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  1. Hi ... first of all --- i love using AD! But now i am stucked :( i want to use a contour - which shall look like a stitched seam - and substrate it from the main curve - which is a heart. So the background will "go through" - for example, if I want to use a transparent png Are the any hint to substrate contours from curves ? Cause if i use the normal way it looks like this ... i didn`t found any option to convert the contour/curve into a normal curve. Like i do with the "W" and cut it โ€œofโ€œ ... #thx
  2. Hi stokerg... thx for your feedback ... i had a look at the post of nod74 ... and ok ... i see -> but it would be a really good option for a better structure of working Uses PS since 20 years and AD since 3 years ... ...
  3. i agree 100% with nod74 ... for better teamwork and for the structure color labels are a really good option. And i don`t understand the difference between text-, pixel- or "normal"-layers and why the "color"-option couldn`t set to all of the layers ... Will be e very nice feature for the working process!
  4. Hi .... First of all ... thx for that marvelous kind of software! #*welldone* i have a question about colors and layers... Looked up for a solution before at google and here inside the support โ€“ but didn`t found an answer. :-( Set different color at layers For the better overview (and for sorting) i will set up colors to the layers inside the layerpanel. i.e. all layers for PC should be green, for tablet orange and for the smartphone artboards (incl. the layers) should be blue! As i found out -> it "only" works for "normal" layers and groups. both with a small "underline" color. But not for pixel layers or Artboards :-( Any solutions? Any tips? Anything at the next roadmap? So separat the artboards i use a personal workaround... So here my hint for an optic separation set up artboards with 1 px width
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