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  1. Still nothing? The brush management in Affinity Photo really drives me insane and makes me reconsider the subscription software, which I wanted to avoid with this otherwise very well done app.
  2. Thanks for the link, @haakoo. Is this something that changed with an update? I could swear I used the stroke tool on text before in Affinity Photo. Perhaps I am confusing it with Designer. Thanks again and kind regards
  3. Hey there, the context toolbar of the artistic text function in Affinity Photo is suddenly lacking the stroke options. I can't find an according option in the view / studio settings and there are no hidden elements on right of the context toolbar (no double arrow). Where is it gone and, even more important, how can I get it back? Kind regards
  4. Hi Chris, I did not copy the folder first, I just renamed it to 1.1. Afterwards I followed your instructions, hold ctrl while starting Affinity Photo and cleared the options that had a checkmark per default. Now the develop persona works as expected and my raws are just as they used to be. Thank you so much for repairing my setup for the moment. I hope the data I provided can help you to solve it permanently. Kind regards
  5. I will provide the raw once I am at home again, thanks for your assistance! @DWright
  6. To add another interesting fact: When I turn the exposure up to make the raw as bright as the jpg the camera shot additionaly and then hit develop, the image turns out way to bright once the development-process finishes...
  7. Thank you for the quick reply, @IanSG. The settings are just like you mentioned, while the images still turn out too dark.
  8. Hello together, I am aware that there have been threads on this topic, but none of them provided a solition. My problem: I've been in the process of developing some cr2 from my Canon 80D when the develop persona opened the raw files way too dark all of a sudden. This happened in between two images. One image opened just fine - the next one turned out way too dark (see attached image). The thing that makes me really wonder what happened: When I now open the first one which worked normally, it now opens too dark, too. Even though it has worked before. I can't seem to
  9. Okay, my fault: Updating to the newest version solved the problem. I have been using 1.6.8. Thanks a lot again!
  10. Thank you so much, this is exactly what I was looking for! Edit: Unfortunately, the right mouse button just opens the context menu next to the cursor. There is no right click mentioned in the hint line neither. Do I have to wrong tool selecet ( P / Pen) ?
  11. Hey there, I've been using Designer on my Mac for quite some time. Now I have to work on a windows computer and have trouble while using the pen tool: When I draw a new point on an existing curve holding down 'control' on my mac, the new point ignores the handles of the previous curve. Once I release 'control' the pen tool works normally again. I can't seem to find the key that causes this behaviour in Windows. Do you know which key it is or how to configure the shortcuts to work that way? Thanks so much in advance, EssaEll
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