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  1. I agree. On the other side: 2-3 years ago, when Affinity Photo came out, I gave the develop persona of Affinity a try. And another one. And then went back to Capture One. That has a (rather basic and far away of Aperture's comfort) image management part plus a way better raw developer. Affinity Photo is still nice to work with the results, but as a standard raw developer too much is missing or gave me really bad results. I don't believe any longer in a well working DAM from Affinity as they opened up lots of new projects which will constantly keep resources busy. As I see it, they took away their own chance to do this because in opening up to Windows is more money waiting for them. And it's also important to get the publisher done - and well done, otherwise Adobe's InDesign will always be the easier way: Already existing, part of the package and well integrated with lots of more functions than Affinity will have from start.
  2. Yes, I full heartedly agree. Aperture is the scale others have to reach - none out there is as clear and well thought as Aperture was. That was the thing we're creating workarounds for - we can go different paths, but we only can hit a center spot with something like Aperture. I lost hope what i had for Affinity DAM - these guys can't do it. I see their RAW approach and I'm sorry to say - it's missed by that much.
  3. I tried DNG in the early days, 10 years ago or so, Pentax allowed it's cameras to save either DNG or native Pentax RAW. These days Sigma with their simply poorly supported Foveon RAWs goes the same road. That way to me is no alternative. There's a very well written article on Photographylife about the downsides and lack of support of DNG. Yes, storage is cheap - but do we like or need to work as DJs and handle all the different drives, host our RAWs in clouds or home servers? With D810 and more so D850 I'm happy to trash the garbage out of my files. But I don't like top see my storage needs growing and growing... As usual in Adobe land, everything what Adobe does blows up the consumed disk space. The Sigma DNGs are for whatever reason not as good as their native RAW - of course, the camera might save it as TIF and wraps the DNG parcel around. Double file size... No way. Media Pro I tried but I see no reason to throw another 200 bucks at Phase One - Media Pro does offer network capabilities, but as a catalogue software, too much functions of Aperture are not there or poorly done. Into Capture One I also could import the JPG and RAW as couples and select / delete both filetypes. No offense GFS or Fixx, if your workaround works for you - I'm glad for you. But we're working around and around and around and no one gets the real thing flying.
  4. Well, I agree as far as I think we don't need another RAW converter - we need the catalogue part of it. Putting this two together, was Apple's masterpiece in terms of photo-software. Obviously, it's too hard for a small manufacturer to reach that standard. With the last Capture One version offering layers, I don't need much support of Affinity for my pictures. For focus-stacks, repairing flares or unwanted parts I still start AP, but else...
  5. No, you could not, but nearly. Whenever you placed a "RAW" from Aperture into a layout, it was it's JPG preview. That was the way some photobook printer software also worked. And using less than HQ previews would eventually lead to poor looking photobooks It has become very quiet around Affinity. They gave up their formerly promised DAM and focus on publisher - I guess, it's also a problem of manpower. At the office I tried to replace Illustrator and Photoshop, but unfortunately these apps have some functions which I need for my work and Affinity falls very short with dealing with technical drawings, even shorter than Illustrator already does.
  6. Again ¼ year passed by... it appears to be a giant task. These days MacPhun became luminar but just between us: DAM-wise a hell of space for improvements
  7. I haven't tried any Corel app on my Mac or on a Windows. In the early days of my PC user career, Corel managed to fail in practically everything: Their vector drawings were a mess of weird structures and their pixel files full of bad surprises. That's what I remember and what started some kind of bias against that company. Later I read a couple of "reports" about newer Corel software. In the same computer magazine which waxed poetry about Affinity, Corel always got results like "nice features, but not much work done to complete them". I still wait (but not very actively) if someone comes round the corner and yells "hey, I never thought Corel would ever made a cool software like this". I just thing, if they did something really great, we would have heard. When I tried other apps, I got bored after a while because one nice or at least well done feature stood against 3-5 quirks, lousy interfaces, shortcomings in some sections I use to need and all of them. In this thread, MEB claimed that Affinity announced plans for a DAM software in October 2016. 10 months later we are still only reading how cool Affinity on Windows or iPad Pro is, but we're not seeing even a beta of a DAM. Last update of and to AP 1.5.2 was in March, ever since announcements about new features... So, R C-R, you're still saying these big two new branches don't slow them down? To be fair: I waited longer than a year to get support for compressed Fuji RAW files of the X-T2 by Capture One...
