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  1. Thank you for the very fast answer; I have changed the setting and now it works. The strange matter is that prevuiosly I have uploaded several B&W photos and never I got this change from Colour to Grayscale.
  2. I have upoaded a B/W photo in AP and I got the message that it was assigned a Grayscale D50. Therefore it is not possible to apply any colour as I wanted. I enclose a screen-shot to show as it is.
  3. Thank you for the screen-shot; the basic issue is not concerned about the icon colours (dark or milk), but an evident difference to show when is ON or OFF; now they have almost the same colour and it is rather difficult to understand.
  4. I do not understand; the title of this topic is File Icons on Windows 7. I also was supponing that Affinity Icons and Affinity Thumbnails have the same meaning. Therefore this should be the right forum.
  5. I am not from Serif; I am just a user that suffers to understand which icons are ON or OFF on both AP & AD.
  6. It has always been like that since the very beginning; I enclose the screen-shot to show as it is. I do not know anymore what to do.
  7. Over 2 years have elapsed since this post and the problem is still unsolved; the icons are rather small due to tha lack of space and this can be reasonable, butthere is no reason at all why we must make efforts with the eyes to perceive whether the icons are active or not (take the "Snapping" icon as an example); it appears that mostly of the Affinity users are complaining by this obviuos fact.
  8. I already installed since over a month all the files you mentioned (i.e. the same as in AD are in the Common Folder), but still I cannot see the file image (only the file name and the affinity logos appear). I have both AD & AP with the official release (no more Beta).
  9. I attach a screen-shot with the list of files I have now, after the last AP 43 release. As you can see they are all there. To be sure, I have also restarted the PC, but nothing has changed at all.
  10. I work with Windows 7 and I already have in affinity > Common all the files you mentioned, but still I see only the Affinity Logo and the file name.
  11. The link you have attached seems to be for Visual Studio 2015 (I do not know what it is for); what I can do with it?
  12. I enclose 2 screen shots to show that having already installed the required file in Affinity/Common the file are still shown with the name.afphoto and name.design under the Affinity Logos. Is there any way to get the image related to such files?
  13. I posted already my opinions on this subject, but until now I could not get an actual constructive answer. When I select an area on a photo by using the Marquee Tools I expect one of the following actions: - get the area, either rectangular or circular, as I want; this already works well as it is; - adjust the area by moving (as already is) and try to adjust by enlarging or reducing by clicking on the sected blinking line; this is not possible. - then Copy and Paste where I like. I enclose screen-shots to show the 3 steps; it is evident that the 2nd (P2) and 3rd (P3) are not acceptable. I have tried also to use the Move Tool after the Marquee Tool, but, once there, it changes in the Copy/Paste mode and I can only resize the image I got.
  14. I was expecting similar Marquee Tools in Affinity Photo, where it is a nightmare. When I ask why, they give Tips and Tricks, but it is not possible to get the same as AD. What a pity; I am thinking to give up with AP, while I like very much AD.
  15. I copied the 2 files, and I restarted the PC, but it does not work. I still see the Affinity Logos (AD & AP) with the file names, i.e. xxxx.afphoto & yyyy.afdesign
  16. Congratulations. I have already bought it. Frankly speaking I think that the price is really too convenient; it is almost a gift.
  17. Affinity Designer - Rotation Point: Worked Example:. I enclose the file to show the problem I am facing with the rotation of the circle that remains in white colour on the black are outside of the black backgroud layer Circle.afdesign Circle.afdesign
  18. Whenever there is the need to make a change to an existing text it is rather difficult to work on it, specially with rather small one. The 3 dots on right and the 3 on left overlay the characters and cover them. The double click on a word helps, but what happens when there are more than one word? How to select all of them; to click and pass on the words it is difficult for the firs and last chracter. I enclose a screen-shot hoping to clarify my issue.
  19. I agree that the measurement method provided by AD holding CTRL is too rough as it is.
  20. I have tried to make exactly the same exercise as shown in your tutorial, but I could not get get the shown coordinations; the movements do not follow the applied constraints, as I was expecting.
  21. I have tried to make exactly the same exercise as shown in the tutorial, but I could not get get the shown coordinations as the movements do not follow the applied constraints.
  22. Since a few weeks ago, when I started to use Affinity Designer Beta release for Windows I always got the same problem: IT IS VERY DIFFICULT TO APPRECIATE THE DIFFERENCE FOR WHEN THE BUTTON IS EITHER ON or OFF. I tried to adjust using the available tools, but the difference is not good at all. I do hope in some substantial improvement.
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