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  1. Several people have this problem. Exif data are involved. One question: Is your system Windows 7? Here is another thread:
  2. You are not alone: Regards, dke
  3. I tried older betas and must correct myself: The problem already existed in version beta. With version I could open all nef and tiff files. Tony77 has the same problem as I:
  4. I tried your nef file Tony77 and see that you have the same problem as I reported in this thread: I cannot open nef files from my D7000 and D7200 and tiff files saved by DxO Photolab. In all cases Affinity Photo simply disappears without an error message. Regards, dke
  5. My problem has to do with EXIF data. When I delete the EXIF data from the attached tiff file in my first posting everthing is OK.
  6. No, that's not the reason for my problems. When I copy a nef file into the base directory of drive C I still cannot open it.
  7. Thanks. I unstalled Beta, deleted manually the directory 1.0(Beta) under user/appdata/roaming/affinity/photo and installed Beta completely new, but the problem persists. I cannot open most tiff files saved by DxO Photolab and I cannot open nef files of my D7200 and my D7000. It is strange.
  8. Thanks people. My problem still persists. I cannot open tiff files saved by DxO Photolab with AP beta. In the meanwhile I found crash reports (see attached file). 6d26a781-c77b-4568-be28-15ba58273232.dmp
  9. Sorry MEB, file attached in my first posting.
  10. When I try to open tiff files saved by DxO Photolab 2.2 AP Beta crashes (it simply disappears). The problem is new. I could open the same files in Beta and I can open them in the official version My system is Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit. Regards, dke Nanzdietschweiler_270219_02_DxO.tif
  11. The Highlights Strength slider has definitely no effect here - independent from the Highlights Range.
  12. The Highlights Strength slider has no effect in the 'normal' Shadows /Highlights filter and in the live filter. In the live filter there is a strange preview (see attached image). My system is Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit.
  13. Hi mykee, I suppose that only plugins with format 8bf can work with Affinity Photo. Black and White Projects 5 works in AP with the plugin from the CC folder. Older versions of Black & White Projects don't work as a plugin in Affinity Photo. To test if a plugin works in AP, just copy its folder somewhere on your disk, add the path of this folder in AP's Photoshop Plugins configuration, allow there the usage of unknown plugins and restart AP.
  14. Franzis HDR Projects Professional 2018 is already working as a plugin in the latest Windows Beta to create a single shot HDR from a single image. It would be fine if the Affinity Photo developers could implement the possibility to load a sequence of different exposures into the plugin.