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  1. If I follow correctly, create multiple rextangles, and add one text frame? Then group all three?
  2. Is it possible to create a multi-line border for a text frame?
  3. Here is a solution I use: 1. I created an asset consisting of a text box with two line of text: "continued on Page" and "continued from Page ". 2. Create text frames as needed, and link them so text flows through. 3. At the lower right corner just below the initial frame for a text, place the asset I created. 4. Create a link from the asset to a new very small text frame placed just above the upper left corner of the next frame with text. 5. Go back to the frame of the asset and shrink it vertically so that only one line of text (the "continued on Page" text) is displayed. 6. The second linked small frame will now show the second line of text in the asset ( "continued from Page") 7. In each of the two small frames insert the appropriate field (i.e., next frame or previous frame) 8. Resize each of the small frames to fit as needed.
  4. I've been using publisher for several months now. IN the earlier beta stages it was not as functional as PP. Now, the latest release beta, which is, I think, similar to the release candidate, is clearly superior to PP9. It still does NOT open PP files, I believe, so you would need to start a fresh file, but I can now do everything I could with PP 9, and more, as efficiently, if not more so. Len G Oregon
  5. Is it possible to set a default view or default zoom value. I like to do most of my work at a zoom level which displays full page width. Can I set some preference so that the template I would start from, or the document I create, will default to that zoom level?
  6. Thanks. The index page is there for Photo, but not for Publisher. Interestingly, the index page is also NOT there for Designer, but the help file opens when I press F! or click help in Designer.
  7. It just started about a week ago, after I downloaded the most recent Publisher Beta. (Now Designer help will come up, but not Photo or Publisher).
  8. On all applications the help window will NOT display.. It used to be the case that one must select English (UK) to display help, but neither version of English will permit the display of any help screens. A window opens, but nothing is shown.
  9. How can I get Publisher to recognize that the time display x:xx (with\hours and minutes separated by a colon), is not a misspelling?
  10. Thanks./ After rebooting I was able to, using the admin command prompt, delete the existing affinity directories. After that Designed installed fine. I haven't had a chance to try photo again, but I assume it will work also.
  11. What is even worse is that I cannot delete the program directories, even at the administrator command prompt level!
  12. I just downloaded version 135 for both photo and designer. When I tried to update my system (now running version 123) I got a setup failed message and version 123 for each were deleted from my system (and I cannot reinstall them)! What do I do now?
  13. lgoodwin

    Crash on edit

    It happened again, quite some time after creating a new document. I won't send that to you unless you want it .