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  1. In a long text document I have a number of different image types I wish to caption. I want to be able to automatically number these — for example: Figure 1. Lorem ipsum. Figure 2. Alice went down. Chart 1. Latin alphabet. Chart 2. Characters in Alice. Map 1. Holy Roman Empire. Map 2. The rabbit hole. Question 1.) I am trying to create named text styles for these: Font, size, style, automatic numbers (presumably based on whether I name my style Figure Title, Chart Title, Map Title), etc. How do I get the word "Figure" or "Chart" or "Map" to appear before the automatic number? It seems no matter what I do, the sequence is: 1. Figure. ; 1. Chart. ; etc.. I do not see where or how to add an automatic field with the necessary label before an auto number, then to be followed by individual identifying text in each caption title, terminated by a period. I would usually be adding longer explanatory text after the period, but in a different style such as Caption Body. That is, my actual caption (title + body) might be: Map 2. The rabbit hole. Map and cross-section showing the various locations Alice entered, including citations for actual chapters in Carroll's book. Question 2.) If I am able to create these styles, then what is the procedure to create a "List of Figures", "List of Charts", "List of Maps" — with page numbers — (in addition to my TOC created by Heading styles) at the beginning of my long document? I would presume this might be in the TOC creation panel, based on searching for the 3 text styles I created when adding the image titles. The longer explanatory text, being in a different style (Caption Body), should not appear in these lists of image titles. I have not found this addressed in the manual. I think my answer is already in there, but I do not see where/how. I need help with some sort of step-by-step process; I am clearly missing something. Thanks for this very interesting program.
  2. mycroft

