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  1. Dein Skript hat 54 Zeilen. Ich hatte das 2. von BrightShadow kopiert, das kommt auf 105 Zeilen. AI Version hier ist 26.3.1 (bei CS habe ich die Nummern nicht mehr präsent, aber die aktuellste Version hat schon 27 davor. Dahin werde ich jetzt updaten) Dein Skript funktioniert prima! Vielen Dank!
  2. I tried to run the script, but no result so far. I'm sure I'm doing something wron. I first copied the text out of the forum post you liked to. Opened a new editor file and pasted it in. Saved the file as "artboardnames.jsx" Tried to run it in a AI file. So far no textboxes with names became visible.
  3. Good morning Loukash, merci vümo for your link to the script, it looks promising and is a better workaround than copying and pasting names out of screenshots of the drawing pane table in AI. Although while I now see my mess of layers in still growing AI files and also see that the shapes are imported, just not grouped as symbols it might be better to start the project completely over. I already used Bridge to create contact sheets of all exported illustrations and I already re-created the symbols of AI as AD symbols (just better ) I start hesitating to bring old AI's mess into fancy new AD files. (Gruess z'rugg üs Soledurn)
  4. For sure you're right. But then I really have to consider carefully to recommend the change of a main app. Last time I recommended the change from EPS to SVG (at a time Affinity was not even around, maybe 2010). Shortly after, Adobe skipped SVG support which already never was close to "easy to edit". I'm not collecting embarassments... 😔
  5. Hello Affinity Designer users. I'm starting to introduce AD and AP in the company I'm working for. One of my jobs is drawing some illustration of various parameters for our UI of our grinding-machines. Currently I like to find out how seamless the transition for AI to AD would be. So I opened a couple of source illustrations, which contain between 20 and 160 artboards / drawing area (I'm not familar with the English term). So far all graphics are visible. But: in AI I named the drawing area for the IDC (Item Description Code) they are used for to illustrate what's going on. The AI file in Designer just shows "page 1, page 2...". I really don't want to rename all artboards from scratch. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a setting in either app I need to change? Also, the guides from Illustrator do not appear after importing the file in AD. Same for the symbols / icons - neither name nor the full symbol is shown. I also had to use two different drawing areas for each illustration as the purpose is not only "exporting into UI database" but also "exporting into asset management database for documentation". But the 2 drawing areas on top of each other now appear as two different artboards, neither aligned nor connected. It looks like a lot of manual work, so maybe I need to draw back my recommendation of AD as replacement for AI.
  6. I really want to convince them. But the first reply is not too promising and worse, apparently its' not even under company license which I find awful. None of the decisionmakers works for free...
  7. The windows version has a gear wheel icon for the settings. I don't use XnView on my Mac, the layout is windowishlike horrible and I have enough browsers. But here on Windows it's very helpful. And doens't look worse than most other applications. 😁
  8. It just doesn't work. At least not in version 2.49.3 (May 2020) which is available in the company I'm working in. I'm trying to convince our IT to skip Adobe suites and buy Affinity instead. But Bridge is at least showing Adobe formats. XnView classic is very limited. As shown in the screenshot, I can't see the contents of too much files and the preview of an AFDesign file just shows the hex code. Edit: Sorry, my bad: I rechecked your path of settings. I thought I need to check all file types. But there's a checkbox "Use all available formats" (translated for German) waiting to be checked.
  9. Thank you all for your replies. In the meantime I was searching the forum a bit more. Finder or Explorer can also show thumbnails and XnView is only free for private users. So, at home I can use Finder but in the office ... well, I was used to Bridge which at least can give colour tags and has some other tricks, it's also free to use - but can't show AP, AD or AP files. Naturally as Adobe surely doesn't want to make Affinity users too happy. So, Affinity DAM apparently is dead before it came to life?
