesign for a client. While there are plugins like InMath, they are expensive and clumsy since they rely on hacks like baseline shifts and so on. There was another plugin that can be used an external formula editor like in Word, but it turned out the formulas didn't print properly and there were incorrect characters. Not to mention that these solutions are way too expensive if you only have a one-time project.
    Back then, I, too, found LaTeXIt! for Mac to be the best solution since it allows you to type out small snippets of LaTeX and save it out to a PDF using XeTeX (XeTeX being a key part since this allows access to OpenType fonts to customize the look to match the text in the publication) or copy and paste it into other applications. But it's not ideal since customizing the fonts, look and kerning of the formulas takes loads of boilerplate code since LaTeX was never meant for lots of customization. Not to mention every formula was basically a linked image and had to be re-built for even the smallest change.
    I don't think actual LaTeX integration would make a lot of sense. But I do think that built-in formula editing support for Affinity Publisher ("Maths Persona"?) would be a fantastic feature. Additionally, a way to quickly type LaTeX code simply as an input method (without having LaTeX installed, the formula subset would be enough) and a way to import MathML would make it really quick and flexible to create math-heavy documents.
    It's not just a feature that benefits the few people who are professionally printing math-heavy publications. I'm certain that such a feature would position Affinity Publisher as a really attractive solution for teachers and educators for creating work sheets and the like. This demographic is currently mostly on Word because something like InDesign is just way out of the price range and learning curve that these people would consider. But at $49, I think it would be a no-brainer for every teacher. All it would probably take is a decent math typesetting feature for Publisher and a non-destructive graph plotting tool for Designer. The expressions parser is already there as part of the text input fields…
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    harrym reacted to Chris J in Windows handling ...   
    Hi both,
    In the next beta:
    The borders have been increased to 5 (the left border bug is already fixed).
    A grab handle has been added to the bottom-right corner of floating documents.
    Dock, Dock All, Float and Float All has been introduced to the window menu.
    The hit test area for docking/undocking has beeen improved.