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  1. voom

    Brush won't reset to default

    I have the same problem on AD under Windows, so this seems not to be restricted to Mac users. What Bob3s suggests does not help, that is how I select a brush all the time and once I changed one and used it, there is no way to reset the single brush. So it seems, knowing this, the only way is to never change a brush without duplicating it first...
  2. I found this has been moved. I was not sure, where to post because it is the same in AP and AD and like it is it feels like a bug If there is a better workaround or way to do it that I have not figured out yet I would be happy to learn about it Another idea for a solution would be to have a designated move tool in addition to the tool we have now, while the versatile function of the known tool stays intact.
  3. I only found a thread on this concerning the tablet-version, where it has app. been fixed. Moving small objects with pen or mouse on PC is troublesome, because you cannot grab the object without hitting resize etc. handles. The workaround of zooming in does not work well when having to move the object across large areas, deselecting and instantly moving when hitting the object again does not work when the object is beneath another or in a group. Would it be possible to have an extra handle for moving that always works, and/or having a key to only be able to move the object when it is pressed? I had to move tons of thin lines and small text and objects in AD today and it was really, really tiresome to always have to "workaround" some way!
  4. I think the image shows the state quite well: the folder is set to "large" (cut off icon on top) and the large icons show as blank "paper" instead of icons or thumbs.
  5. Very strange. It seems to work one time, the other time it does not. Without any changes to the system in between.
  6. It is set to "large" and shows large blank "pages" with the filenames beneath instead of the thumbs. SVG also has thumbnails in explorer. But it seems to work now, or for now, she says. I am not sure what is going on there Will come back to you if anything changes again...
  7. On a Win10 system of a friend the thumbnails were blank only in the open dialogue windows. Done: * Purge Thumbnail Cache * Install SageThumbs so far no change Then: * The last Win10 function update had not been installed, so I had her do that. done that, the thumbnails appeared in all open dialogue windows except in AD It seems, that thumbnails are still only generated when the folder ist opened in explorer directly, but in all apps except Affinity after that they are shown in the open dialogue. Any ideas?
  8. voom

    Crash when choosing PDF export in cmyk

    Suddenly without changing anything I had the same problem - I have been using this intensely in the past few weeks and exported many CMYK PDFs successfully. Now I have finalized another document and then the CMYK PDF export crashed in any version of Photo oder Designer. It happenend when the "more options" dialogue was being opened. Now I have changed one thing: in the program settings I changed the default CMYK profile to the one used in the documents. After that change now it seems to work. I am 100% sure that I did not change any settings around color profiles between the time it was working and the time it was not...
  9. voom

    Update to Photo 1.5.2 and Designer 1.5.3

    It is clear that an update will replace the old version. It was a problem though in my case that the installer was not able to roll back to the existing version after failing, though claiming that no changes where made to the system. Usually at this point there would be a real roll back. It may well be that this is a very singular problem in my system as I had to switch the whole system to a new admin account after the windows "creators update" messed up my account making it inaccessible. I was pretty sure though I updated Affinity after that at least once already. Also the folders where accessible before the affinity updates and became inaccessible during the update suggesting the installer did sth. to the folders' permissions.
  10. voom

    Update to Photo 1.5.2 and Designer 1.5.3

    I had the same problem with these stable releases that I already reported on the resp. betas: the update-process first removed the old files, then tried to install and failed with the error of not being able to write to the program folders. It then says "setup failed, your system was not changed" but the old version is gone. The folder is not accessible any more. What I did now was install in a different new folder - settings from the previous versions where intact. After that I had to use an unlocker tool to delete the old folders. Something was messed up with the file permissions…
  11. I can't seem to be able to cut the content of a selection from a pixellayer (in this case a layer within an artboard). This applies to AD as well as AP on Win 10. I tried "del" key as well as Ctrl-C I have no idea what the issue could be. The impression is, that the key is always applied to the layer-panel instead of the selection.
  12. This was mentioned a long time ago, but is still present in the current build. In the german locale in the menu "Document" it still says "rotate clockwise" two times, instead of "rotate countercw." the second time: is: Dokument 90° im Uhrzeigersinn drehen 90° im Uhrzeigersinn drehen should be: 90° im Uhrzeigersinn drehen 90° gegen den Uhrzeigersinn drehen If the second entry is too long this way, the "den" could be omitted: should be: 90° im Uhrzeigersinn drehen 90° gegen Uhrzeigersinn drehen
  13. In my screenshot https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/29090-empty-space-between-the-tools/?p=155570 tools are docked...
  14. Das ist recht eindeutig etwas, was unter Mac und Windows derzeit verschieden ist. Oder hast Du auch Windows? Ich denke nicht, dass es ein Bug ist. Das mit der Sprache war ja ein Witz.
  15. The video tutorials are really helpful! https://vimeo.com/Affinitybyserif/collections