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  1. The Highlights Strength slider has definitely no effect here - independent from the Highlights Range.
  2. The Highlights Strength slider has no effect in the 'normal' Shadows /Highlights filter and in the live filter. In the live filter there is a strange preview (see attached image). My system is Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit.
  3. Hi mykee, I suppose that only plugins with format 8bf can work with Affinity Photo. Black and White Projects 5 works in AP with the plugin from the CC folder. Older versions of Black & White Projects don't work as a plugin in Affinity Photo. To test if a plugin works in AP, just copy its folder somewhere on your disk, add the path of this folder in AP's Photoshop Plugins configuration, allow there the usage of unknown plugins and restart AP.
  4. Franzis HDR Projects Professional 2018 is already working as a plugin in the latest Windows Beta to create a single shot HDR from a single image. It would be fine if the Affinity Photo developers could implement the possibility to load a sequence of different exposures into the plugin.
  5. In beta I have the same problem with these three 16-bit tiff files. When I take the corresponding raw files (nef from a Nikon D7000) of the same three images there is no problem to create a hdr in retail and beta.
  6. Same Problem here with the retail version I try to create a HDR combination from three tif files (developed by DxO Optics pro) and AP crashes screenshot). I sent a bug report.
  7. Thanks a lot Simon, you do a great job. Regards, dke
  8. Using this simple and natural method leads in many cases to an empty or corrupted preview in the plugin. This bug in AP's plugin support has already been discussed several times. For example here https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/30667-plugin-support-is-still-bad-in-version-15044/
  9. Fixx, I do not want to use LR as browsing app. I often discuss images and the possibilities to edit them with friends. My imaging software should allow me to do that without adding their images to my catalogue. I agree that it would be nice to have a catalogue in Affinity Photo but the user should be able to control what it does.
  10. The only reason why I (and many others) will not use Lightroom ist Lightroom's paranoid catalogue that wants to catalogue not only tons of test versions of my images but also images of my friends when I want to take a look at them on my computer with my Lightroom. Such a catalogue behaviour should not be copied. If a catalogue will be implemented to Affinity Photo it should catalogue only the images that the user wants to have in his catalogue. Lightroom's catalogue is a bad model.
  11. I would be pleased to have this feature in future versions. dke