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  1. There are many colors that work against in both backgrounds, it is rather a matter of contrast not of the color itself. Maybe this helps to find sth that contrasts well: https://coolors.co/contrast-checker/112a46-acc8e5 In grayscale e.g. #7B7B7B
  2. Or one could provide a way to set the background for each collection/folder of assets individually to adapt to content that is not visible manually...
  3. Wouldn't an option for a checkerboard background for assets be an easy fix, like in the layers panel?
  4. I think this is rather a response to the threadstarter... It is good to know, though, that both options are there and easily accessible
  5. I like https://eagle.cool very much; while it is not free, it is quite versatile as a DAM and priced very reasonably (buy once). One thing to consider, though: it does not browser the folders on the device, instead it puts everything into its own database. On the other hand, this way one can only put the assets needed into eagle and backup all assets from one source. I see thumbnails for all three Affinity apps on Windows.
  6. This may not have been this way in the original document but sth. that happened in the PDF. While I find that Affinity does a good job with PDFs to make them editable, PDF is not an ideal way to migrate a design. Of course, if there is no other format both apps share, at least it can be migrated at all.
  7. I tried this and V2 selects the whole group when clicking an item of the group in the workspace, and with Ctrl pressed it selects the individual item within that group that is clicked.
  8. This may be a (also) the permissions issue, but the path to the .exe is in my case: C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\SerifEuropeLtd.AffinityPublisher2_2.0.0.1640_x64__3cqzy0nppv2rt\App\Publisher.exe About this exe to be "not a real .exe", as some people claim, I have no idea what that is supposed to mean. While one could call the app with a compiled ahk-script (resulting in an exe-file) this probably does not help as the streamdeck needs to check if the app has focus, and the ahk-exe will not get the focus with the app.
  9. Ok, I see. With my macrodeck solution (Touchportal), I have a similar option, it gets triggered by the name of the process (or part of the name). I set it up, so a button on the main page switches to the app-page and simultaneously starts the app (by exe, bat or whatever). When the app is running, I can use the process name to autonavigate to that page when the app gets focus.
  10. Can you trigger shortcuts on the Streamdeck? You could register keyboard-shortcuts for the apps, if not directly, then via Autohotkey. I do that a lot with a Streamdeck-like solution. I even was able to have the shortcut either open the app, or focus it, depending on the state of the app. All of the in-app-shortcuts still work, so I don't even have to rebuild the pages with the buttons with in-app-functions. Just add new ones for new functions...
  11. I have never understood it any different from "all updates in 1.x will be free" and "upgrade to 2.x will be reduced price for 1.x users". You can stick with the 1.x apps forever, but you cannot expect that a company makes feature-updates to all major versions forever. (It does not even make sense). It would be interesting to know, though, whether known bugs will still be squished and security issues fixed in 1.x. Now there was no reduced price for users of 1.x, but instead everybody gets to save on the new version as of now. I have all three apps and thus getting the €120-bundle made sense and makes me pay what I would have expected from the upgrade to 2.x anyway. Also: how long have the 1.x versions been around, updating regularly with new features? This is still a great deal for great software.
  12. RESOLVED (problem sat in front of the screen) Never mind - I forgot to rasterize the image I opened by drag and drop....
  13. Look at all the threads concerning "exe file location" etc. There is a workaround using a batch file, until this is resolved (it is already flagged by Serif)
  14. I added the same plugin-folders to Photo 2 as I did in Photo 1. I also checked "may use unknown". In V1 all are show as "unknow" but all work. In V2 most are shown as "unknown", while the Nik Collection here shows as "working". But: in reality none of them work. They are all greyed out, when I do what works in V1 to use them...
  15. While I do not miss a DAM function built in in the Affinity apps, I do miss thumbnails to discern the open files, esp. when there are many of them. The way GIMP and others do this, for example: in addition to the filename showing a thumbnail on the tab. Also, when the tab bar is full, I would like to see an option to start another row instead of putting the rest into a "spillover" menu.
  16. Is the support for variable fonts on the horizon yet?
  17. On that day the only .net related error, or application errors, refer to some freemakeserviceutility process. All Freemake-apps have been uninstalled for a long time, but this remained and even seems to be loaded. I removed that, has no use obviously anyway. I doubt though, that that could have had sth. to do with it .
  18. 1. Studio 462.31 2. GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 3. 19042.928 4. 32 GB OpenCL enabled, GPU as renderer This happens while opening, even without any file open. The splashscreen appears, but after that it just disappears into thin air. Now I am pretty sure that I had Davinci Resolve open, but idling. So the GPU may be where something gets into conflict. Also this happens sometimes, most of the time it doesn't (after I had this repeatedly over the course of two work days...)
  19. ...but not after the system is freshly booted, even when the same apps are already running. This started last thursday; there was no update or newly installed app. I have a Nvidia GPU and use the studio drivers. There was no update to the drivers recently. Here is a log-dump from the last crash for Photo... This happens to Designer as well, Publisher I had not tried.... 4f0c13f0-9bf3-4585-9b7e-7d681e2a4a8b.dmp
  20. Thanks for all the tipps... I probably got the wrong forum; I came from an older thread where the Affinity staff asked for a dump in this forum, so I stayed in this forum and posted here I don't think that it's overheating....
  21. What would I have to to, to show that information from the dmp with the MS debugger...? Secondly: what does that tell me and what could I do now?
  22. Thanks. The Nirsoft-Tool (I loaded the specific dump attached here, too) finds "no crash", so I installed the debugger. When performing an exception analysis on the file, the results are not comprehensible for me.
  23. ...but not after the system is freshly booted, even when the same apps are already running. This started only yesterday, even though there was no update or newly installed app. Here is a log-dump from today for Photo... Since it is not a textfile I need your help to find the cause... 4f0c13f0-9bf3-4585-9b7e-7d681e2a4a8b.dmp
  24. fontba.se is one of the best font managers out there right now for Windows. It features the autoactivation and -deactivation of fonts with Adobe products. Meaning: if you load a file, any missing font that is available will automatically be activated, and after closing the file will get deactivated. That way a lot of clutter in the list of fonts can be avoided, while there is no need to go and manually activate fonts or keep them active for a good workflow. Man fontba.se users who have switched from Adobe to Affinity have requested this feature and our voice has been heard at fontba.se. They do need the necessary information from Serif to get this working. That would be much appreciated by many happy Affinity-Users like me. Have a look here: https://feedback.userreport.com/7e58f94a-7a14-4316-9600-a5cae914a58a/#idea/215765/comments
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