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  1. Hi question, at home we have two accounts, my wife has an affinity designer and I've got affinity photo, both app at amazing. Now, question, can we both use (all pc/laptops using windows) both apps on our our laptops? Should/can we merge the accounts? We are not using them commercially (unless you take into account a few changes to some images for ppt, as in delete white background). I guess the answer is yes, but just want to be on the safe side. Cheers
  2. Hi Jon, sorry delay in my answer. No reports on the folder so far, even after a few crashes just minutes ago. Regarding your other question, Nik collection is obviously one to blame (dfine2 mainly), the other pattern I see is when I duplicate (Ctrl+J) the background more than ones (e.g. when I'm not applying layer but don't want to loose something I did before, without using Nik collection. Regarding Nik collection, which I now if is not 100% there yet, I did notice it crashes a bit more often with plugins I didn't had much problems before (mainly dfine2 and silvereffcts, but that's fyi). I can try to take Nik collection away, and test, and then uninstall and install affinity again (repeat some test with same photos) and then install Nik collection again and do the same to see if there is any difference.... cheers. PS; one more thing, it usually happens with photos I started working with but have not yet saved.
  3. Hi Jon, thanks, yes I am aware of it (still works pretty good!), hence I started following the crashes closely and find our that it happens when I duplicate the background (Ctrl+J), I may or not be using Nik collection. Maybe I'm just asking too much from my laptop. but as I haven't got an error code I guess it'll be difficult to get to know it. cheers!
  4. Hi guys, I've been experiencing random crashes since the last update. the message is "the crash reporter cannot find and error report to send, or the error report is invalid", no error code given. I'm using HP spectre x360 8gb RAM Win 10 plugged to dell u2515h monitor I was using Nik Collection most of the times it crashed I'm running Affinity let me know I you need more info. cheers.
  5. Hi Pauls, I have been using the ap today and yesterday, so far I haven't seen it happen again. I will open the say RAW image I was working with (e.g. not the saved image) and see if I can replicate it, then I will open a few files (ideally the same ones I had opened before it happened) and i'll let you know the outcome. FYI, not sure it helps, but I was working with RAW from Canon and Sony (old sony A100 images)
  6. ok, something else happens now. the selection brush tool adds if I press Alt and subtracts if I don't...
  7. Thanks Pauls, the first time it crashed I did actually had about 3 open files, the second time only one and had already restarted windows. I am keeping an eye on it to see if it happens again as well as how many file or other app I had opened. FYI, running on W10, HP Spectre 360 8Ram 500gb hdd. usually not running more than the app and maybe a browser (watching the affinity channel on Vimeo...). I see if this happens again and close this post if I don't see anything in 48hrs if that's good.
  8. Hi, hope you guys can provide some help on this. I am using version, today they ap started crashing after using the selection brush. I got the following error: affinity photo Unhandled Exception 0xC0000005 there is also another window advising that he crash reporter cannot start. I click OK on this last window but must close the error pop-up window (e.g. can’t click on OK, need to click on the x) As mention the first time it happened was when I used the selection brush (W), the second time after printing. The only thing I have change in the last few days was the printer, now using an Epson xp-960. Cheers
  9. Thanks! And thanks for a fantastic job you guys are doing!
  10. Hi, I was wondering is a psd file is supported for creating an HDR image, I was trying to upload 3 psd files with different exposure but it didn't recognize them. In PS you can create different PSD files from a RAW and change the exposure to create an HDR file later by uploading these files. Or is it the expectation to do the same by creating the files with Affinity first? cheers
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