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  1. changing language does not help.. Restart machine does not work. Since all owner of the products can create account with your store and have the licensing there, why can we all download the free content offer from within there? It would be the same as the welcome screen.
  2. daklakfoto

    afphoto file not saved correctly

    So if you are click on the "x" or close AfPhoto on newly work on file without first SaveAs, Affinity will ask you save, but the file has never saved correctly. When you are open that "supposedly saved" document (afphoto format), it says file is corrupted. AfPhoto will then show you the recovery document (without the last changes to the photo). Hope that helps.
  3. File won't get saved correctly after you edited and click on the "x" to close. Afinity will ask for location to save. File seems to be created but corrupted when try to open again. It is best to select File=>Save or Save As instead of closing the edited photo file or closing Affinity.
  4. daklakfoto

    Blend mode notes

    Tks Dave. Great materials for beginner like me.