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  1. Many Thanks to you, these are wonderful ! Any Idea how to make alcohol ink effect brushes?
  2. As is the case with a lot of things, but seems to go on deaf ears for years and years and years.....
  3. I agree, It would be so much more useful to see the full image for scale and working. At least have it as an option. 😐 No sense asking for it as a feature request..... Thank You "Old Bruce" and "wilt.farrell" for answering my question.
  4. Hello, My question is on art boards. If I place an image Half on the outboard and half off the art board I do not see the section that is not on the art board I tried placing one art board on top of another but that did not work. see first image below How do I see the full image? Are there some settings I need to change ? First Image - The rest of the ellipse does not show in the Green Color: The second Image - This is what I want to see. The full image and the outside edge of the Art Board This wold be a Big help To scale and design. (Done in Illustrator....) How do I see the full image? Are there some settings I need to change ? Many Thanks advance for your help
  5. If Serif were smart, they would, (read their own forum) and give their, paying customers the features they have repeatedly requested.
  6. AFFINITY - Can we Please get an Official word, here and now, on this forum on When we will get the ALL Important Vector fill ! Will it be in the next release ? Are you actually working on it ? I have always wondered, Why has Serif never sent a Questionnaire with the top 20 requests that people want, that we - Your paying customers, Need from your software? It would give you a roadmap of what to work on next, not just what you think we want or what is hip/cool with the other engineers at Serif. In the 25+ years I have used Serif products, You have never done basic marketing and asked your customers what type of design we use, the industry we work in, the jobs we use your programs for, and the things we need added. I find that astounding. And why do some of your MUCH older products have features that your new Software is sorely lacking? You obviously had the Skills and Technology Years ago to produce these features, So where are they ? You have this superb forum, people have asked for YEARS for things (like Vector Fills) and yet they never seam to appear. Why not? I (and I am sure many others), Look forward to your reply. Thank You.
  7. Maybe we could just call it a Cookie cutter and this destructive / nondestructive issue could be solved. Everybody loves cookies! I have an image that's basically nine big circles I want two of the big circles as smaller images and have for the last three hours been trying to figure out how to do it. I cannot believe in this day and age, this all singing, all dancing program can't simply crop an image out of a Jpeg. Can anyone please tell me how to do it? I have Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo for both Mac and PC and also Serif Draw Plus X8.
  8. Is there a way to add mark a brush as a “Favourite” ? Or a star rating ? (in Designer and/or Photo.) This seems so very basic yet overlooked for much more complex additions. Can we please get ‘ease of use’ issues corrected first. As many other have said here, the old Serif products had many useful things included (like cutout studio, brushes listed and better assets and being able to drag and drop them to save) that the new Affinity programs do not. After working with Affinity Designer and Photo now for about a year, I find myself going back and using my Draw plus for many things instead of the new products. It makes me wonder why I bought the New Affinity versions. I thought new was supposed to also be improved. Many times I feel the new Affinity versions are unnecessarily complicated and trying to be too clever for clever sake. The latest 1.9 update was supposed to be fixes under the hood, so let’s hope the power and structure is there to make these ‘ease of use’ improvements that will benefit everyone!
  9. Thank You to all that have replied ! MikeTO you asked * *I'm confused, why do the rulers not start at the top left at 0,0? AFAIK there is no way to lock them there but the only way to change them is to drag out from the ruler origin so if you don't want to do that, don't do it, and if you do it by mistake just choose undo.
  10. My last preset does not seem to be 'Sticky' and I have to go to View>studio preset> and locate the name of my last preset.... This seems so long wondered for such an advanced program... And of all the shortcuts this program has, this is the one I could use the most..... There is not even the option (that I have found) to add my own short cut by, example : Typing s3. Another question on this subject - once I have my pre-set up and I maybe decide I now would also like 'rulers' to be added to this my favourite preset, Is there a way to save this new change to my current preset. (Just like when we make a change to a document and save it. The only way I have found is to add the new preset with the addition of rulers under a different name (I date them) then have to go back and delete my old preset. Is there a better way? I Just to save that preset with the new information. This seems quite basic.
