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  1. +1, I'm trying to find which brush I used for a certain card design and I'm finding it impossible to find. If this development could be made I would be really grateful
  2. Thanks for the reply - I should have mentioned that I am running the program on a Mac M1 chip, Big Sur 11.2.1. Perhaps it is a problem just on Big Sur.
  3. If it is possible, please can you consider making Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer, consistent with Affinity Publisher in the way that it defaults the cursor automatically into the 'Save as" file name. I know this may seem petty but I save each working version of a document with a new version number e.g. Test v1,afphoto, Test v2.afphoto, etc. until I have completed my final version at which time I will name it as a final version e.g. Test final.afphoto. This makes sure that I frequently save a new copy in case of computer crashes (not that I have many nowadays) and that I don't inadvertently over-write important changes. I know that I can move the mouse into the file name section to alter the name but I am very used to other programs defaulting the cursor into the file name box and the change would help my workflow. Thanks Should have mentioned - Mac M1 chip running Big Sur 11.2.1
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