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  1. Hi It's been mentioned before but most applications I see allow you to set a crop default or remember the last chosen. Small request but helps the user experience.
  2. mapline

    Affinity Photo for Windows - 1.7.0

    Thank you for all your hard works and making Affinity Photo even better.
  3. mapline

    Beta update?

    New Beta loaded perfectly.Many thanks
  4. Hi Same here changes to a washed out image at the end.
  5. mapline

    Slow develop speed

    No response from Affinity so is it being looked at? Good to be informed!
  6. mapline

    UI in RAW

    Hi Very small follow up on report 4 Dec 2017. The error in Develop Persona "Click on Zoom tool then press Spacebar no hand and no movement." has been fixed for movement. But a small point that pressing the "Spacebar not changing cursor to hand icon when in Zoom (Develop}" not fixed . Mention as you will want UI conformity. chan
  7. mapline

    Beta .188 Crop Presets

    This was Posted December 16, 2016 Remember last choice or set crop default By mapline, December 16, 2016 in Older Feature Requests & Suggestion Posts
  8. Hi Small suggestion to improve UI. When pressing TAB key it would look so much better if the photo was centred and maybe made to fit screen. At present you have to press Ctrl +0 after tab each time. So if Ctrl+0 function could be added to each TAB key press it would look so much better.
  9. Hi C_Calmes https://www.phaseone.com/beta
  10. Hi C_Calmes To load Affinity and 22.15mb compressed RAF file for me . 1.6 30sec 1.7 13sec. I would call that a significant difference/improvement! However Develop seems to take longer in 1.7 ? Have you tried the C1 v12 Beta gives fuji film simulations and after developing it can open the file in Affinity to continue editing. New Affinity Beta updated perfectly.
  11. Hi In the Road map it says "Tool Presets -User categories in the media browser for shapes and objects" Hope this includes cropping as it's not yet in 1.7. Remembering last setting is needed.! You never get a second chance to make a first impression!
  12. Great step forward in RAF speed . Thankyou. Program loaded perfectly.
  13. Bill925 very strange post as I see you joined on Friday and raised 2 queries and both were replied to by Affinity with instruction. Affinity is an excellent program with a vast quantity of free videos on YouTube to help with the learning curve. ps Firms are closed over a weekend (even software companies as the staff need a break) but i'am sure if you are within the cancellation period you will get a refund. But you will have miised out on a bargin!
  14. Running Windows 10 1709 Pro installed with no problems