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  1. Hi I too would like to see focal length listed. Shown in ALL so it shouldn't be difficult to add too summary. Seems strange its missing. Is there a reason?
  2. I echo Hofnarr comment "I have another issue(feature) with Fuji RAF files for the future: we need the fuji film/picturestyles in the RAW persona" It would be great feature if they can be incorporated!
  3. Over in DPR Affinity is receiving some very good comments/feedback. Major complaint was no saved history for a RAW edit. Said this was planned? I tried SilkyPix and on exit from an edited or developed RAW file they save a very small file 1k which just a list of the alterations. If the RAW file is reloaded the list is applied. If you want to start a new just delete that history file. Could this be done with AP Raw editing?
  4. Had a couple of crashes loading a Fuji X-T20 compressed raw file. Message displayed shown in jpg
  5. Loaded perfectly and no problems so far except slow Fuji RAW loading which I know you are aware of. Thanks for hard work.
  6. Just a small point is that in Photo holding the space bar changes to View tool and the little hand cursor. In Develop pressing the space bar does the same except the little hand cursor does not show. Also it does not work if you have selected zoom. You can work around it but its an inconsistency/bug so I thought it may help to point it out.
  7. 99% of the time I use the same crop mode but each time I have to choose it from the drop down choices of pre-sets. How about it remembering last choice. Small change but will improve usability please. Many thanks for a great programme.
  8. Found this topic "Fuji raw files issues" which cover my concern . “”and has received affinity comment. Will post query in that topic.
  9. Any comment from Affinity please? I would like to use Affinity RAW as its got great feature just Slooow on loading Fuji RAF files. Very good when loaded.
  10. Hi Affinity Photo has become an excellent programme for editing JPG files. Thankyou and well done. I look forward to the future. However RAW editing IMO especially with RAF should be grayed out as it brings the programme down with some reviews just focusing on this and not the many excellent features. Can you help by advising what the future is for RAF files in Affinity. Is it planned to make them usable? At the beginning AP in windows loading jpg was not good now its perfectly acceptable. I would hope the same can be done for RAF?
  11. Hi Thanks for update and freebies. All loaded no problems. Just small query is the macro pack the same as macros that were available for Mac that I downloaded in 2016 or are these updated and should replace the previous ones?
  12. Thanks for update and loaded with no problems. Raw raf files still so long to load. Any chance of an improvement?
  13. Yes thats true and my system is a slow i5. Still would like to see loading times improved as has been done with Jpeg.
  14. Thanks AiDon will do. However this compares the loading times of the file in both programmes, First with Affinity then loaded Silky and loaded file. If anything Silky was at a disadvantage as Affinity was still in memory. One thought I am using a X-T20 so the file size is 22.8mb (Fuji compressed) is that much larger compared to X100T?
  15. Hi Like Affinity in JPEG but loading times in raw are sooooooo slow. Just changed from Canon to Fuji. Canon raw was slow but Fuji raf takes 44 sec to load!!!!!. Compared to Silky Raw Converter 2 loads the same raw file in 4 secs? Is this likely to improved in Affinity or should I used Silky for Raw and the Affinity for Jpeg? Thanks Michael