  10. I did a forum search, but the only results are the very old requests for a DAM or at least a browser showing the content of Affinity files. Be it Designer or Photo - does anybody knows how to get an overview over my Affinity files? As well on Windows 10 as on Mac OS Ventura? I'd like to recommend my employer to skip the Adobe Suite subscriptions, but without a browser (like lousy Bridge, just a bit better 😌) we'd be doomed. I really do not understand what's so complicated to let us users wait for more than 4 years now. 😔
  11. LondonSquirrel, I think, it would be very hard for Apple to revive Aperture. The main developer left Apple, don't know, if it was his decision or Apple sacking him. He tried to start RAWPower as a plugin of Photos, but Photos itself is such a degeneration of the former great Apple apps (like iPhoto, iTunes, Pages or Numbers – great in a simple way of usability). All of the new versions lack some of the unique features of the former one, often the main features and reasons to use them. Every other company trying to do something like Aperture was, is very much depending on Apple. Could they afford the development of of a converter for continuously flowing "new" RAW-formats (which are usually only a way to keep the camera company's customers within the bounds of their chicken-cage)? To generate enough cash-flow, the app needs to be compatible with Windows (see Affinity, Capture One...) and soon a weak system dictates development rules. I remember the days when "professional photogs" claimed their system of file-storage and -naming (they called it "system") to be superior to Apple Aperture's. Which was never true, I always found my files faster than anybody with a folder based structure. And after finding could do much more with them. But they were right when they said "the day Apple stops development of Aperture, my system will still be able to get my photos sorted". I would be better off if I would never have had the Aperture experience because I miss it each time when working with my images. And the interesting thing is: most people working with LR I talked to, tell me they don't work with all this albums, collections, projects and stuff. And the others not working with LR are happy to manage their "better folder structures". So, this kind of managing images is beyond the capacities of most users. It would also be beyond mine if I hadn't organized a music library with 40.000 songs, most of them from my own CDs. Preparing dynamic searches (intelligent playlists) was key to keep everything organized. I didn't care about iTunes' internal structures, but referencing instead of copying was THE main reason to be able to DJ with such a library.
  12. This thread has some age. Meanwhile I doubt Affinity will dip their toes into the dirty pond of DAM. My solution would be simple: revive Aperture and I'm a happy user again. Just seeing Apple Photos makes it very clear that this caravan is heading only deeper into dusty, boring, cloud desert. All other suggestions here: I was looking into a couple of them, basically files browsers with inbuilt viewers, rather poor organisation capabilities and then there's the fact that Affinity wants to be compatible with Windows. Windows didn't even "invent" something like intelligent folders until today. First we Apple users were good enough to lift Affinity out of insignificance (compared with Adobe) and now 3 million installations and 3 years with no more efforts to get an Affinity DAM are telling "get lost, Mac people, we don't need you any longer".
  13. Now I will stop receiving notifications from this thread. In 5 months it will celebrate it's 4th birthday. That once "planned" DAM appears to "not happening". I like using Affinity apps, I don't like to be reminded from time to time that they have the right to let customers down, just like any other software manufacturer as well. And the more I think about, the more it appears unlikely to program a DAM that would be working on Apple OS and Windows. "Intelligent folders, albums, slide shows" simply can't be done with Windows own file structures. I never thought I would use Apple "Photos", but during 3 years it matured a bit, unlikely Serif's planned DAM. Bye-bye, thread.
  14. Had the same trouble with Affinity Photo and Mac OS 10.12.6. After FocusStacking and long session of dust removal, I could not save nor export. Tried all available drives, always "lack of permissions". At the end I redid it with two different apps (HeliconFocus and Pixelmator). After that went well, I thought I could risk the loss and quit AP. The usual request was if I want to save, I ticked Yes, didn't change the location and left the "no title" - and it saved! It's usable. After restarting AP, I could also export again.
  15. Please use your own scale on me, too. Just because I don't post thousands of posts in Affinity forum, doesn't tell you anything about my league - this is your prejudice, nothing else. How do you dare and estimate who's above whose league? That's a bit pointless as you don't me, don't you agree? Instead of further personal attacks: how about making a list of DAMs which are coming close to what Aperture was? I agree on "not needing another picture browser", but looking afterwards at firstdefence's list of hard- and software, I haven't seen no single DAM and he's talking as if tons of others available - without naming a few to look into. Rather poor statement... He also said "it's no big deal to use one of those instead, nobody is going to die because of it, people really need to get a handle on this and check themselves..." and this I see as an ignorant and arrogant comment, so don't wonder about my reaction. So far I have no reason to believe any of you two high league guys really works with a DAM. But it's far easier to post a comment like his or yours, of course. And in case no one of you adds some useful information about alternative DAMs, I prefer not to reply any more here. Oh, an btw. have you also seen how old this thread is and how simply nothing happened in terms of DAM ever since? Not even a simple picture browser for AP? AP is cool, but in terms of picture organisation an app abandoned by Apple 4 years ago still sets the standards. Cool down, @Ron P.
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