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  1. I solved the "click"-issue: the app interfering in my case was "XMouseButtonControl". Which is funny, since I did not even use the functions any more thus could simply uninstall it...
  2. I solved the "click"-issue: the app interfering in my case was "XMouseButtonControl". Which is funny, since I did not even use the functions any more thus could simply uninstall it...
  3. That would be great There is a string of effects that involve other apps that would make a solution an that point very helpful. As a workaround I force all open/save/etc. dialogs with Display Fusion to open on the main HD screen. That only works if "open dependent windows centered over main window" is off. Now all kinds of dialogs appear on the main screen and many times I wonder why nothing happens, and then have to find the dialog somewhere else to click "ok"...
  4. The scaling level in Windows settings for the 4k screen is always at 150% (as recommended). The HD screens at 100%. I only tried to override the Affinity app-specific settings because of the issue of the open/save etc. dialogs. btw if the dialog has been opened by Affinity app on one of the HDs, and dragged to the 4k, it goes smaller resp. stays at 100% scaling. If the same dialogs are opened e.g. by a MS Office 2019 app or even Sumatra PDF (being a classic windows desktop app) they are scaled to 150% on the 4k w/out touching custom per app DPI settings.
  5. The blue glow comes from "Stardock Curtains". The small buttons are from Display Fusion. I turned both off with no effect. The scaling of the file open dialog derives from the program calling it. Thus the difference between A 1. and B 1. as described in the OP. So I could fix theses dialogs by setting compatibility DPI settings to "System" forcing them to open at 150% which is the system setting for the screen (B 1.). But then the eyedropper issue appears (B 2.).
  6. I am on Win10 A 2. can be seen in this video: B 2. looks like this, as you can see, the region the eyedropper sees is the Artboard-Tool Button: And here A 1. with the tiny fonts in the "open" window:
  7. Here some "visuals" https://youtu.be/wgSF-4jVacg
  8. I have scaling on the 4k screen set to 150% as recommended by windows. Mostly, the Affinity apps scale well, but there are some issues. A - If the Affinity apps have no compatibility settings for the DPI/scaling: 1. The open/save/save as etc. windows don't scale to 150% when opened by an Affinity app 2. The context menu scales if opened over a studio area (like over a layer or the pages-area in publisher) but is scaled to tiny 100% if opened over the canvas area. B - If the Affinity apps have compatibility settings for DPI/scaling (set to "System"): 1. The sub-windows and context menues scale fine anywhere 2. The eyedropper has an offset between the area shown when hovering over it and the color it samples There are workarounds, but either way it seems rather inconsistent
  9. I reinstalled publisher 1.8.4 since at the moment I do not need to use it. Publisher shows exactly the same issues. I disconnected the ShuttlePRO and also the USB-connection for the touchscreen-monitor touch functionality (since that is a kind of external input-device as well). That does not change anything. I notice some other strange behavior: running the app on the 4k screen the context-menues from within other areas of the program but the canvas are the right size, within the canvas area they appear small (unscaled). I run the Affinity apps without compatibility scaling, because otherwise the eyedropper does not sample the area it shows when hovering if I do. (The offset is probably due to scaling issues.) This way the open/save/save as etc. windows appear unscaled though (so small the text is hardly readable). Since the eyedropper is important in the workflow, I solved this with the workaround of having Display Fusion move those windows to one of the HD screens. I add this info here since maybe the 4k may be part of the problem, and also to mention the scaling issues the apps have (also opened a new thread for those). Edit: if I put the Affinity app to an HD screen the behavior concerning the "not clickable" does not change...
  10. Any click within the canvas area did nothing, I tried many things like dragging box handles with move/transform or of the crop tool. (Double-)clicking into Text / Textareas to get the text cursor and edit the text. Drawing a shape. Any of these tasks, as long as they could be activated by keyboard-presses or mouse-selection of say a layer, worked.
  11. No graphics tablet. The only input-device connected other than mouse is a Contour ShuttlePROv2. It is mainly for video apps, but has some global presets that may affect other apps. All the device does, though, is send predefined shortcuts or keypresses to the app when using the buttons or the (jog) wheel.
  12. No, just the mouse. No pen connected or installed any more.
  13. As in Designer, in Photo as well the recent update broke the usability of the interface. I can click anything like buttons, studios, menus - but clicks within the canvas area have no effect at all. (Publisher I did not test) For now I have downgraded the whole suite to 1.8.3.
  14. I downgraded to 1.8.3 for now, as I had to finish some work...
  15. Since the update to 1.8.4 I experience sth. similar: Both Photo and Designer are practically unusable with the mouse. Mostly click-events within the image don't work at all. I can click layers, buttons etc., but nothing inside the canvas.
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