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  1. Am I missing something about how the crop tool works? If I select the crop tool, one of the things I see at the top of the screen is a mode box where I can choose Unconstrained, Original Ratio, etc, or several preset commonly used aspect ratios such as 6" x 4". I thought that if I choose something like 6 x 4, then my dragging of the crop rectangle would be constrained to that ratio. But in fact it seems to still let you drag it to any aspect ratio you like, without preserving the aspect ratio. Am I missing something or does this not work as intended? Ian
  2. OK - thanks. No time right now but I will try this. Thanks for your help. Ian
  3. Getting the shape upside down and accepting text, I suppose. Ian
  4. Yes I can create the text on a separate layer, but can I fit it within the shape? Ian
  5. That turns the trapezoid upside down sure enough, but if you then use the frame text tool, you get text upside down, starting at the bottom. Ian
  6. No problem! Though it seems such a simple thing. I must be missing something somewhere. Ian
  7. I know it's only a small annoyance, but is nobody able to answer this? Ian
  8. I think that the Levels controls in most apps work like that. Moving the gamma slider to the left means that tones closer to the dark end of the scale are being mapped to the middle of the output scale. It is similar to what happens if you use a curve instead and drag the middle of the curve up an to the left - the image gets brighter. (I remember that in the original beta, it worked the other way round. I and perhaps others too, asked them to change it because it was the opposite of the way it worked in every other app.) Ian
  9. I was adding text to an image in Photo. I wanted to use the trapezoid shape tool to create a shape to put the text in, but I couldn't find a way to insert a trapezoid that is wide at the top and narrow at the bottom - they only seem to come the other way round. I could rotate it to get it the other way up, but then if I use the frame text tool to insert text in the shape, it comes out upside down. Isn't there a way to get a trapezoid that tapers the other way in the first place? Ian (PS - I solved my immediate need by converting the shape to curves and pulling it to the shape I needed, but is there another way?)
  10. OK - thanks. I'm not using it commercially in any case. Just an enthusiastic amateur. Ian
  11. Now that Affinity Photo is in the App Store (good news!) what is the license like? Can I install it both on my iMac and my MacBook Pro for one purchase? Ian
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