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Affinity Photo Public Beta - (Windows)

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Click here to download the latest beta

Status: Public Beta
Purpose: Stability
Requirements: None

As this is a beta release, it is considered to be not suitable for production use. This means that you should not attempt to use it for commercial purposes or for any other activity that you may be adversely affected by the application failing. In addition it is worth noting that files created in Affinity Photo 1.5 cannot be opened in Affinity Photo 1.4, which means that they cannot be opened in the latest Mac App Store version of Affinity Photo, and instead you will need the latest macOS 1.5 beta.

We hope you enjoy the latest build, and as always, if you've got any problems, please don't hesitate to post here and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. Thanks once again for your continued feedback.

If you have a general question about the software, please head over to the Questions Forum, or if you have any suggestions, please head over to the Feature Requests forum.


  • Added Photoshop plugin FilterRecord::PlatformData implementation (fixes plugin window parenting issues)
  • Fixed batch export progress
  • Fixed batch export dirtying the document
  • Improved noise reduction (partial)
  • Added missing paste special menu item
  • Fixed being unable to paste Enhanced Metafiles
  • Fixed for Paste from external clipboards being permanently disabled
  • Fixed crash when pasting an object as an SVG
  • Fixed memory leaks when the progress dialog is displayed (can result in massive leaks when developing RAW files)
  • Fixed exporting images to Dropbox / Google Drive / other file synchronisation services (would previously fail to write metadata)
  • Removed gap at bottom of layers control
  • Removed gap at bottom of some combo boxes
  • Fixed crash when using Logitech 510 wireless and using Logitech Options software, when scrolling horizontally (software was delivering invalid mouse coordinates)
  • Added special paper sizes (from the printer) in the Print dialog if not already present
  • Fixed Custom Paper Size not being remembered between Print dialog sessions
  • Fixed borderless printing
  • Fixed wrong samplers being used when resizing documents
  • Fixed list of available keyboard shortcuts not updating when changing Persona
  • Fixed crash switching tools whilst stitching a Panorama
  • Fixed potential crash when opening multiple documents
  • Fixed potential crash when showing rulers
  • Fixed Export Selection with background failing
  • Fixed Plugins not being disabled when non-pixel layer is selected
  • Fixed Ctrl+Shift+Click on layer thumbnail not selecting luminance
  • Fixed being unable to check 'Fill knocks out shadow' in Outer Shadow Layer Effect
  • Added intensity to colour sampler
  • Fixed UI jumping around on some popups when Windows is set to left handedness
  • Added a minimum size to the Help window
  • Added toast notification when converting from filename based colourspace to scene linear
  • Fixed OCIO path in preferences not updating when selecting a new path
  • Fixed 32-bit Preview to select an OCIO Display Transform by default with a valid OCIO configuration
  • Fixed Lighting filter Outer Cone control
  • Fixed resetting User Defaults causes app to be minimized to its smallest size on next start
  • Fixed the 'Remove' button not working in the 'New HDR Merge' dialog
  • Fixed Photoshop plugins not working with 32-bit images
  • Fixed HDR merge crash with small documents
  • Fixed Photoshop plugin 16-bit clamping errors
  • Added Photoshop plugin PIColorSpaceSuite implementation (fixes Google Nik Viveza crashes)
  • Fixed a typo in Liquify Turbulence hintline
  • Added 'aux:Lens' to EXIF data when writing metadata (the same as 'exifEX:LensModel')
  • Fixed Develop gamma-corrected adjustments
  • Fixed clicking on flyout button a second time not closing the flyout
  • Improved performance of Layers / Export controls when adding items
  • Fixed Layer names not updating correctly
  • Fixed right clicking on a layer only displaying the context menu for a split second when the Character panel is visible

Broken (issues introduced in this version)

  • The font family drop down list is significantly slower than before
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Re: Broken issues - the font family dropdown has been very slow since the first beta release.


