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  1. DG1947

    Affinity Photo pdf manual for your enjoyment.

    Excellent-a mental health saver! :D Hope we get an English language book soon though!
  2. And here we are 6 months or so on and still waiting for "the book". Amazon are carrying guide books printed in German-but where is the English edition???!
  3. Kop Kun Khrap. "I need to have the tone mark (in a) lower position when the character has no vowel." I understand now. Font display problem. Hope someone can now help you.
  4. Sawatdee Khrap Khun Pannily. I think you need to give more details on your problem so someone more skilled than I can try and help you. Many Farangs speak some Thai, but not so many read it, so can not see what your problem is exactly. Are the tone marks over the wrong character ? Is it a problem with the colour of the tone marks or the spacing of tone marks over the character?
  5. Had a similar problem with Windows 7-Virus checker decided the download was a virus! However after using the same link MEB gives you above I had no further problems. Good luck!
  6. The link worked without any more complaints from the virus checker and have now got the program fully downloaded and ready to use-after a wait for a .net update. Thanks once again for your help. Hope to be talking to you all soon with a Mac version installed!
  7. Yes. Thanks. Thought it was a false positive, but needed to check if someone recognised the file as being benign and part of the download. Can't wait to be done with Windows after 19 years!
  8. Wanted to try the Windows Beta on my 64 bit PC prior to buying an iMac at end of month. Got my download link and downloaded. On attempting to install, my virus software-Bulldog- sprang into life and in formed me that file "5yDObsFG.exe.part" is a virus and has been quarantined. Real virus? False Positive? Anyone know please?