  8. Well, LilleG, let's agree we have different ideas of "excellent DAM". I just downloaded Media Pro Second Edition 2.2.0 or something like that. The best, I guess, is the multi user licence for a network. But otherwise... it still suggests to import iPhoto library. Which disappeared the same year Apple buried Aperture... I guess it's a pretty cool tool to apply keywords and use hierarchies of keywords, but else... it's amazing that an app with such an antique interface (going back to OS 9/Windows NT?) can still exist and people are willing to pay 189 € for a 3 place licence. I think, everybody arranges him- or herself with the stuff available on the local machine, we grow with it. You probably would go mad to see me "managing" my pictures in Aperture, and I would get big eyes and slight panic attacks to see you doing your MediaPro tricks. so, let's just enjoy the stuff we have, occasionally whine around a bit and see what the bright future pulls out of it's magic head...
  9. Are you possibly whining around about all those whinings? Glad to have one more on board... Oh, and don't forget the frog pills for constant happiness.
  10. LilleG, the use of that "whining" speaks for itself and doesn't make you look more intelligent. At least to me, but who am I? Just make a list of DAMs which have map features (GPS-track sync), intelligent folders and face recognition. Then add some advanced EXIF metadata in it (like serial-number of various camera-bodies), or only the possibility to search for unrated pictures. It should also be able to keep the import-window open while I go back to the library and create a new project or album (impossible on C1). A repair strategy on different levels of repairing should be included. The connection to galleries like SmugMug, Flickr or the like with back and forward sync as well. Incremental library backup. Different colors for different types of nodes (album, intelligent albums, projects, books, calendars, slideshows). The nodes I like to be able to duplicate and modify. Slideshows with manual or automatic stretch to a soundtrack, soundtracks to be selected directly in iTunes and of course, burnt as DVD with the correct parameters... It all depends on workflow. I guess with some chance, you're one of the "I know best how to organize and find my files, I don't need a library"-types with tons of folders, subfolders and subsubfolders. Me too - I just let Aperture or Capture One handle them. And if I compare the handling, I have to say, I better stay clear from Phase One software like Media Pro with it's various companies of different developers. There are a lot of great RAW developers out there. State of the art DAM? Less so. Much, much less so. Oh, and btw: Do you know a comparison sheet like "what can you do with Media Pro SE, but can't do with CaptureOne"? Because they just want to get nearly the same price (around 200$), but they don't have a documentation to download, the localisation of CaptureOne has some rough flaws, also no documentation in another language than English. Not helpful for people running C2 in a different language. Not to mention: Basically illegal to sell that app in Europe, due to this lack of docs.
  11. The app is "fab", at least in most parts - and if they change the UI colour to be set lighter, the even better. What Affinity is not doing "fab", not even remotely: Creating an excellent RAW-file manager. I mean, I still use Aperture if not daily, then weekly. ALTHOUGH it's dead end, ALTHOUGH I will not get updates, ALTHOUGH I invested some dosh in Capture One (not Media Pro, though, as I hate their UI), in OnOne, PhotoLine, Lyn, PhotoMechanic (only trial), Photo Supreme, Picktorial, GraphicConverter (because of it's library module), DxO (as trial), Pixelmator and Affinity. So many apps, none as convincing, reliable, easy to use and robust like Aperture - it's a shame to all these apps!
  12. GFS, thank you for agreeing. I had contact with the Aperture developer and maybe I'm wrong but I sensed a lot of frustration that Apple abandoned - without a real reason (they are literally bathing in money...). Possibly I'm only stubborn, but so far I've still some spirit of getting happy about awesomeness - if I can recognize it.
  13. Windows doesn't include RAW-processing, therefore Affinity programmers must take care of another task. A lot of Windows versions don't include color management - I'm not sure, if Affinity needs the newest (CM-supporting) version Win 10? Some capabilities have to be dedicated to the whole mess of drivers, especially for graphic cards. I agree that more users mean more incoming sales and therefore more human resources - but these are needed because Windows users need to address more support. Within Mac OS, there are intelligent folders usable for all apps, Automator scripts and a lot more comfort functions, Developing these for Windows... I see the results in Adobe Bridge, in CaptureOne (I'm working with Windows on a daily basis) - these poor copies of OS X functions and their usage just suck. Affinity will need some manpower to bring Affinity Photo in Windows to the same level as the ease of use in OS X - this kind of manpower is missing for a development of a "Aperture successor". I tried a lot of photo-organizing apps. Aperture, two years after death, still sets a benchmark. I was hoping very much Affinity could create something cool, instead they took the money road.
