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  1. Karen, Glad you got the problem solved. I will watch out for that also. Richard Gold
  2. Thank you Stokerg, I will try that when it happens again. Richard - Photodoc16
  3. Ladies and Gents, New problem. I am editing a photo and made HSL edits, change color edits and wanted to then clone an area. I watched the tutorial, added a new pixel layer above the background layer between the original background and a background copy, clicked on 'current layer and below' to start a clone and the clone tool would not work. Did I mix up the order of layers or what? Very frustrating. Photodoc16
  4. Okay, I have read this entire thread and still do not know what key on a Windows keyboard comports to an Option command. Photodoc16
  5. @walt.farrell Thank you. I suppose that with all of the RAW editing choices there would be a certain number of images that are just not edited further in the Photo Persona. Richard
  6. @walt.farrell Hello Walt, Well, I have been busy. I am in the middle of a terrific video tutorial offered in what was Lynda.com and now is called LinkedIn Learning called Affinity Photo: Essential Training and it is terrific. I also am using the Udemy course which I got on sale for $12 and it is also wonderful. I finally was able to obtain the Affinity Photo for Beginners by Ezra Anderson. These resources should get me well on my way and I am looking forward to becoming competent to handle most edits. One question is why there was no mention of manipulating the White Balance in the section on using the RAW image for initial image corrections in the Lynda course. In my Infrared work, using the RAW file to create a proper white balance is considered important. Also, when bringing the image back into the Photo Persona he mentions converting it into either an Affinity File or a jpeg. I know that when I take an Affinity image and move it to any other editor, it cannot be opened. Should I just go with the jpeg? I could also change it into a jpeg when I go to Export it. Using my Firefox browser I can make the Affinity manual put up by ve2cjw usable for additional reference. Thanks, Walt. Your thoughts please. (If I am becoming too much of a pain in the butt just let me know)
  7. Walt, I am working my way through Simon Foster's "Solid Foundations." Where is this video stored usually because I do not see it in my download folder? I have been minimizing it in between sections but when I am done and want it for future reference I am not sure where to look. Also, I have not seen the 50 page PDF offered anywhere. Thanks, Richard
  8. @walt.farrell Walt, When I used Firefox I could make the PDF usable but it takes a little time. I have to type in the page I want and it will get me there. Sometimes I get a message that some pages are not available. I will use it as much as I can. Thanks, Richard
  9. Walt, Is there any way to browse and read the PDF without actually downloading this monster? Thanks, Richard
  10. ve2cjw, I cannot even read the manual when I go to your Dropbox link. The manual shows up but I cannot move the pages or open up the information. Anything to suggest? Thanks, Richard
  11. @john Rostron, There was no good reason except as an attention getter. You are right and it probably is inappropriate. My bad. Richard I am not sure I am using the @ symbol as you intended. The only options were to paste and paste without formatting.
  12. To ianrb, Thank you for your thoughts. I, too, have been into digital photography for quite some time and have used Photoshop Elements and plug ins for a while. Realizing some of the shortcomings of Elements, I sought an editor that was more sophisticated and settled on Affinity Photo due to the finances and the 'daunting' nature of the Photoshop program. I have just not made the progress I was hoping for even after watching many videos and reading articles from all over about how to use Affinity. I think part of the problem is the poor explanations of the tools and symbols in the program and the fact that I have had a very bad experience trying to duplicate projects done in Photoshop on other tutorials. I have found other sources recently and will stick with it. I don't want to waste all this time by switching to Photoshop but it is a remote possibility at some time down the road. To John Rostron, I am actually watching a video by Mr. Foster now and enjoy it. I will follow up your references and I thank you for them. Richard
  13. Walt, Thank you again. I will try to contact the site. Richard To RickRails, Thank you also. When you say "I have many Udemy courses..." does that mean as PDF or ebooks or always available videos that you own or what? Richard
  14. Gentlemen, I do thank you for your comments. For the moment, I would ask Walt if there is any way he knows to obtain the ebook "Affinity Photo for Beginners" by Ezra and Ally Anderson. At their site it tells you to choose from the video course or the e book or both, but it is impossible to get the order to go through. Any ideas about getting a copy or the course? Also, at Udemy, while all of their tutorials are pay to play, they are offering a video course for $11.99 that I am considering. I watched the sample videos which seemed helpful. Are you familiar with this product? Thanks, Richard
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