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  1. Hi Downloaded and installed perfectly.
  2. Bill925 very strange post as I see you joined on Friday and raised 2 queries and both were replied to by Affinity with instruction. Affinity is an excellent program with a vast quantity of free videos on YouTube to help with the learning curve. ps Firms are closed over a weekend (even software companies as the staff need a break) but i'am sure if you are within the cancellation period you will get a refund. But you will have miised out on a bargin!
  3. Updated with no problem except 1.6.5 displayed as Walt mentioned. Any news on RAF loading times?
  4. mapline

    Windows version very slow

    I have an SSD drive and a RAF takes 40secs. Lower times seem to be gained by having a "pcie SSD" ! That's the future.
  5. Beta loaded perfectly. Any news on faster loading of RAF files?
  6. Loaded and updated perfectly. RAF load still 40sec!
  7. Running Windows 10 1709 Pro installed with no problems
  8. Installed perfectly and loads a couple of sec faster. Thanks ps No change in RAF loading Affinity 42sec Darktable 3 sec?
  9. mapline

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta -

    Loaded with no problems and thanks for update. Still not corrected. "Just a small point is that in Photo holding the space bar changes to View tool and the little hand cursor. In Develop pressing the space bar does the same except the little hand cursor does not showor work if you have selected zoom. You can work around it but its an inconsistency/bug so I thought it may help to point it out."
  10. mapline

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta -

    Hi Thanks for update and it loaded perfectly. Major changes and loads faster than previous version. Small point although it said it was corrected in the previous update in Develop when in Zoom tool pressing Spacebar does not change to hand tool/move.
  11. Hi Small suggestion to improve UI. When pressing TAB key it would look so much better if the photo was centred and maybe made to fit screen. At present you have to press Ctrl +0 after tab each time. So if Ctrl+0 function could be added to each TAB key press it would look so much better.
  12. mapline

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta -

    Hi All loaded and updated perfectly and Shadows a vast improvement. Thanks to the team. Small feed back "Fixed Spacebar not changing cursor to hand when in Develop" not fixed. Click on Zoom tool then press Spacebar no hand and no movement. Sorry. All others work.
  13. mapline

    Affinity Photo Workbook

    Received my copy and really pleased. Will take me a while to go through all the lessons but will certainly improve my skill with Affinity. Quality production and excellent for long term reference.
  14. mapline

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta -

    As requested loaded and installed perfectly.
  15. mapline

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta -

    Hi Patrick Echo the comments off Hofnaar and please delete my post if you wish. Made last comment after a post seemed to infer there is no problem in loading times of Raf files. Thought the idea of beta was to report good and bad points to improve what is an excellent programme. Concerned RAF is on the back burner as no comment?