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  1. Tony Watson

    Units/ Increments

    Totally agree with all that. Surely 'precise' increase should be a lower increment than 'normal' increase?? This does need looking at.
  2. Tony Watson

    Units/ Increments

    CMD+ALT+Up/Down does increase/ decrease the leading, but by a much greater amount than using ALT+arrow keys on their own. What I need is a way to achieve a much smaller adjustment. Sorry, I am on a Mac.
  3. Tony Watson

    Units/ Increments

    Does nothing I'm afraid
  4. Tony Watson

    Units/ Increments

    Thanks, but the CTRL does nothing. On my Mac ALT+Down Arrow increases the leading and ALT+Up Arrow decreases the leading. That's fine, but what I'm after is a way of controlling the AMOUNT of the leading. AT moment, the amount is approx 10%, whilst I's like to be more precise, say 1% or 2%
  5. Tony Watson

    Units/ Increments

    Here's a video which might explain better what I am trying to do. At the moment if I select a column's worth of text, then increase the leading down that column (using Alt+Down arrow), the leading increases by approx 10%. What I'd like to do is to increase the leading increment by say 1%, allowing for much more precise text adjustments. Leading_increments.mp4
  6. Tony Watson

    Units/ Increments

    What I'm trying to do is increase/ decrease the leading (line-spacing) in one or more paragraphs. This is to fit the text into a given area. At the moment, if I select a block of text and press Alt+up arrow, the leading does increase but far more than I'd like. In In-Design preferences there was an option to increase or decrease the leading by a much small increment. Is there any way of doing this in Publisher? Thank You Tony
  7. Does publisher have a 'units/ increments' preference panel as In-Design had?
  8. Thank You. That was simple enough. Apologies for my slowness at getting to grips with Publisher. I am trying to convert from In-Design
  9. When I create a new text frame using the Text Frame Tool, the frame background is shaded. How do I get rid of this please?
  10. Thanks all for their help. I'm still checking through the various solutions. I have produced these documents in In-Design for several year now without encountering issues of this sort. Please bear with me while I try to get to grips with Publisher's intrincasies.
  11. That does seem to have worked thanks. I'll see how things go.
  12. Thanks for your reply. Here's the file. It is part of a 48-page document, but I have only included the two relevant pages. I did look at the style and have tried changing the following style to 'No style' or 'same style', but it seems to make no difference. Hope you can help. I have been using In-Design for around 10 years, but the latest Macs won't run my version (CS3) and I don't want to pay out Adobe's extortionate leasing charge. B&R 343 Words.afpub
  13. When trying to apply a paragraph style, the paragraph that follows immediately changes to a massive font size. When I then apply the paragraph style to this one, the next paragraph changes to the massive font size and so on. This is driving me crazy. Any ideas? I'm using an Apple Mac