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  1. Thanks for the quick reply, so the best way is to switch back do AI for this case
  2. Hello, I am looking for a function to create a shape with muliple outlines(see attachment). Does AD has got a tool for this or do I have to do it manualy? Thanks in advance nod
  3. Well, somehow or other, its a bug ;) If the conversion into groups is a quick workaround from the devs it does only work sometimes. As I mentioned I tested with a working file from Stable in the 0.75 Beta and AD crashes ...
  4. Hi Chris, yes i tried 0.75 Beta. I posted it under Windows Bug Reports https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/43680-ad-crashes-when-duplicating-artboard/
  5. Hello Pauls, i installed the Beta. Copying the artboard works but in the copied artboard all symbols are no symbols anymore just a group. Just for testing I opened another file which has no problems in AD 1.5 in the Beta the copying of the artboard leads to a crash Code: 0x80004003 :wacko: Best regards NOD
  6. Hello, I did "ungroup / broke" all used Symbols, then I was able to draw or copy the artboard. Unfortunately the "Symbol" Functionality was one of the main reasons why i switched to AD from PS. I did spent a couple of hours on this file which should serve as a baselayout for further Screens, so it would be really great if serif will release a patch for this Error. Rebuilding the whole Screen is not a question, who tells if the error does not show up again. I was thinking about using the Beta but I am working here on productive / commercial screens, so I think Beta is not a good idea. Can I install the Beta parallel to the "stable 1.5" ? So I could check if the Beta has got the same problem with the file. It´s strange I have a lot of other files with a lot of symbols within and never had this problem.
  7. As the title describes, AD crashes when I duplicate the artboard. I saw that this happens on a Mac Version too, (see here: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/42277-huge-bug-when-alt-duplicating-artboard/ I uninstalled and re-installed AD but no change :(. The solution in the Mac-Forum was to delete the Symbols, which makes the file worthless. The Error Code: 0xC0000005 + Cannot start the Crash report!! Any ideas when this gets fixed?? I did spend some hours on this file whould be bad if I am loosing the work. Best regards NOD
  8. I have the same problem here but on Windows-Version :( Duplicating the Artboard lets AD crash) Tried uninstall and install AD, same thing. AD Crashes :unsure:
  9. Actually, I like the Dark Interface (could be improved on some panels). Another great thing would be a collapse and expand all Subcatgories + sorting. My Icon Library is really big, so that would be another improvment.
  10. Hello, would be great to change the background color of the Panel of the Assets Library. Would be very useful once you have a lot of Icons in the Assets Library See attachment- THX Nod
  11. Hello, I now worked way over 200 hours with AD, great Tool for UI Design. But one thing that really could be improved is the font rendering, especially for UI Design. Most of my Designs are for WPF Applications. It would be really great if the developers would improve the rendering. The fonts in AD just look very blury. I really would wish some presets. The "Curve-Tool" is in my opinion useless, I was not able to get any satisfying results. See the attachment with the comparison of WPF Rendering, Photoshop and Affinity Designer. Best regards Nod
  12. Hi MEB, thanks for your reply and help. The only reason to color the Layers is to set up an "own" structure and to make the Layer Panel more readable. As you mentioned, there are so many different kind of "LayerTypes", I just do not get the reason why there should be a problem to give each Layer a color I want. Should be easy or? As I posted this on feature request, again my request :) Feature Request: Abbility to set up an own folder Structure in the LayerPanel Window Set Different Colors to these folders and Layers Make the Layers searchable by Attribute or Name Please Make the selected state color more visible in the Layerpanel, at the moment its a dark "marineblue" which is hard to recognise on the dark ui Find attached a comparison to Affinity and PS. The Layer Panel is just better readable in PS Thanks for your replies so far. Best regards nod
  13. Can´t see the reason why there is a restriciton for coloring layers. Most of my Layers are Symbols, and Fonts. :( I am working on Windows. Nevertheless, changing the Highlight color system wide is in my opinion a no go, sorry. As I mentioned. As the Layer Panel is a central work element it really could receive more attention regarding UI and usability. Would be great if serif could invest some time in here to refine this control. Just my 50 cents ;)