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  1. Thanks - as you can probably tell I'm coming from Illustrator where "Ctrl+Enter" = "commit changes"!
  2. That might be it. I'll give it a go. Thanks!
  3. I've noticed this happening frequently in Designer 1.71. Create some text Click off it Text has been converted to outline shapes and is no longer editable? Is this is a known bug or is it a "feature"? if the latter it is very poorly designed and extremely irritating as I often need to go back and edit text but I have to delete and recreate it every time.
  4. Hi Wondering if anyone knows of a comparison of the above? As a long time Photoshop\Illustrator user, I'm keen to see some kind of side by side comparison of what Affinity has got that Adobe hasn't & vice versa. I'm one of those who is feeling the financial strain of renting Adobe software and starting to scope out the gains\losses implications of making the switch. Cheers Richard
  5. OK thanks. I blindly assumed it worked like Illustrator
  6. Hi The Affinity Designer manual states that: To select artboards: Do one of the following: With the Artboard Tool selected, click an artboard. On the Layers panel, select an artboard entry. With the Move Tool selected, do one of the following: Click on an artboard's label. Click on any empty artboard. However, when I select the Artboard tool then click the artboard, it jumps to the selection tool and selects the object at the cursor position. I can't find a way to make it select the Artboard, which I want to resize. Also, I see no Artboards lister in the Layers panel - what is an "artboard entry" here? My document only has one artboard (I assume an artboard is created automatically on New Document?) - does any of the above still apply, or must I have multiple artboards to use these methods? I hope not because artboard resizing in a single artboard document is a frequent operation for me. What am I missing here? I'm using the latest release of Affinity Designer 1.7 on Windows 7. I'm used to the Adobe Illustrator implementation of artboards, and wondering if Affinity does it differently. Thanks! Richard
  7. Little tweak for the Font dropdown - could the font name field be editable, to allow fonts to be searched for by typing their name? I use this a LOT in PS & AI.
  8. Happened every time I've run this build: 1. Run AD 2. Create text object 3. With text object selected, open Font Name dropdown and scroll down to near the bottom 4. Select a font Sometimes it takes a few seconds for the text object font to update to the selected font. Sometimes the app freezes with one CPU core maxed out and becomes unresponsive. I have a lot of fonts (4000+) so maybe this is pushing something over the limit. And yes, some font management might help, but the software should not freeze like this no matter how many fonts there are. Thanks Richard
  9. I don't like my tools dictating my working practices to be honest - though I know what you're saying. I'll consider it. Photoshop and Illustrator seem to handle it pretty well cough cough. Photoshop does take a few seconds to load up the cache on startup but after that it's blazingly fast to scroll through.
  10. Great to hear improvements are coming. Since posting I had another go with the dropdown, and it probably did get a bit faster with time but I'd have to check it again. I would jump through the list a page at a time, give it a few seconds and then move on and I think there was some speed up that way but will need to try it again to try to measure it in some way.
  11. The problem seems to be the time taken to calculate all the font previews, for a number of reasons: 1. I have 4000+ font files on my system, many of which are complex fonts with a lot of vector paths, and other software packages sometimes expereince a bit of slowdown when calculating previews for complex fonts. 2. If I change the "All" dropdown to "Recent" or "Fixed Width" the font name dropdown populates much more quickly (as the dropdown list is MUCH shorter), though there is still a slight lag, even with 20 or so monospaced fonts, so Are the font previews cached at all, or are the calculated in real time? If cached, is the cache stored between sessions, or is the preview cache recalculated on each session? The only solution I can see is to calculate the font previews and cache them, and load the cache each time, rather than recalculate, When I scroll down the list, then back up, the lag does not decrease, so either the previews are being recalculated constantly?
  12. BUMP ... this is still a problem in the latest Beta. 15.0.38 Has anyone on staff seen this bug report? Thanks Richard

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