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  1. Hello, Old Bruce, Genius, I say...pure genius. Thank you so much. May all of our problems have such quick fixes. Thank you, Photodoc16
  2. Ladies and Gentlemen of the Affinity Persuasion, While messing around today I managed to rearrange and lose the color, history, layers, adjustment and other titles on the right side of the Persona screen. I tried to sign out but the panels did not change. Should I completely shut down and try again or is there a quicker fix in Affinity itself? Thank you, Photodoc16
  3. Thanks, MEB, I am on it. Richard
  4. Why it has to be more difficult and confusing in Affinity than in Photoshop Elements is beyond me. How hard is it to offer a "Hide All" option? Anyway, I shall persevere. Thank you, Carl. Richard
  5. Thank you Carl, much appreciated. Now that I have you, can I ask you a follow up? On my version, to Hide All with a mask I read that I should click on ADD Layer Mask found at the bottom of the Layer Panel. However, that button does not exist on my Layer panel. How do you HIDE ALL with Affinity? Thanks, Richard
  6. Hello Carl, Photodoc16
  7. To the Affinity Problem Solvers, I think I should download the new version of Affinity Photo. It would appear that some items have been updated that I do not have access to with the old version. For instance, there is no ADD LAYER MASK at the bottom of the Layers Panel as described in a tutorial. The question is how easy is it to install the new version on a P.C. and will it disrupt or just add to the original program? Any known problems? Thanks, Photodoc16
  8. markw and MEB, The issue was that probably because of some extensive Layers usage yesterday, the Layers in the Studio list became unchecked! I rechecked it and now it is there. Thank you both. More normal problems will be posted shortly, I am sure. Photodoc16
  9. MEB, No LAYERS available even with JPEGs. I usually screw something up that is a single stroke away from normality. Let's see this time. Photodoc16
  10. Mr. MEB, Thank you again. To get the most out of my RAW files I open them in Digital Photo Professional where I correct WB and use a few other sliders. I then pick a format before exiting (TIFF or JPEG). When either format is opened in Affinity there is no LAYERS choice. I can go from Develop to Persona but there still is no LAYERS choice. Bummer. Does this make any sense? Photodoc16 Just discovered that even with a JPEG file there is no LAYERS option. Sounds like something basic I am doing wrong. Nice, more time to waste fixing this. I will get back if I can fix this. Photodoc16
  11. Bruce, While our menu bars are a bit different, it is clear that with a photo in RAW, there is no LAYERS option in either Photo or Develop Personas. Is it possible that you cannot use Layers unless you are in JPEG mode? Thanks, Photodoc16
  12. richard gold

    Project Resources

    Hello MEB, Thank you so much for the effort you put into that answer. I will follow your leads. If I may be so bold as to impose one other question on you 'since I sense' you are very familiar with Affinity. I have not been able to use the Layers panels on a RAW file either in Develop Persona or the Photo Persona. Do I have to convert to a JPEG in order to use Layers? Again thanks, Photodoc16
  13. Markw, Okay, then what do I do after moving a RAW file from the Develop Persona to the Photo Persona and still not see the option to use the Layers panels? Thanks, Photodoc16
  14. I am having trouble finding the 'resources' provided with most chapters in the Affinity Workbook. In the chapter on Layers, the book says "use File>Open to load 'layers_selecting_moving.afphoto." I cannot plug this address in anywhere on the Open page that will retrieve this file. What is the secret to opening these Resource Files? Thanks, Photodoc16
  15. To the Affinities, I was a whizz with the clone tool in Elements but it doesn't seem to work in Affinity. I opened an image I have worked on previously and needed to clone a spot. I clicked on the clone tool and until I made the tool about 27-28 pixels large I couldn't even see the clone 'circle.' When I got the circle I moved it over the donor site, clicked on the Alt key and then moved over the spot in question. The marker for the donor site was in place but when I left clicked and attempted to fill in the spot, nothing happened. That is the present situation. How can something so simple go wrong? Help! Thanks, Photodoc16

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