  11. Ahh yes. It is the W & H. So the X and y are where they are positioned on the page or artboard ??
  12. Sorry if they are painfully obvious to some of you…. I have been looking for the answers myself but just do not see them. Thank you in advance for your help. (Working on an iMac in both Designer & Photo) Questions: Is there a way to make the tool icons Bigger ? I find them too small and difficult to view. Is there a way to lock the Rulers at the top and left side ? I don’t want it to scroll Negative ruler numbers. And I want to snap my art board to the top right at 0/0. I don’t see a way to do this. What am I missing ?? If I draw a rectangle logo, I know it shows me the measurement as I a drawing it out but how do I find the measurement of it later? Is there a measuring tool that I am missing ?? (This is another reason I want to lock the rulers as I could place it at 0/0 for the size. At the very least the negative numbers should be in red. I don’t use many shortcuts …. Gasp, but I am learning. One shortcut that I really Would use is to the Studio dropdown. Is there a shortcut ?? Also on the same subject, is there a way to choose more than 1 Studio selection at a time? Instead of it closing out after each one and then having to go back in and select studio, then select the item…. Etc. Etc. I know I can do a Preset which I have set up but it does not open automatically when I open Designer. Is there a way for my Preset to open automatically as a default?? If any of these are not available a) They should be, as they are quite Basic requirements b)Please add them to your Feature request list.
  13. Ditto !!! Affinity Please add these as a matter of Urgency !!! Thank You
  14. Thank you Bryan for adding the info on Patternnodes. I too would love this feature added to Affinity!
  15. I was afraid that was the case. Glad I asked. As you said it would be nice to have a dialogue box with all the panels in one spot.
  16. Thank you for your reply. It was very helpful. I had not changed the pull down to View so I did not see these additional options. These shortcuts are quite specific to go open certain options. Would a 'Reset studio' Shortcut take me to the Main Studio drop down list? From there I could tick and untick selections? This is what I am looking for. I am reluctant to test 'Reset Studio' as I just got my presets set to how I want them and I don't want to mess it up by resetting studio.
  17. Layers and Symbols are the most problematic, the latest was the start up page wouldn't close. I went from Designer to this forum to ask about it and it came along for the ride. Very annoying. Screen shot taken with forum behind.
  18. Hello all, I am fairly new to Affinity Designer (& Photo) and must admit I don't use shortcuts. 🤭 (I do marvel at you designers and how you remember all the shortcuts.) Having said that, I Really could use a short cut to open Studio and I don't see one. I have checked preferences and thought I could make my own but I don't see a way to do that either. Why is there a shortcut for everything else but the one thing that I need? Am I missing something? If there is not a shortcut or a way to set one up can I add it to the request list please. Thanks for your help.
  19. I Getting very strange issues with the stock photos in Designer Latest 1.9.3 on an iMac - 1) I do a search and some images appear and then everything disappears. It is very Unstable. I then have to open up Stock again and do the search again. Designer also crashed 1x during this. 2) I did a search for Sewing machines and I got bicycles.... 3) In Pixabay I did a search for dress forms and found one I liked, it did not open. I got the name of the file but it wouldn't open (This has been happening for quite awhile and I believe it has something to do with how the images saved. Can Serif please contact Pixabay and kindly request that Pixabay ask their contributors to save in a format that can be used by Affinity.) After all Serif is promoting Pixabay yet some of Pixabays images won't work with Serif.
  20. Hi, I am running Affinity Designer V 1.9.3 on my iMac desktop and some of the side panels will not close. For example Once in the program I go to File > Place .... and some of the side panels do not close and come along for the ride and are in the way when I'm searching for the item I want to place. Also when closing out the program, it will close but 3 side panels remain for a while on my desktop just hanging there..... This has been happening for a few weeks now. How do I fix it ? Many Thanks in advance
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