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  1. I'm painting in Affinity Photo with my Intuos, and when I have the brush tool selected, if I keep the space bar pressed I can move around the canvas, BUT, it paints a bit, like the first ''click''. Could someone test this?
  2. Update: I tried editing some pics taken from my phone today with Viveza, and the vertical ones were showing problems, but not the horizontal ones. Weird, really weird.
  3. Oh WOW! It seems it does have something to do with the size of the pic! I tried using the plugin (Viveza) with a picture taken with my phone, guess what, everything cool! Then again I tried with a little random image, worked too! Please, could someone try that? Opening a couple of small pictures and checking the plugin's behaviour?
  4. What could be causing that to the previews? :( Cool shot, by the way!
  5. Personally, I use those on my workflow. I'm familiar with them, and I know everything they do, how to use each one, where and why. Leaving aside that the result can be better or worse than the one you would get from Affinity internal tools, I'd have to learn how to use Affinity tools to get the exact same results that I get with my plugins. It's a matter of time at the end of the day, and how much you can do with just one plugin that combines vignette, saturation, lightning, structure, etc. on the same screen (for example) vs processing the image ''manually'' on Affinity using its tools. In short, I'd rather have both options. I hope that helped! :)
  6. So we now know that it's not just me, and also that it affects the color in different ways, not the same way... Mine is like it has the saturation set near to zero, almost black and white.
  7. Interesting. So it does work for some users. Just to make sure, could you tell me which version of the program are you using? here
  8. Sadly no, at least some like Viveza. :( If you load Viveza, notice how the ''preview'' screen on the bottom right does display the actual colors from the picture, wheras the big screen shows up a very desaturated image. Please fix this, these plugins are part of my daily workflow!
  9. Being a pretty cool free plugin collection, I'd really love to see full support on this new program. I use it all the time. Viveza adds vibrance and has lovely controls for saturation, structure... Please, work on it, full support would be awesome!
  10. Really? They don't work well for me, specially Viveza (the image appears too bright, it's weird, like it's importing a brighter version of the picture)
  11. How will the activation work on the final release? Will we be able to use it on several computers not worrying about having to re-purchase the software? Will there be offline activation?
  12. Okay, I have to ''allow'' those manually from the list, thank you. I hope we can have those working soon!
  13. I think it would be awesome if we could have some kind of ''padlock'' icon so the navigator, history, etc. at the right of the screen can be locked there, with no room for moving it by accident, losing time place everything in order again (workflow, workflow...) Maybe there's one already, though :)
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