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  1. Perhaps this will be helpful in development. I recreated the document I have been working on, and entered the hyperlinks. All worked fine, suggested that somehow the original document I had bee working on had gotten corrupted through my multiple edits.
  2. When I click on go to target in the Hyperlink studio nothing happens. Go to source seems to work consistently. This is important to me because while I have checked the hyperlinks carefully, several of them in my test document do not function once the document is exported to pdf (and, in fact, a couple of them go to different links than are specified in the studio panel. Not sure if this is corruption in the document or a bug, so I will probably have to recreate the document from a blank document, although I will probably clear user data by doing a CTRL run up first\s, just in case. All of my hyperlinks are within a text frame, and I have had no difficulty assigning the hyperlink to a single word within the text frame.
  3. Thanks for the suggestion to start AP while holding the ctrl key. That got the hyperlink window running. I must admit, I had never seen that option for fixing problems. As for naming, I have discovered that if you select text that is a descriptive name for the hyperlink, that is what will show up in the hyperlink panel. If you are careful to edit the selected text you can get a more generic title for the hyperlink in the document, but the panel retains the more descriptive link you started with. Not quite like being able to directly edit the name in the panel, but it can prove helpful. In my case, I want the hyperlink the user sees to have a common name, in this case "agenda," but refer the user to a url that is different for each appearance of the link. By the way, for me the "small round button" -- go to target, is completely non-functional.
  4. Just verified that export hyperlinks was checked. Interestingly enough, a fully qualified url will successfully export.
  5. Another "dumb as a post question." I downloaded version 238. Opened up my test publication. Using the text frame tool, selected a block of text; clicked on text, interactive, insert hyperlink. In the dialog box selected url, inserted the url in the address box and selected hyperlink format. Returned to the document and the selected text is in blue, and underlined, as one would expect, but when I hover over the text in select mode, I get no indication that I can click on the text to open the hyperlink. Naturally, if I export the file as a pdf, there is no hyperlink exported. (Of course it wouldn't if AP doesn't recognize a hyperlink exists.) What am I doing wrong? test.afpub
  6. I can't find the most recent update for Windows OS. the Beta forum still seems to say it is 227. Where is the next one (I think it is 238).?
  7. Please disregard. I found it!
  8. Is there a source for what features and updates are in the newest Beta for Publisher?
  9. I see that each line of text is placed as separate. Any attempt at editing first requires that the box containing the line of text be changed to allow for additional characters. There is no flow through to subsequent lines. Definitely a non-desired behavior.
  10. Update: I discovered I should have been using "place" not copy and paste.Place seems to work!
  11. Same Here. When I paste the pdf I get unformatted text in a page size that bears no relation to the original pdf. It appears to be importing as an image, because I cannot do anything with the imported text. I can't even select a portion of it as an object to cut; I can only cut the entire import. I have attache the pdf I am trying to import. November 2018 update.pdf
  12. I think the request is that you be able to add things like web links to a publications so that when it is printed as a pdf and viewed online, the reader can click a link and be take to a website. Also, see my previous post. when a text spans several pages and multiple frames, it is important to be able to include a reference to the location of the next page, so the reader can follow.
  13. In PP there is a facility to insert a variable in a text frame which displays the page number of the next linked frame or the page number of the previous linked frame (i.e., "continued on page n" or continued from Page n"j. This is an important tool when working with text the must span several frames. Is something similar available in Publisher? If not, I think it should be seriously considered, since manually adding the indicator, which probably involves creating a separate text frame, is rather cumbersome.