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  1. In beta the patch tool works with activated OpenCL acceleration. The developers did a good job 🙂 Regards, dke
  2. The new official version 1.9 with activated OpenCL acceleration shows the same problem with the patch tool as reported already in the Windows beta forum: As in the latest beta versions the patch tool works when OpenCL is deactivated. Regards, dke
  3. The problem is still present in beta
  4. In beta the patch tool doesn't work for me too when opencl is activated. The patch tool works when opencl is deactivated. I have a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 with driver Regards, dke
  5. The problem is solved in beta 🙂
  6. The slider to adjust the size of the restauration tool jumps from 1 px at once to 31 px in beta It is not possible to select values between 1 and 31 with the slider. This works in the official version Regards, dke
  7. I can confirm the problem for nef files of my D7200. Show AF Focus is always greyed out in the latest beta and in the latest productive version too. Regards, dke
  8. All exe files of the Nik plugins work standalone without color problems. The python script in Gimp for Viveza calls Viveza 2.exe instead of the plugin file Viveza2.8bf. That's the reason why there are no color problems with Viveza in Gimp.
  9. With the free Google Nik plugin Viveza 2 I need 100% zoom to get correct colors for 16-bit tiff files. For 8-bit tiff files and jpeg files 33% zoom are sufficient to get correct colors.
  10. Skylum Luminar Flex and Skylum Aurora 2019 (for single shot HDR images) are working now in AP beta Thanks a lot. Regards, dke
  11. So the same plugins are "officially supported" as two and a half years ago. High time to get busy. Regards, dke
  12. Where can I read which plugins are "officially supported" in 1.7? Thanks, dke
  13. Dfine2 has the same status as Analog Efex Pro 2 and Color Efex Pro 4 in the list of supported plugins. Regards, dke
  14. Hi Gabe, when I try to work with Nik Dfine2, Nik Sharpener pro 3 or Viveza I get always more or less corrupted preview images. In many cases it looks like an empty chess board. Sometimes the chess board is filled with image fragments. Other plugins (Topaz for example) show not the selection but the whole image which is no problem. Analog efex works as it should. Regards, dke
  15. When you make a selection in affinity photo and call a plugin to work with it on that selection you get a corrupted preview inside the plugin. This problem occurs in all versions of Affinity Photo (betas included). Regards, dke
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