The problem I think is the time taken to calculate all the font previews, for a number of reasons:


1. I have 4000+ font files on my system, many of which are complex fonts with a lot of vector paths.

2. If I change the "All" dropdown to "Recent" or "monospaced" the font name dropdown populates much more quickly, though there is still a slight lag.


Are the font previews cached or recalculated on each session?

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Well.... A lot of fixes.... but sadly this morning I have to go back to PS. The text tool problem is too hard on my patience. Yes, it takes a long time to drop down, but after you selected the new font, you still have to wait to regain control to continue working. I'll come back for the next beta.


I still appreciate this software and your work very much.

-- Window 10 - 32 gb - Intel I7 - 8700 - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060
-- iPad 2020 - 12,9 - 256 gb - Apple Pencil 2 -- iPad 6th gen 128 gb - Apple Pencil 1

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Hello, I still have an old 32Bit program, TextureMaker, with direct connection to PS over 8bf. Will that work in Affinity Photo? This is a cool texture program for seamless textures. The author has unfortunately died. Link Google: TextureMaker. Thank you very much.

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Huge list of fixes this release... Many of which I have seen as problems identified by Users posting in the forum. Good job, Devs. Good job, Users! Now I'm off to the tutorial vids; today is Masking.  :D


By the way, Happy Thanksgiving to those who enjoy it.

♥  WIN 10 AD & AP  ♥  Lenovo Legion Y520 15.6" Laptop

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Noticed on both Beta releases issues with over use of CPU 98-100% Mostly when zoomed in on a small pic (currently a jpeg). Trying to use any tools (dodge, burn, blemish,...) become unusable. Maybe a setting I need to adjust and welcome any advise.   


Did a little more testing. What I found is if I open the original file and do not add any adjustment filters and perform the same task  tools (dodge, burn, blemish,...) as above I have no issues with CPU. 

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 Brush strokes look better now and are smoother, thank you,  but there is still weird anti aliasing on previously drawn lines whenever the brush pointer goes near them. This makes fine detail work hard on the eyes. I did make a small video but don't know how to add it. Is there any setting that will get rid of this drawing issue? 

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Great job on all the fixes ...

was just testing 'right to left languages' and looks like its not working properly, the fonts appear to be correct but it starts on the wrong side, it works in PS...

also to mention ... on my 30" cinema display 2560x1600

the image in PS and Affi.. at 100% view looks identical in size ...


cheers... ivan

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Great job on all the fixes ...

was just testing 'right to left languages' and looks like its not working properly, the fonts appear to be correct but it starts on the wrong side, it works in PS...

also to mention ... on my 30" cinema display 2560x1600

the image in PS and Affi.. at 100% view looks identical in size ...


cheers... ivan


I use a Eizo EV3237 4K screen with a Nvidia Quadro

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Hi Burt,


try the new version !


cheers, P


Paul, I did so, but no joy.  I've included images showing the preview while noise reduction settings are adjusted, but I haven't yet hit the "Develop" button, and again after develop was applied.  You'll see that the final image has had much stronger noise reduction applied than indicated by the preview.










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A bug here I picked up on is that any layer can edited and painted on whether or not it is locked.


By the way......Holy cow! There is so much to this program.

The website is still a work in progress. The "Comics" and "Shop" sections are not yet ready. Feel free to connect with me and let me know what you like or what can be improved. You can contact me here, on my contact page, YouTube channel, or Twitter account. Thanks and have a great day!

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Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums. :)


I've been working with the Beta for 10 days now. I like ability to open RAW files.


I note there is no Undo/Redo symbols in the Toolbar. I dislike having to do CTL Z or clicking in Edit dropdown to undo actions. Is this something which can be added?



Affinity uses the History Panel for this use case instead.

Patrick Connor
Serif Europe Ltd

There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man. True nobility lies in being superior to your previous self."  W. L. Sheldon


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just a general feedback that the stability is greatly improved, I rarely encounter crashes now though I would not say it's production ready yet.

The macros in library still have "development" names, even after resetting macros. Also, resetting macros resets the studios too.

"I'm a lumberjack and I'm OK, I sleep all night, and I work all day..."

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