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Hi folks,

I've been using Affinity Designer & Photo on PC for two years and both became main apps of my choice for graphic design, drawing illustrations and photo editing. I abandoned Adobe CC and didin't regret my decision! Thanks a lot for all your efforts – at Serif and on the forum – and keep my fingers crossed for a new version to come.

There are really great tools in Designer but I found something that I'd love to find improved someday. When working with vector brushes in Draw Persona it's impossible to identify what brush is selected for a particular vector object. It's not highlighted in the Brushes Panel so finding the right one is a real problem, especially when working with 100+ of very similar looking brushes (eg. Grave Etcher by RetroSupply). I know it's easy to copy attributes from one object to another but I still can't figure out what brush name is selected. It would be great if one of the following is implemented:

- show active brush highlighted in the Brushes Panel when particular vector object is selected or

- show the active brush name in the Brush Properties window (it is actually present when you select particular brush in the Brushes Panel and start drawing – see attached picture A – but if you change object that has another vector brush and open the Brush Properties window (see picture B) the name is gone.

Is anybody experiencig the same and perhaps you'd love to share how you deal with it?



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It has been requested long ago, and unfortunately still nothing.

For example:


Affinity Store: Designer, Photo, Publisher
Windows 10 Pro, Version 1903, Build 18362.418.
Dell Latitude E5570, i5-6440HQ 2.60 GHz, 8 GB, Intel HD Graphics 530, 1920 x 1080.
Dell OptiPlex 7060, i5-8500 3.00 GHz, 16 GB, Intel UHD Graphics 630, Dell P2417H 1920 x 1080.

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Is there any news on this? I created a logo that needs to be refined, I had to search a long time for the right brush. Now I had to reinstall and the copy I made for the brush ist thus gone. Now I have no clue, what brush is used... This could surely be easily fixed; how come this has been asked for for years and nothing has happend? I'd think this is rather a bug than a feature request... 

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Still badly needed, agreed.

"Men are like sheep, of which a flock is more easily driven than a single one."

"Experienced vector artists and infographic designers will find a noticeable lack of the more advanced tools found in Illustrator CC." (source)

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