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  1. Just wondering if it's possible to add link ability to your own custom stock or purchased stock in tab where Pexel and Pixabay are shown. For instance, layers or assets. Thanks
  2. Due to purchase of new computer system, I had to reload Affinity Photo Version Unfortunately, I'm unable to load saved ABR brushes that worked on previous system. Attempts to import get the Error Importing Brushes message. Some ABR brushes I made work others don't Has there been a fix or patch made for AFP? Thanks
  3. I am extremely disappointed in the removal of the extreme option from the Denoise Filter. This attached image at 50% is no different at 100%. I now have to go to another software product which is not an Affinity Product in order to remove the noise. I was so impressed with the extreme option, I actually set up a macro to run it at various percentage levels in the extreme option settings. This was a step backwards to a very good setting. How hard is it to bring this setting back into the next update?
  4. This is my 2nd post regarding the Denoise Filter following the update. Basically it doesn't do anything. I've attempted some drastic denoise actions and nothing happens to the image. Also, the update changed the way Denoise operated. There used to be a secondary slider where you could increase the percentage of the de-noise. That slider is no longer there. I'd like to add that I liked the filter so much prior to the update that I created a Macro at various percentages to achieve the desired effect. Now it's basically a dead button. I now have to go to other photo editing software to get the denoise done. Please look into the Denoise filter and if possible return the old one in the next update. Thanks
  5. I did. The change is barely noticeable, unlike the denoise filter on previous version.
  6. I was just wondering if there were changes to the Denoise Filter following the update. I recall there was a percentage value with would increase the denoise value but I don't see it now.
  7. I too as well would be interested to know if the documents created in Publisher could be exported as HTML.
  8. Hi: Pixelsquid has a plug-in for Photoshop which allows the import of 3d objects to be rotated within the scene. Just wondering if Affinity has considered contacting PixelSquid to create a plug-in for both Affinity Photo and Designer for both operating systems?
  9. I've been working with the Beta for 10 days now. I like ability to open RAW files. I note there is no Undo/Redo symbols in the Toolbar. I dislike having to do CTL Z or clicking in Edit dropdown to undo actions. Is this something which can be added? Thanks.
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