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Affinity Photo pdf manual for your enjoyment.


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Thanks for providing this.

Skill Level: Beginner, digital photography, digital editing, lighting.

Equipment: Consumer grade. Sony Nex5n, Nikon D5100, (16MP sony sensors)

Paid Software: Affinity Photo, Affinity Designer, Lightroom4

Free Software: NIK collection, Sony CaptureOne9, Cyberlink PhotoDirector6, Hugin, ImageJ, MS Ice, Davinci Resolve

Computer: Win10 home, CPU Skylake I7-6700, GPU Saphire HD7850 1G, Plextor SSD

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Glad after having spent many hours of reading help (not finished yet) and many hours of viewing all the videos I can find I found this link in the Forums which I had not come to having been so busy trying to learn Affinity I did get the pdf onto my phone as I hope to spend time reading in in a few hours while my wife is being checked out by the folks who will do her cataracts. I did a quick check of topics as I have one thing I have not been able to find and that is text information primarily how to change the color of a text. I normally only need to add my signature to a photo but don't want to use a default black but can't find how to do it and did not see any title for text in your pdf but I will start reading it in a couple hours. If there is something it would be great to know its location.

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Thanks ve  -- I agree about the help file. I was also used to another program that simply offered a color selection along with the font etc much like a Wordpad or Word or other text creating program offers and then also found and was given some advice on to use the "save" feature under Edits >defaults to make sure I don't always have to set both the font and the color each time I simply want to add my signature. 


I have not looked at your pdf on my computer so can't be sure if one can jump to a particular section of the contents pages but I did find that I could not using either of 2 pdf readers that I have on my Android phone. If you know of a reader that does it, provided the option is there that would be great. I find things a bit difficult too as when I make the text large enough for me to see, then I have to do a lot of scrolling to see all of the text whereas if the text fit the width of the screen and then just took more lines to be read, it would be easier.


Really do appreciate all the work and I definitely will be getting to the .pdf shortly as I am almost through all my initial viewing of videos and am categorizing some that I have not seen or duplicating the links in different relevant folders on my system. Still have a bit of the help file to go through also.


Wish the help file would provide more assistance as to how to do some things as opposed to simply stating what things do. Also it would be nice to be given reasons to and why a task should be performed under what specific conditions.


Thanks again for the great work.

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The work you have done for all of us is phenomenal. I have a quick suggestion, if and when you update the pdf file. Put a Cover Page on the pdf, so that it is easily identifiable in the Mac Finder (with a thumbnail preview); on an iPad (where, in Grid View, the thumbnail is visible but not the title); and, I presume, in Windows Explorer as well (although I do not routinely use Windows).


This is a wonderful piece of work. A graphic-based Cover Page would enhance it ever so much. Thanks in advance!

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ve -- I did not that in a few spots where I guess the Help file used some icons, those did not show up in the text so the reader can't be sure what item was referred to in the .pdf. I also noticed that there were a few times where there was some duplication of text and I am only on about page 91 of the 644 (this being how my pdf reader shows the page numbering). I am working on it plus spending some time doing some editing and being thankful to all those participating in advancing my knowledge of Affinity Photo.

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Patrick, it is a pdf of the whole help file, all 654 pages of it.

The one we wrote and have copyright on... Did you ask permission?

Patrick Connor
Serif Europe Ltd

"There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man. True nobility lies in being superior to your previous self."  W. L. Sheldon


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Hi Patrick,


Serif still have copyright on it from what I can see. Do Photo users not have 'fair use' of the html help file contents? 

I assume that rather like having an mp3 I paid for I could copy it for use in my car off my mp3 player.

Is this not the same position? 


I would also assume some prospective purchasers, in the absence of a current Windows AP beta to download, would welcome some searchable and thorough insight into key features they may require.


Please advise.


cheers, Paul

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I'm not trying to speak for Serif but one difference between that and an mp3 you copied for use in your car is that you didn't just copy the PDF for your use; you shared it with other people.  Like me.  And I appreciated having it but I'll be glad to delete it if Serif wishes.

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