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  1. I got the same problem; I am surprised that Serif Co. do not take the proper steps to solve the problem; this is not a simple ussue. I have removed the Command.xml file and now it works.
  2. I do not understand where is the actual problem; I enclose my updated file with just a pixel layer. LeafItTransparentMainPersona-2.afphoto
  3. Thank you for the very fast answer; I have changed the setting and now it works. The strange matter is that prevuiosly I have uploaded several B&W photos and never I got this change from Colour to Grayscale.
  4. I have upoaded a B/W photo in AP and I got the message that it was assigned a Grayscale D50. Therefore it is not possible to apply any colour as I wanted. I enclose a screen-shot to show as it is.
  5. Thank you for the screen-shot; the basic issue is not concerned about the icon colours (dark or milk), but an evident difference to show when is ON or OFF; now they have almost the same colour and it is rather difficult to understand.
  6. I confirm that this is the same issue with me; while the brushes are visible in PS, they are not in AP.
  7. I do not understand; the title of this topic is File Icons on Windows 7. I also was supponing that Affinity Icons and Affinity Thumbnails have the same meaning. Therefore this should be the right forum.
  8. I am not from Serif; I am just a user that suffers to understand which icons are ON or OFF on both AP & AD.
  9. It has always been like that since the very beginning; I enclose the screen-shot to show as it is. I do not know anymore what to do.
  10. Over 2 years have elapsed since this post and the problem is still unsolved; the icons are rather small due to tha lack of space and this can be reasonable, butthere is no reason at all why we must make efforts with the eyes to perceive whether the icons are active or not (take the "Snapping" icon as an example); it appears that mostly of the Affinity users are complaining by this obviuos fact.
  11. I have successfully installed the 8 plugins of the Nik Collection and after playing a bit with them I have the following very serious question: as I already have Affinity Photo, that makes already everything, why I should use the additional Plugins of Nik Collection? I do hope to get some explanation to get clear my mind.
  12. I have installed today on AP on Window 7 the plug-in Nik Collection and I can confirm that all 8 of them work perfectly well and without having any problem. It has been the first time for me.
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