  14. A simple trick, which increases the consumption of diskspace. There are things only Photoshop or the like can do, then there's a reason to go the TIF road. I want to stay in RAW files for as long as possible.
  15. st87, it wasn't Aperture getting a hiccup after I went from 10.10 to 10.12, it was Mail. One intelligent folder was not working. A call at Apple support set things straight (and I was for the first time in years amazed again by this kind of support...) I can understand your points and hesitation. I wish I could go back to iTunes 8or 9 i.e. On Affinity, I gave up hope since they went Windows. That's exactly the same path Adobe chose. Getting Windows user on board alters the feature list and weakens the whole system - it has been ages since the last real update happened. And now the tablet version as well - somebody called that a dead end, I join that opinion.
  16. Aperture still works fine with OS X 10.12.6, only for your information. No broken functions - at least all what I need works. Can't speak about creating books, slideshows. It kept even my coloured icons (I hated the grey ones to the point of nearly abandoning the best DAM I've experienced so far). Capture One, on the contrary got better again in the development part, but with the management part I experienced weird behavior (like lost pictures). That was very annoying because C1 10.1 was the reason to update OS X, and to update C1 the reason was the compressed X-T2 RAW files. As much as I hate that kind of "want something simple, need to do two costly or not working other updates" cases, I only got a small scratch. Sure, if I would remain with Nikon D810 and Fuji X-E2, everything would work with Aperture. But the X-T2 was just too attractive to not try it. And we're still waiting for a proper Affinity DAM.
  17. Today I'm using 3...4 different RAW developers - but as a DAM, only Aperture does what I want and need. And I appreciate the libraries which are holding the files together and not an "open file system, because only I know how files should be named and organised" - that's what i read a lot of Media Pro/C1 and LR users. I simply don't care... My preferences are different and I don't find my pictures by 15 digit filenames... In the best of my illusions there would be one DAM with a very good RAW converter, able to deal with Sigma Foveon files, Fuji compressed RAW of X-T2 and possibly also Fuji GFX files which will be not supported by Capture One. For Sigma, there's a Mac version of their "PhotoPro" (cr)app, which runs less than half speed on a Mac due to only 32 bit contrary to Windows 64 bit version. I don't want to be limited by software in using the cameras I like to use for various reasons. I skip Capture One 10 because those lazy folks are not able to perform Fuji compressed RAW support for nearly one year and bring lame excuses. Fuji lens support? :lol: But their HDR department as well as perspective correction are the reasons I use it for Nikon, Canon and Fuji files. I dream of non-destructive editing of RAWs, be it focus-stacking or panorama. I also dream of the elegance of the file handling like faces and places and the still state of the art intelligent albums - some things which capture One programmers obviously fail to understand. Okay, since last version 10 one can already search for landscape/portrait orientation, whooppee <_< Dunno for how many years that's standard in Aperture... I don't want to be in the situation a manufacturer of rented software can blackmail me - pay, otherwise you can't edit your files anymore,stupid client - or forces me to upgrade not only the versions but at some point as well the hardware or OS. Had that already experienced with Aperture, when the latest version was not running on Snowleopard or the CameraRAWUpdates just stayed away. I tried standalone media-browsers, it's just another app and still falls short. Media Pro? Totally overpriced in regard of the painful to look at UI. I was hoping, Serif would overtake Aperture as it is and give it a good brush-up. But now, like on other places, promises, promises... :mellow:
  18. I did a couple of searches before posting this topic. If I missed the already given answer, I'd appreciate a link to that topic. I'm still using Aperture and whenever I tried other RAW converters (except Lightroom, but I still like to keep my private Mac Adobe-free), I always missed a well thought workflow like the one i'm used to have in Aperture. But since Apple abandoned it and the new photos.app is close to useless for my intentions, I am looking into all other possible solutions. Like PhotoMechanic or PhotoSupreme, but I would prefer, how to say, just a better Aperture. All included: Development, Management, keywords, faces, places, plus lens correction and a real fine Editor like AP is. Now I'm just wondering: Have you guys any plans to create a DAM in Affinity style? Speaking for me, I'm willing to pay as much as I used to pay for Aperture on dvd or PhaseOne, I'm just not willing to get another "only RAW converting" piece of software. And you guys did a really awesome job in such a short time of development! Keeps me thinking, if anybody gets it done, it's Affinity Serif.