    Tool Icons

    My icons were in color when I first opened Publisher on my MacBookPro, OS 10.13.5 I ticked the monochromatic iconography box to see what it was like. Now I cannot get back my color icons, box ticked or not ticked, even after restarts. Just looks like Phil's above. Unticking the box, with or without restarting does not help. The three Personas at the left are in color; just the tool icons are monochromatic.
  3. My original question concerned the creation of a classic text outline of a long, complex document automatically, using the headings I designate. Text styled in Heading 1 (Topic I) Text styled in Heading 2 (Subtopic A.) Text styled in Heading 2 (Subtopic B) Text styled in Heading 3 (Sub-Subtopic 1) Text styled in Heading 3 (Sub-Subtopic 2) Text styled in Heading 2 (Subtopic C) etc., This helps to keep a long document in a logical or reasonable order, especially when you have to research and/or create the pieces out of order. Have I explained what I need to explain before I place this added information? Have I used the correct heading level for this information? Perhaps I am old-fashioned, but I find this an extremely useful aid. I don't need the A, B, 1, 2: etc. added—- just the text of the headings themselves will do, and the automatic indentation helps immensely. I would love to have this “outline” of my material automatically generated from my headings as I work on the document. It would be outstanding if it dynamically upgraded if I move material in the document (that is, be automatically upgraded if, say, I decide to switch topic A and topic B in my document) and, even more so, if I can decide to move or switch topics A and B in the outline and the switch of the topics —- with all their content —- would occur In the document. I would also love to be able to plan ahead —- create proposed headings (topics) without additional content—- to guide my work and organize my thoughts and remember my intentions. I know I can use Find to locate my headings, but my hope was an aid to the logical creation and management of the document in the first place. Perhaps you already have this in TOC? That is, can I set a TOC to be a temporary, dynamically-created and -updated screen or panel, uninfluenced by any numerical pagination issues, to be used as this running outline? Then, when I have finished the layout of the document and its final pagination, I create and style a finished TOC? Searching for the word “outline”in the forums brings up all issues with artistically outlining shapes and letters, so maybe my terminiology is wrong, and the tool I am seeking is there under a different name (such as TOC)? If not, I hope you will consider this tool. Thanks.
  4. Thank you Walt, for your precise instructions. I think you have opened the door for how this works. I appreciate your help so much. Elegant.
  5. I have a long text document in linked text frames. I have added figures I want to number and caption and be able to list in a Table/List of Figures. I want to group the captions with the Figures, and wrap the original continuous text around these groups of (figure(s) + caption(s). Attempts to add a Text box or frame for the caption breaks the continuous text, adding the caption content to the original text. How do I achieve my desired result? I guess I mean a box of editable unrelated text within existing text, that will travel with (or be grouped with) its image, not the original text. I seem to be missing something I should be doing.
  6. Thanks jmwellborn. I had discovered the lighter version(s), and do find it easier to navigate while I am learning.
  7. Thank you Aammppaa and Old Bruce. Sounds as though it will suit my needs well. I appreciate your replies, as some of the discussion in the forum gave me doubts. It is what I had hoped it would be, and I am enjoying my exploration.
  8. I come from a background in layout and illustration of college science textbooks, before Desktop Publishing existed. I have never used InDesign, Quark, etc., so discussions of their features, terminology, or usages do not mean much to me, nor do I have much idea how my needs might be met by a DTP. Most seem to be overpriced or over-featured for my list of basic wishes. I am hoping that AfPub is trying to be the so-far-missing program between a user like myself and the expensive world of InDesign. My basic needs are listed below. Will I be able to meet them with AfPub when it is fully released? For example, I love the two-page, accurately margined and paginated spread, and the indexing. Will the rest be there? My needs seem, to me, to be a basic set for a DTP, but are they? I want to produce what will eventually be a number of long (open-ended 100+ pp.) text documents. I want them to be rather profusely illustrated with captioned, numbered Figures, Charts, Maps, etc., probably at least one such per page, more likely more. The documents are, however, primarily text, so I need the text to be easily editable, and the text linkages to be continuous, at least through each section or chapter. Not sure how text boxes would work for this. I want the illustrations to be grouped with their captions, and not to interrupt the flow of the basic text. I want to control the flow of uninterrupted text around the illustrations. I am trying to present information, not “artiness.” The illustrations are also intended to present information, not artiness. I want to be able to control the scaling and/or proportions of the illustrations as I import them. Importing from Photo and Designer seems good, and I look forward to that. I want to be able to generate TOC, and Tables/Lists of Figures, charts, maps, etc. automatically. i want to be able to control pagination, so that I will be able to stitch together various parts as I work on them. I need to work on parts or sections out of order, so some dynamic numbering is important. I want to have indexing. I want text styling for the various levels of body, captions, headings, and so forth. I want to be able to create the styles easily, and for them to be conveniently displayed for quick usage. I want running headers/footers, controlled by assigned heading levels in the text. I want an outline, dynamically created by headings, for organization and navigation. i want to be able to produce footnotes or endnotes, and possibly to cross-reference material. Perhaps a bibliography. i want to be able to lock (and unlock) finished portions so that their layout will be undisturbed by later editing in the document. I want to be able to create a new document based on these elements in a finished document, so that I will not have to recreate all the styles, page layout, etc. A template, or other ability to call out the formatting and styles of an existing document in a new document. i see elements of my needs all throughout what I have seen in AfPub, but somehow the basic process of creating a continuous, illustrated, long text document seems missing to me. Or am I missing something that is there, or going to be there, and I am simply waiting on a manual to guide me into it? So far, I see elegant brochures, but not my usage; but if so, why is a feature such as indexing already available? Will AfPub work for me?
  9. Newbie question: Can I create dynamic Headers and Footers for a master page spread? I can see how to place fixed content and dynamic page numbers, but not how to create running headers/footers that include automatically updated fields based on current contents of Heading 1, Heading 2, etc.
  10. Thanks, Robinp. Folders could do it. They will certainly be a help.
  11. Is there a way to use headings as an outline tool to organize long documents?
  12. As a newbie I am confused by this. I understand a “based-on “ group, but I would like the possibility for a group or folder to have a set of styles for one document or document portion. I want to locate and use them easily, without searching them out in a long list of everything. The long list of all styles is just confusing. Interested in the way to create a set of personally created styles for a particular use. That is, “Mary's stuff” for a shared computer, or my “long book” as opposed to a subset for “magazine article” or “poetry book” or “newsletter,” as well as the separate uses within a long document such as Robinp proposed. Perhaps what I am thinking of is more of a template option—- If I open my “long book” document, I get just the styles I have created for that document (with the possibility of editing or adding to these), or if I am in the Appendix, I can isolate the styles for Appendix. Maybe I am missing something. Is there already an option to open a document with the set of styles I have previously created? Or can I bunch the styles I am using in the current document at the top of the list with all the unused stuff below? Or something in Studio to open a list of my named subsets of styles? Or maybe a palette like the Resource manager showing just the styles used for that particular document for quick selection?
  13. Thanks for the response, Chris, Your answer is the behavior I was expecting and hoped for, but the “New Document “ screen I had didn’t work that way. However, the display for margin buttons was fixed in my download of the latest build, and my program now works as expected (and as you describe). I m really liking this program...... Mycroft
  14. Wondering about a procedure for adding captions in an illustrated text piece (not a brochure). Text presumably to be created by linked text frames in a facing-pages document. It is a continued, relatively long story. I want to add a number of captioned illustrations laid out within this text. How do I add captions, some of which might be lengthy? In separate text frames? Does this break the original text frame linkages? Can a caption be grouped or linked with the image so that when or if the image is moved, the caption goes with it? I want to use a different text style to differentiate caption text from body text. How can I dynamically number captions so that I can create a Table of Figures or Table of Charts or Table of Maps that includes Figure #, Chart #, Map # with its title in addition to a TOC?

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