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  1. My suggestions: 1. Implement an option to send files from Affinity Photo to other external editors. 2. Fix the following bug: When you make a selection in affinity photo and call a plugin to work with it on that selection you get a corrupted preview inside the plugin. 3. Solve incompatibilty problems with plugins. Many people complain about the color problems with Viveza. Regards, dke
  2. Strange behaviour pefunk. For me every setting below 100% gives wrong colors in Viveza. Regards, dke
  3. dke

    Skylum Photolemur 3 now non op

    @pefunk: Thanks for the information. It would be fine to have an 'export to external editor' option like in On1 Photo Raw in Affinita Photo too. I made a feature request: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/86103-affinity-photo-should-allow-to-export-images-to-external-editors/&tab=comments#comment-455729 Regards, dke
  4. Many Photoshop plugins do not work correctly in Affinita Photo. With an option to send files from Affinity Photo to other external editors we could work around problems with standalone working plugins very comfortable. Regards, dke
  5. dke

    Skylum Photolemur 3 now non op

    I can confirm that Luminar Flex doesn't open in In Luminar Flex works but returns wrong colors to Affinity Photo. I use 16-bit tiff files and sRGB IEC61966-2.1. @pefunk: With which kind of files (jpg?, tiff?, other?) does Luminar Flex work as expected and which color profile do you use? Regards, dke
  6. Thanks a lot Patrick. I can use my preferred (user defined) dpi setting of 115% now and HSL works. Regards, dke
  7. look here Dave https://www.tenforums.com/tutorials/5990-change-dpi-scaling-level-displays-windows-10-a.html Regards, dke
  8. Congrats Patrick. It seems that you have found the reason for the problems. When I set DPI to the standard setting of 100% HSL is working. I need a higher setting for my old eyes. If Windows allows me a setting of 120% then Affinity Photo should of course do that too. Regards, dke
  9. I use only one screen and a DPI setting of 120%. Regards, dke
  10. Uninstalling and new installing of beta 1.7.0. 284 didn't solve the problem. I have uploaded a dump. The betas and didn't work with files from my D7200. So I don't know wether the HSL problem is new in beta *.284. Beta *.251 worked for me (HSL included). Regards, dke
  11. I tried different images (jpg and tiff) from different cameras and softwares. The problem is not image specific. As soon as I try to use HSL beta freezes and doesn't respond. Even when I develop a raw image in beta and click on HSL afterwards AP freezes.
  12. Beta freezes when I open an image and try to use HSL. My system is Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit. Regards, dke
  13. Tiff files from my D7200 that are saved by DxO Photolab are also accepted by Beta now. Good job.
  14. Several people have this problem. Exif data are involved. One question: Is your system Windows 7? Here is another thread:
  15. You are not alone: Regards, dke