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  1. Brush stabilisation may well do the trick as I know my Wacom tablet is fine with other software that has it. Thanks Chris I'll keep my fingers crossed for 1.6 then.
  2. Hi. Is there any timescale yet for when the jagged brush stroke issue will be fixed for Wacom cintiq companion users? I first reported this when the beta build was out and I just tried the latest wacom drivers with latest Affinity photo to find the problem still persists. This is not slight wobble from an unsteady hand it is the jagged pixelated jumpy brush stroke that only occurs in affinity photo and photoshop elements for me. All other software works fine with the cintiq companion. Without some kind of brush stabilisation the software is unusable to me as a photoshop replacement for painting and inking. Thanks. previous posts - https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/27924-disappointing-experiences-with-brush-tool/ https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/27428-jagged-brush/ top affinity, bottom photoshop cc. I reduced spacing as much as possible and reduced hardness. Also when my cursor hovers over an area the strokes appear to vibrate almost like marching ants, hard on the eyes.
  3. I just tried the latest version of affinity photo trial (I was a beta tester) and this problem with jaggy brushes still persists on my Wacom Cintiq companion. I just today updated my tablet driver. I still get this in photoshop elements too although not as bad as with AP. Adobe PS CC2016 fixed it. Seems ok on all other paint/photo edit programs, krita, medibang, paintstorm, corel painter, manga studio and even gimp2 all give me smooth brush strokes. I had hoped to get Affinity photo as a replacement for my photoshop subscription but until this is fixed AP is just not usable for me. Any idea when it may be fixed?
  4. I have been busy lately and haven't tested for a week or 2, did the horrible pixelation of basic brush strokes on wacom companion tablets get fixed yet or did stroke smoothing get added? If not it's not likely I will buy, I can't get nice inking lines as it stood on the beta.
  5. Brush strokes look better now and are smoother, thank you, but there is still weird anti aliasing on previously drawn lines whenever the brush pointer goes near them. This makes fine detail work hard on the eyes. I did make a small video but don't know how to add it. Is there any setting that will get rid of this drawing issue?
  6. Brush strokes with basic brushes especially are still not looking good on my wacom cintiq companion. Since it is painting that I am mainly interested in I am still unable to review the software properly as it is just not useful to me like this. The strokes may be less jagged but they are far from smooth and have an unpleasant almost marching ant look to them when drawing full screen. I hope this can be fixed soon and maybe stabilisation options added for brush strokes as the rest of the software looks promising.
  7. Brushes are still horrible and jittery on my Wacom cintiq companion. Hopefully this fix will be in the next build. Thanks for the other fixes.
  8. I have a slight bug on the help menu. When I use index I can type one letter and get a list of topics but when I enter a second letter the first letter and list disappears. Also if I close my onscreen keyboard to get it out of the way it sometimes closes the help window. I use a Wacom cintiq companion tablet and do not have an external keyboard. Love the watercolour daub brushes by the way.
  9. I am also not getting a pop up dialogue box or panel. I had a look around and don't see a tab for gradients either.
  10. My problem isn't like the example shown where the stroke looks rough while drawing, my strokes made while zoomed out stay looking bad. only when I zoom in do they improve. I would like to be able to draw full screen without the wobble. The top half is drawn full screen and the bottom was drawn while zoomed in maybe 50%. A4 300DPI canvas. Is this fixable?
  11. Ah! Thanks, I was not touching the screen when I tried. I'm used to hovering to do the resize.
  12. Any idea how to do this with a wacom tablet function button, I don't use a mouse just a pen pen?
  13. I am also having this problem painting on my Wacom cintiq companion. I used to get it on PS too but they fixed it eventually. I use this type of software almost exclusively for painting so until this gets fixed affinity photo is fairly useless to me because I don't want to be painting in one program and finishing in another when I currently can do it all in PS. 50% hardness still looks horrible on a A4 300 dpi canvas. Fix it and I could consider affinity as an alternative because I'm not a fan of app subscription. Top half is drawn full screen, bottom half drawn while zoomed in is ok but I like to work out my ideas full screen.
  14. Hi, is this where brush strokes all look very rough and jagged? I am using a small screen, Wacom cintiq companion13" and was about to report about it. I used to get the same problem with adobe PS too but they sorted it out. The strokes made at some zoom levels look ok and at others look very rough for me. Hope it gets fixed.
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