  19. Hello dear Photo users, after searching on the Affinity Photo Help (and discovering some other issues) and not quickly finding anything to it: Sometimes Affinity Photo appears to become slower, much slower than expected. Long time waiting for a simple "move" transformation of two layers, i.e., I'm suspecting the settings I chose are inadequate. Quitting and restarting the app usually helps - but is slowing down the work and not a good idea for the turnaround from Aperture to Photo and back. So, what slows down Photo? How should I set up those settings for OS 10.10.5, 27" iMac 2.8 GHz i5 (mid 2010) and 12 GB RAM, Graphics ATI Radeon HD 5750 1024 MB? Is there a simple way to empty the protocol? I guess, 1024 steps undo was a bit too much on my old but otherwise sufficient Mac. I use Aperture, C1, Sigma PhotoPro; at times two of them parallel to Photo and there are still 3-4 GB free RAM
  20. Hello Affinity help writers, after watching one of your excellent tutorials on Vimeo about accessing help I tried. I didn't find "Einstellungen" (settings) or anything helpful for my set up the settings, but that's not the point. What I saw was, important characters are missing. "To change" in German is ändern or Ändern - if that character doesn't show up after searching for, it's a bit difficult to use the help. However, some topics do show up after typing "ändern" and search. I just guess the search looks for "ndern". It's more difficult to search for "Größe" (size) or "Grösse" (size again but Swiss writing rules), for that combination "Gre" the algorithm or fuzzy search is just not clever enough. Since all tutorials are in English and the German translation is sometimes difficult to guess, I admit, this is the first time I want to be able to switch the basic language of my Mac to English, but this needs restarts and just for Affinity Photo I'm not willing to do so. I also learn by finding out what the tutor is doing, it just takes more time. Besides, Thanks a lot for not going the Adobe way and asking for more money for localized versions. If a software developer goes this path, I wave Goodbye to him. One of my main reasons not to invest in Adobe stuff. I think it's a problem of the character settings. I'm writing also software documentation and a lot of those missing characters problems can be solved by using "Unicode" as character set. But I never wrote an Online help and yours really has some excellent ideas in it. I wish I had the tools to do something like that for myself. Thank you so much for the inspiration. :)
  21. That's Designer app, LoBu? What I also noticed: When activating the help, it comes as expected on top. Not any longer if I switch to fuillscreen mode. Better to close the help before going over to fullscreen mode and then reopen it.
  22. So, help for help is close? :D Just use the same system in both apps? I also have the Designer app, but help results are incoming by priority of the apps in use
  23. Pete, I had a look into apHUB. But it's relying on a working Aperture and since Apple decided to bury it, I don't see much of a future for Aperture based tools. My (and some others) concern is not to choose an RAW converter and manage files in Aperture - at some day all those structures and organizations and libraries of Aperture will become an infamous example of Apple's ignorance. But that doesn't help and they are still swallowing money and increasing their cash flow. What I want is a DAM very close to Aperture's functions, with basic edit functions like Aperture (be it included or as AP workflow) and a non-destructive workflow. I like the way Aperture is organizing libraries and don't want to make my own structures of folders. In another thread a member pointed out Lyn as a fast media browser. It's not what I had in mind, but it's the easiest way to browse existing Aperture Libraries. And I had no idea of it's existence :unsure: But now I do and will buy it as well just to keep them going. I support nearly every attempt of making Aperture users happy again. ^_^
  24. Thanks for repeating it, just downloading the trial. :) I'm careful with one-man-developer-companies, one never knows if they don't stop the next day, but this one is working on it since 2010 and the screenshots were promising. Funny, never read/heard about it all those years. And I'm researching a "close to Aperture"-Aperture-substitute for quite a while. LR and mediaPro are no way to go for me, media Pro is too expensive and LR too Adobe :rolleyes: Only thing I'd miss would be "faces", less a tagging tool to me but always a surprise to meet/find known faces in crowds.