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  1. While I do not miss a DAM function built in in the Affinity apps, I do miss thumbnails to discern the open files, esp. when there are many of them. The way GIMP and others do this, for example: in addition to the filename showing a thumbnail on the tab. Also, when the tab bar is full, I would like to see an option to start another row instead of putting the rest into a "spillover" menu.
  2. Is the support for variable fonts on the horizon yet?
  3. On that day the only .net related error, or application errors, refer to some freemakeserviceutility process. All Freemake-apps have been uninstalled for a long time, but this remained and even seems to be loaded. I removed that, has no use obviously anyway. I doubt though, that that could have had sth. to do with it .
  4. 1. Studio 462.31 2. GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 3. 19042.928 4. 32 GB OpenCL enabled, GPU as renderer This happens while opening, even without any file open. The splashscreen appears, but after that it just disappears into thin air. Now I am pretty sure that I had Davinci Resolve open, but idling. So the GPU may be where something gets into conflict. Also this happens sometimes, most of the time it doesn't (after I had this repeatedly over the course of two work days...)
  5. ...but not after the system is freshly booted, even when the same apps are already running. This started last thursday; there was no update or newly installed app. I have a Nvidia GPU and use the studio drivers. There was no update to the drivers recently. Here is a log-dump from the last crash for Photo... This happens to Designer as well, Publisher I had not tried.... 4f0c13f0-9bf3-4585-9b7e-7d681e2a4a8b.dmp
  6. Thanks for all the tipps... I probably got the wrong forum; I came from an older thread where the Affinity staff asked for a dump in this forum, so I stayed in this forum and posted here I don't think that it's overheating....
  7. What would I have to to, to show that information from the dmp with the MS debugger...? Secondly: what does that tell me and what could I do now?
  8. Thanks. The Nirsoft-Tool (I loaded the specific dump attached here, too) finds "no crash", so I installed the debugger. When performing an exception analysis on the file, the results are not comprehensible for me.
  9. ...but not after the system is freshly booted, even when the same apps are already running. This started only yesterday, even though there was no update or newly installed app. Here is a log-dump from today for Photo... Since it is not a textfile I need your help to find the cause... 4f0c13f0-9bf3-4585-9b7e-7d681e2a4a8b.dmp
  10. fontba.se is one of the best font managers out there right now for Windows. It features the autoactivation and -deactivation of fonts with Adobe products. Meaning: if you load a file, any missing font that is available will automatically be activated, and after closing the file will get deactivated. That way a lot of clutter in the list of fonts can be avoided, while there is no need to go and manually activate fonts or keep them active for a good workflow. Man fontba.se users who have switched from Adobe to Affinity have requested this feature and our voice has been heard at fontba.se. They do need the necessary information from Serif to get this working. That would be much appreciated by many happy Affinity-Users like me. Have a look here: https://feedback.userreport.com/7e58f94a-7a14-4316-9600-a5cae914a58a/#idea/215765/comments
  11. Hmm.... feels like a miracle. In a frustrated mood I tried to install once more for the felt 100th time today - and now it worked.
  12. I have done all that already (at least anything that applies to Win 10) up to an inplace update from a current Win 10 Pro ISO - and because that did not help after that restoring a system image that is a week old from a point when everything was still working. Any other app that uses the Windows Installer now can be installed again, only the Affinity apps show that error. I have seen Windows Installer running today e.g. when Davinci Resolve was installing. So the problem seems not to be Windows Installer being corrupted but that certain apps can't connect to it. Of course I deactivated any firewall etc. as well with no effect.
  13. I have the "Fehler beim Setup" message when trying to install any of the 1.9.1 Apps. Uninstall (1.9) did not work either, only with the windows fix tool linked above I could remove the apps. But - after a restart and run as admin - I still can't install the apps! So now I have no working apps and cannot install them either. Attached the log from the last attempt to install Designer... (I installed some other App-Updates today which worked...) SetupUI.log
  14. I solved the "click"-issue: the app interfering in my case was "XMouseButtonControl". Which is funny, since I did not even use the functions any more thus could simply uninstall it...
  15. I solved the "click"-issue: the app interfering in my case was "XMouseButtonControl". Which is funny, since I did not even use the functions any more thus could simply uninstall it...
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